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I m not fussed by Marlowe s debut play, although it is a farformalist affair than some of his later works, featuring as it does primarily Gods and nobles Dido, Queen of Carthage isn t often performed, and that s fair enough It certainly isn t lacking in that pervading air of darkness and danger which haunts all of Marlowe s works, but the many flowery, lengthy passages make it at times quite a repetitive and mannered affair Dido is the most only interesting character, and her gradual descent brought down, rather nicely, by the understandable, multi faceted decisions of disparate people is beautiful, if overlong Dido is a fascinating character whose every speech reveals the contradictions, both natural and imposed, of her being I d probably give it 2.5 stars, but acknowledge that it s a mostly poetic experience, and not a heavily theatrical one Dido s supporting cast Aeneas, Anna and Iarbas at least all act with reasonable motivations, as do most of the Gods, and so Dido, Queen of Carthage is certainly not a failure However, I wasn t really swept up in the piece until Dido herself begins waxing rhapsodic late in the fourth act, and the layers of tragedy in the finale which the introduction admits may be done with comically indecent haste would have to be remarkably underplayed to come across convincingly in performance.Best line Dido s sublime remarks about Aeneas It is Aeneas frown that ends my days.If he forsakes me not, I never die,for in his looks I see eternity,and he ll make me immortal with a kiss. Kind of a quick play to read in one sitting I didn t really like this except for the parts with the gods I do like Marlowe s writing though Thankfully, this isn t my first Marlowe play. [Read Epub] ♗ The Tragedie of Dido, Queene of Carthage ⚓ Christopher Marlowe Was A Th Century English Playwright He Was The Leading Elizabethan Tragedian Before Shakespeare His Works Are Known For Their Overreaching Protagonists And His Use Of Blank Verse Little Is Known About Marlowe S Life, But There Is Much Speculation About His Possibly Being A Spy, Homosexual, A Heretic, Magician And Atheist The Tragedy Of Dido Queene Of Carthage Is Full Of The Greek Characters The Reader Will Be Familiar With Besides Dido The Cast Includes Jupiter, Hermes, Cupid, Venus And Juno Dido Was The First Queen And Founder Of Carthage Her Story Has Been Told In Many Ways Marlowe S Drama Is One Of The Best Shakespeare d nemi oyun yazarlar ndan biri olan Christopher Marlowe un Kartaca Krali esi Dido Dido, Queen of Carthage oyunu Vergilius un Aeneid destan ndaki Aeneas ile Krali e Dido nun a k n konu alan heyecanl ve okunmas olduk a rahat bir tragedya Hikayesi olduk a basit olmas sebebiyle g l olmad n d nd m tragedyada normalde kibirli olarak resmedilen Aeneas n burada daha l l tasvir edildi i g ze arp yor Sonu itibariyle Shakespeare i and ran oyunun edebiyat tarihinin olduk a nl a k hikayelerinden birini konu almas itibariyle zellikle Antik Yunan ve Roma edebiyat n okuyanlar i in b y k nem ta d n belirtmek gerek.28.11.2016 stanbul, T rkiyeAlp Turguthttp www.filmdoktoru.com kitap labo Esta es una de las primeras obras de Marlowe, la gran sombra de Shakespeare, un personaje tan poco conocido y misterioso.El relato es ligero, particularmente me gusta por el tema pues es mitol gico, habla de la relaci n de Eneas quien viene huyendo de Troya con la reina De Cartago Dido Tiene un estilo muy inocente en cierto modo aunque en algunos parlamentos hay un poco de vehemencia, un poco de relaci n aparentemente hoosexual entre J piter y Ganimedesl un exceso de crueldad en alguna descripci n que en general me hizo recordar las cosas que se dicen del autor.Pero fuera de eso realmente la obra parece hecha para encantar al p blico ingl s devoto de la poca Me gusto mucho la manera que Marlowe utiliza la historia para contar varios pasajes mitol gicos con referencias sutiles y bien colocadas Si parece haber ligeras deficiencias a la hora de armar la pieza teatral, cierto desorden que no le da una unidad s lida y los tiempos no parecen estar armoniosos.Personalmente creo tambi n que abuso un poco en seguir a la Eneida muy al pie de la letra, consider que las adaptaciones de Racine por ejemplo son m s profundas, pero el desenlace aunque un poco tonto sigue el objetivo inicial de la obra aunque no termine por convencer. Everyone talks about this play as if it were the ugly stepchild to Marlowe s other works, but they are wrong It s glorious Dido is Cleopatra, and Helena, and Rosalind all rolled into one, and it s a stunning work onstage.Dido O Anna, Anna, I will follow him.Anna How can you go when he hath all your fleet Dido I ll frame me wings of wax like Icarus,And o er his ships will soar unto the Sun,That they may melt, and I fall in his arms. Dipnotlar bir s re sonra yorucu oluyor Konu ya i lenirken kafada da l yor ya da da n k olarak geliyor ine girip, olaylar kendi i imizde ya ayarak okudu umuz tiyatro eserlerinden de ildi benim i in. Okudu