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So much held backKiley seemedlike an individual who is wet behind the ears The story had its moments when I was on edge but overall it was Like a tv drama rated PG with so much held back The last 3 chapters is what really put funk into the story. This book was really a trip The shenanigans of these guys really had my laughing quite a bit, and rooting for them to keep their life and lifestyle going Kiley seemed like he had it all together, and had things under control, but women were ultimately his down fall Kareem he was something else, I was sad to see him turn out the way he did Behind Kiley, Quincy was the most level headed of the group The way he went out was the wackness, but you couldn t help but be proud of him for taking one for the team I have to say I saw the outcome with Candi coming a mile away As smart as Kiley was he was so stupid to have walked right into that trap This book really had it all, a good story line, hot sex scenes, and a great bond between the characters I can t wait to read the sequel. A little boring and kinda flat This book started off great And then, it went downhill really fast for me I was initially impressed to read a book by Brenda Hampton that dealt with drugs and thugs I ve read the entire Naughty series and know she s a great writer I could tell her writing has progressed a lot over the years after writing this book It went downhill when I started asking myself questions about a lot of things as to why the main character did some of the things he did Then the book just dragged on and on It became way too long for me I was annoyed I wouldn t recommend this book to anyone, but I would def recommend the Naughty series BELOW ARE SPOILER ALERTS 1 If Kiley was supposed to be described as such a private person, I didn t understand how he was telling random chicks his personal business.2 It was hard for me to believe that he would turn down sex with Candi so much with no real reason other than he didn t want to be bothered He never mentioned anything about not liking her aggressiveness and actually found her extremely attractive so him turning it down all the time initially was unbelievable.3 Why are 3 4 grown men who are supposed to have so much money living together 4 I m tired of hearing Jaylin s name mentioned in every book It was only mentioned once but it in no way tied into the Naughty series so why was he even mentioned.5 For someone who is supposed to be running a drug business but pretty much at the top, there was NEVER any mention of illegal dealings If you are trying to describe him as a drug dealer, wouldn t this at least be mentioned a couple of times Brenda Hampton is the best I just finished How Can I be Down and it was the bomb The characters were awesome They had mad love for each other except Donovan, the snake I fell bad for Quincy Kiley These brothers had mad love for each other If only Kiley had followed his first mind abt Candi She was a cop The ending saddened me Such a good book Honor Thy Father, Love Thy Brothers.Whew Amazing How Can I Be Down is one that needs to be in your library Ms Hampton has put her thang down with this one Kiley Abrams is the man that has no shame in his game Be it in the bed, in the kitchen, on the wall, down the hall, he is definitely bout it bout it He is the ultimate player in that you will love him for his courage, his love and concern for all around him, his business mind, and unequivocably HIS Unique Finesse He has no problem wearing all types of hats from being thy brother s keeper , continuing thy father s legacy , stepping up to being thy super dad and lastly thy luscious, lustful lover man Ain t no half stepping, no side stepping, nothing but doing that damn thang to the utmost If you re smart, don t sleep, get your copy today How Can I Be Down by Brenda Hampton, it is a very interesting book and I like it The main characters are Kiley, Jada, Donovan, Kareem and Quincy This book gives a good overview of real life situations and it is very descriptive so it makes it seem realistic Kiley and Jada are having relationship problems and Donovan is one reason why Kareem and Quincy live with all of them so basically they witness all this drama but they have their own issues with each other Out of everyone in the book How Can I Be Down I think Kiley is my favorite I like him the most because he reminds me of myself a little, he is very observant of the people he surrounds himself with Also he is a helper he has a big heart, he let all of them stay in his home out of the kindness of his heart He makes mistakes he s human but through it all he still maintains his composure I do feel like he observed everyone so much except his own girl Jada If I could change something it would be how Jada found out Kiley had a baby Kiley s child is 3 years old and he s been with Jada forthan 3 years and never told her I feel like he should of just told her from the beginning its not like they were together when it happened, they were on a break Throughout the book Jada would wonder where Kiley was going on the weekends Maybe that s why she went and had sex with Donovan Overall I think this book is amazing, it tells a good lesson about it doesn t matter how long you ve known a person it doesn t mean they are down for you In the ending Donovan ended up dying because Kiley killed him for sleeping with his girl There is lots of drama in How Can I Be Down but, I would encourage others to read it, it s a big eye opener I would recommend you pay attention really good because it can get confusing A person who might be interested in books with lots of drama and twists might want to read this book. Kiley seemedlike an individual who is wet behind the ears The story had its moments when I was on edge but overall it was Like a tv drama rated PG with so much held back The last 3 chapters is what really put funk into the story. This book was awful I really enjoy the writings of Brenda Hampton but this one did not make the list The story line just did not have substance and I thought the characters were corny. `Free Kindle ⇺ How Can I Be Down? ⇨ Kiley Jacoby Abrams, A Twenty Seven Year Old Serious Black Man Has The Next Several Months Cut Out Of Him He S Private, Full Of Secrets, And Running From A Life Of Crime If That S Not Enough, He S Got Setbacks Than Any One Man Can Handle An Arrogant Troublesome Brother, A Sneaky Playa Hating Friend, A Friend Who Turns To Him For Everything, And A Woman Who Claims To Have His BackAfter Moving From Los Angeles To St Louis, Kiley Soon Realizes That Trouble Follows Him Anywhere He Goes Fighting To Stay On The Right Track, A Secret From His Horrifying Past Evolves And Refuses To Let Him Do So And When Kiley S Paranoia And Desire For Women Start To Take Effect, The Outcome Of His Decisions Could Very Well Be Costly