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I was surprised to realize I d never read this, or any other, biography of Joplin I went through all the seediest rock n roll biographies in my teens and somehow skipped Janis Shame on me As far as biographies go, this one is pretty superficial and doesn t provide much insight into her person It s a fun read though, considering that Joplin was crazy talented and knew how to party She hung out with all the coolest cats and bedded the hottest dudes and dames while maintaining a heroin fueled lifestyle and making kick ass records There are plenty of entertaining stories about other notable stars of the time Considering the nature of Joplin s relationship with them, they concern mostly their lovemaking skills Kristofferson was, as I ve long suspected, divine both in and out of bed, Morrison was a bit of a douche, and Hendrix was just average It s of course also a terribly sad story with a tragic ending, and certainly one worth reading Will go listen to Summertime now and Google naughty Kristofferson pics. [[ Download ]] ✐ Pearl: The Obsessions and Passions of Janis Joplin ↭ Out Of The Texas Louisiana Swamps She Wailed The Blues Like No One, Black Or White, Has Ever Dared She Was Janis Joplin The First Rock Star Of The S Counterculture, A Fashion Trendsetter In San Francisco S Back To The Roots Movement That Overtook The World, A Prisoner Of An Ultimately Doomed Search For Happiness In Sex And Drugs, Money And Fame Premier white blues singer of the 60s, Rolling Stone One of the brightest stars rock has ever produced, The Who s Who in Rock Janis Joplin expressed one side of 1968 fairly well ecstatic and self destructive simultaneously, wailing to the edges of the universe Time Ellis Amburn s Pearl The Obsessions and Passions of Janis Joplin 1993 has been an exasperating read for me What begins as a captivating biography of a great artist eventually morphs into a litany of lurid, tabloid worthy descriptions of excesses in sex and drug use I will whine about that some later let s begin with the good stuff.The author sets up Janis Joplin s story in an interesting way it begins with the singer s crushing disappointment when she attends the 10th reunion of her high school class of 1960 In 1970 Janis Joplin is at the peak of world fame but the people of Port Arthur, TX, the town where she was born, still do not accept her The Texas Bible Belt town has never forgiven Janis for her lifestyle, the author is saying The entire biography seems to be based upon the theme of a star in quest of the self esteem denied her in adolescence , which eventually proves unrecoverable Mr Amburn sees the clear path from the Port Arthur rejection of the star to her death in a Hollywood motel of a drug overdose just seven weeks later The motif of the reunion provides a narrative clasp that ties the story together.The early portion of the biography follows the singer s childhood and youth, and her increasingly rebellious behavior She searches for her idols, the beatniks, in Venice, California, in 1961, but comes back home disappointed She performs one song at a club in Beaumont, TX, but only manages to scare the audience with her intensity Her first real public performance comes in 1963 in a club in San Francisco Then she hits a spectacular bottom All she wanted to do was to wallow in dope any kind she could get smoke dope, take dope, lick dope, suck dope, fuck dope Again she goes back home to Texas where she spends about a year And it is only in 1966 when she gets her big break an audition for the band Big Brother and the Holding Company, which set her on the road to stardom The passages about the epochal years 1966 1968 in San Francisco, the Haight Ashbury times of the massive counterculture convocations such as the Human Be In read great Alas, soon the gossip begins dominating the biography and the reader is treated to mentions of Janis Joplin s orgasms or Jimi Hendrix penis size The singer falls deeper and deeper into drugs extremely heavy heroin and alcohol use to the extent that she sometimes performs on complete alcoholic blackouts It is clear that Janis Joplin s life trajectory arced from seeking recognition to seeking instant gratification at every moment of her life when she became a world famous singer, but I dispute the author s need of repetitiously providing salacious and grim details of Joplin s drug fueled escapades One cannot escape the suspicion that the author s goal is to titillate the reader with the gossip level trivia While explicit sex scenes and references work well in great literature, let s just mention the unforgettable The Beastly Beatitudes of Balthazar B , peddling information about who ejaculated into whom and how many times an orgasm has been achieved does not really belong in a biography of an artist, even if it is a rock artist Artists have a right to privacy, like all of us maybe except politicians Also, in my view, the connection between the artist s behavior and the greatness of her art is tenuous at best, although many people would probably disagree.The author ends the biography with a wonderful sentence That she achieved as much as she did, considering the burden of suffering she carried, makes her a shining example of the human spirit I agree, but the sensationalist biography in no way supports that statement and is, in a way, offensive to the great artist.Two and a half stars. What I learned from this book was that Joplin was as disgusting as I thought she was The author was not objective, he adored her I thought perhaps if I understood her better I dwell, I guess that I d understand her better but Amburn really shed no light on why she did what she did Ultimately, it bored me. I like to read junkie stories They help me stay thankful to be clean and sober Addiction is fucking deadly. I have read most of the books written on Janis with the exception of Love, Janis Pearl is the book that I have liked the most Author interviewed an impressive number of persons from both Port Arthur and Frisco Interviewees included former High School friends, members of Big Brother and Kris Kristofferson Discovered some facts about JJ that I was not aware of I hope these facts are true I do not want to disclose any of unknown to me facts so I don t spoil other readers enjoyment I LOVED this book. It was a while ago I read this but it gave me a lot of insight into who Janis really was A tragic story of a diva who lost her voice, eventually leading to her death There were a lot of graphic depictions of her Love In lifestyle It made me go straight to Grace Slick s book. Great read I highly recommend this book. I love janis joplin so i love the book The book have a grear plot and have a grat ending. I just didn t like this book.