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Received from the author in exchange for an honest review via the BDSM Group on GoodreadsAn interesting story in that it was several shorts told from the viewpoint of a night cabbie in San Francisco.Richie G s writing was perfect for the character, telling Frankie s story in an authentic voice with all the nuances you would expect from a self proclaimed horn dog interested in sex than anything else.The problem for me is I didn t care for that voice The stories were quick, dirty and fun But I just couldn t get interested in Frankie and that translated into what was that last story about moments.So while I ll be seeing what else Richie G comes up with, this is not something I ll be rereading.My Rating System couldn t finish, wouldn t recommend, would recommend, would read again, have read again. Giveaway winner I can honestly say I ve never read porn before I m used to reading about heaving bosoms and thrusting manhoods which just comes across as ridiculous Richie s stories will make your toes curl His book is well written, has a good layout with quite the cast of characters My husband doesn t like to read butI think this book might change that I won this book in a Goodreads contest and this is my honest opinion Take it or leave it. This book was completely hardcore It opens doors that were once closed to be opened in short your imagination This book was a very good read and leaves you wanting Hope this author comes out with a second book and makes it a series A must read It s a real eye opener to one s love life The stories in this book are amazing I enjoyed reading it. |Ebook ⚖ TaXXXi Tales ☪ DON JUAN IN THE DRIVER S SEAT Meet Frankie Morello, A Sweet, Charming, Night Shift Cabbie Prowling The Steamy After Hours Streets Of San Francisco These Are Frankie S TaXXXi Tales, Just As He Confessed Them To His Chronicler, RICHIE G One Of The Founders Of The Mega Sex Website YOUPORN And A Former Night Cabbie Himself Frankie Loves The Ladies And The Ladies Love Him Back His Female Fares Are Lonely Late Night Secretaries And High Priced Call Girls No Holes Barred Swingers And Barely Legal Street Hookers Housewives In Heat And Hot Whorehouse Madams TaXXXi Tales Delivers A Gallery Of The Gorgeous Women Frankie Takes Where They Want To Go DONNA, The Lonely Corporate Exec Who Drives A Weird Bargain To Give Frankie Her Repeat Ride Business KAT, The Barely Legal Street Hooker Frankie Can T Save From Her Pimp Or Herself CHARLENE, An Avon Lady Who Goes The Extra Mile To Seal The Deal SHIRLEY, The Asian Cat House Madam Whose Kittens Love Frankie Long Time SYDNEY, The Stunningly Beautiful, High Priced Escort Who Makes Frankie Play The Strangest Game Of All And Over A Dozen Other Amazing Women Now Sit Back And Enjoy The Ride But Fasten Your Seat Belt Frankie Drives Fast, And There Are Lots Of Curves Ahead