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It is important to note that Bazi Charting is a huge part of Classical Feng Shui and although you can use a Bazi Chart by itself to understand your personal destiny path Practicing Classical Feng Shui without a Bazi Chart is like putting a new spark plug in a car because the check engine light came on before you even know what is wrong with it It may be a spark plug or even that spark plug but chances are it is something completely unrelated So putting the new plug in won t hurt anything but it probably won t be of much help either.That is why I recommend reading studying Bazi charting if you are interested in Feng Shui BEFORE you study Classical Feng Shui.Knowing your Bazi Chart can help you know when to avoid certain things, help you know when the best time to do others is and how much effort you will need to put forth to succeed It can be as detailed as you want or just an overview It is truly amazing how accurate this can be.This is a good book overall He covers the basics but there seems to be a lot of holes in it for the novice If you truly want to understand Bazi even on a basic level I would recommend reading this book first then taking a class Joey Yap offers online, dvd in person classes Although I have done some research on this subject trying to find other authors teachers for English speaking there is such a limitation and most of them are so under educated on the subject it is really better to go with someone that truly KNOWS their stuff that goes for Feng Shui as well as Destiny Charting.So I highly recommend Joey Yap s books educational options but keep in mind he sometimes doesn t make his concepts clear at first glance in the books so it may take a little practice to understand everything he is trying to get across However it is much better than the alternative which can give you WRONG information or very uneducated information at best. Really good for people who want to strengthen their basics It was easy to follow. Aprender BaZi no es una tarea sencilla, resulta un gran desaf o hacerlo de manera autodidacta El C digo de Destino es un libro introductorio Joey Yap en BaZi o Cuatro Pilares del Destino El libro resulta ser una referencia para estudiantes y practicantes, escrito en un formato de f cil lectura.Yap profundiza en BaZi, m s all de las lecturas de la astrolog a china convencionales que se centran en el a o de nacimiento Con el libro conoces los 10 Tallos Celestiales, 12 Ramas Terrestres, relaciones especiales entre los cinco elementos, trazado de un gr fico BaZi y t cnicas sencillas y r pidas de an lisis para descifrar el c digo de destino. Joey Yap made me understood by heart the basic element of Ba Zi, its calculation to plot the destiny chart and the general impact to our lives This is the book made me finally in tuned with the whole idea of the of Ba Zi Chart and how it should be read together with Feng Shui This book is good for beginner and those who still at lost or didn t quite catch the meaning and application of Ba Zi. Started with Book 2, but realised that Book 1 had just a bit of info I needed so went ahead and bought this It s an easy read, informative, entertaining while illustrating the basic BaZi concepts Highly recommended for anyone interested in this field. (FREE PDF) â BaZi- The Destiny Code: Your Guide to the Four Pillars of Destiny ⚜ Just Like DNA To A Physical Body, BaZi Dictates The Destiny Code That Are The Talents, The Hidden Abilities, The Character, Strengths, Weaknesses, Challenges In Life, And Achievements Of An Individual In This Introductory Book On BaZi Or Four Pillars Of Destiny, Joey Yap Ventures Deep Into The Essence Of Personality Analysis To Foster A Accurate And Informed Understanding, Beyond The Conventional Chinese Astrology Reading What You Ll Learn Plot Your Personal BaZi Destiny Code Chart Understand Your Character And Personality Model Determine Your Favourable Or Unfavourable Career Options Analyse Your Wealth Potential And Capacity Of Your Life Maximise Your Opportunities In Life Discover And Utilise Your Hidden Talents Improve Personal And Family Relationships Optimise Your Performance