um en g zel oyunlard Dido nun dramatik sonunun pe ine mutlaka Henry Purcell Dido s Lament aryas n dinlemelisiniz. Sahnede seyretmekten pek keyif almasam da Shakespeare i okumaya tam anlam yla bay l r m Hal b yle olunca Shakespeare ile ad s k s k an lan Christopher Marlowe u ne zamand r okumak istiyordum fakat bir t rl oyunlar n bulam yordum YKY t m oyunlar n B t n Oyunlar isimli kitapta yay mlam ama maalesef bask s t kendi i i in Bankas Yay nlar Marlowe un eserlerini yay mlamaya ba layana kadar okuma f rsat m olmad Marlowe, dedi im gibi, olduk a ilgimi ekiyor nk hayat ya ad d nemle birlikte d necek olursak bir hayli enteresan Ayr ca kendisi e itli efsaneler e konu Shakepeare in oyunlar n n asl nda Marlowe taraf ndan yaz ld n ya da kendisinin I Elizabeth in ajan oldu unu ve saklanmak i in lm gibi g sterildi ini, sonras nda da William Shakespeare mahlas yla yazmaya devam etti ini s yleyenler bile var Bunlar do ru mudur elbette bilmek u an i in m mk n g r nm yor ama bu efsaneler Marlowe u daha da merak uyand r c hale getirmeye yetiyor bence Henry Purcell in Vergilius un Aeneas Destanndan hareketle besteledi i Dido ve Aeneas operas nda yer alan Dido s Lament aryas n ger ekten ok ok ok severim Bu sebeple Bankas Yay nlar n n Marlowe un oyunlar n yay mlamaya ba lad n g r nce hemen Kartaca Krali esi Dido yu ald m Oyun da Vergilius un Aeneas isimli eserinde anlat lan Kartaca Krali esi Dido ve Aeneas n ili kisi zerine kurulu Bundan sonras spoiler niteli inde, ba tan uyaray m view spoiler Ven s n o lu Aeneas, Truva Sava ndan sonra Kartaca ya s n r Ven s, o lu mutlu olsun rahat ya as n diye Kartaca Krali esi Dido yu o luna a k eder Aeneas da Dido ya k olmu gibidir ancak kendisine tanr lar taraf ndan talya da bir ehir kurma emri verilmi tir Tanr lar n emrine kar kamayan Aeneas Dido yu terk eder ve a k n n kendisini terk etmesine dayanamayan Dido intihar eder hide spoiler A Very Messy Love Triangle12 May 2014 This is a rather scrappy play and from what I gathered, the Kit Marlowe s first In the collection that I read it actually came last, though I am not inclined to believe that the order that the plays appeared in the book were the best to the worst considering that they begun with Tamerline the Great The play is based upon an episode in The Aeneid, though isof a love triangle that has been created by the gods as is typical with Greek and Roman drama, which appears that Kit is trying to emulate As is typical of most love triangles well, not the Hollywood ones, but this is hardly Hollywood it all ends badly with the exception of Aeneas, who goes on to found Rome I won t go muchinto the play itself because while the setting and the story is interesting, it is not my favourite namely because of the dubiousness of its authenticity In fact, I don t believe the episode actually happened While I will gointo the reasoning when I get around to reading the Aeneid again, I will briefly explain The reason that I believe the story of Aeneas and Dido is dubious is not just because the dating is completely out of sync, but because I do not actually believe that Aeneas is the founder of Rome The reason that I say that is because as far as I am concerned the Aeneid is littlethan a piece of propaganda that was commissioned by the emperor Augustus Ceaser to create a reason for the Roman s enmity against Greece, namely by making the founder of Rome a Trojan Aeneas actually appears in the Illiad, and according to Greek mythology he was one of the few survivors After leaving Troy, he travels about the Mediterranean During his adventures he travels to hell to discover his destiny, and then gets trapped in Carthage where he becomes embroiled in a love affair with Dido Aeneas then manages to flee and as a result Dido kills herself To me this sounds like a complete rip off of the Odyssey Dido, however, has somesolid historical background She was originally from the Phonecian city of Tyre and was exiled after her brother assumed the throne According to myth, she then travelled the Mediterranean and ended up in Africa She was given the option of taking a portion of land for herself, but the catch was that she could only take enough that was covered by an oxhide So she cut the oxhide into strips and encircled a hill, which became Carthage The other thing about the Roman version of the story is that it not only creates a reason as to why the Greeks and Romans were at odds not that it mattered during the reign of Augustus because Greece was already a Roman province, which makes me suspect that the story is much older but it also creates a reason as to why Carthage and Rome were enemies The reason being is that Dido was a jilted lover and this memory was passed down to the Cartheginians who ended up becoming enemies of Rome Obviously it does not actually account for the fact that both were empires that had come into conflict over a piece of land Sicily and ended up going to war over it, but it seems that even in the Ancient World governments would create stories to justify wars.