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3.5 starsGeorge Maguire is a decent guy who works as a design engineer and cares about his big family He s not completely out of the closet but that doesn t stop him from cruising for one night stands at a club He hooks up with a charming guy named Alex who later turns out to be the Prince of the Netherlands and who also turns his world upside down.I m a little disappointed because I wanted to love this as much as I loved Signs And I didn t This story wasn t very exciting, which is a bummer Some things sound way dramatic in the blurb than they actually are in the book, where there s only a teeny tiny bit of drama that gets resolved pretty quickly Don t get me wrong, I still liked it, but I just felt like there was something missing.Overall, this is a sweet, sexy, easy and quite nice read Unfortunately, it didn t rock my world as hard as I hoped it would, but it may rock yours So if you re in a mood for something fluffy with no angst, you should give it a go. 4.5 stars Very sort review ahead.This is my favorite Anna Martin book after Signs and Tattoos Teacups It may include a prince, but above all this story felt REAL Everything about it the sex,the pace the relationship progressed, the I love you , everything came natural Same goes for the HEA.Alex and George talk, make love, fight and make up No major plot twists, just a sweet, sexy story I never got bored though, not for one second.Great story Recommended I had high expectations for this book Sadly, I m guessing my expectations were way too high My Prince, for me, is a vanilla story This lacked enough steam with an unsurprising story direction Funny characters, sure, but they lacked enough personality to allow me to distinguish one from the other The sex, I skipped from time to time, due to the repetitiveness And what was that ending Very anticlimactic, I d say.This would have worked for me if Alex s royal background was used to its full potential When the book mentioned that he was fifth in line for the throne, I knew then that his princely status would function as a profession than a game changer to the story So I guessed that George s entrance to Alex s life would bear little impact to the development of the story And I was right Not really the two people from different worlds falling in love storyline I was originally expecting Sorry. This is one of those books that got lost in my TBR pile But it popped up on my feed this week thanks Kristin and sounded good I also really liked Tattoos and Teacups by this author This one had a lot of the things I love in a book opposites attract funny banter good steam low angst good writing likable MCsIt was the perfect read to start out 2017 George Maguire is a normal bloke who works hard, plays hard, and helps take care of his large, boisterous family Occasionally he likes to hit the pub or clubs and take someone home for the night One night he meets Alex, a gorgeous blond and they have a single, spectacular night together George leaves the next morning and steps back into his regularly scheduled life Alex is a pleasant memory that takes on a new twist when George sees a news program and finds out Alex is actually Alexander vam Amsberg, Prince of the Netherlands, and fifth in line to the throne George doesn t tell anyone, he simply files the information away along with his wonderful memory of their single night together.Then six months later, when George is at a charity function representing the company he works for, he sees Alex again and accepts when Alex asks him out on a date Slowly their romance blooms Four things I loved about this story is that the romance is low angst, real without losing romance, humorous, and sexy Even though the two are from wildly different backgrounds they work at their relationship, and even when some miscommunication happens, it happens realistically and wasn t upsetting it feels real Though the story does lose a little momentum toward the middle, it picks back up again pretty quickly, and then races toward the very sweet, enjoyable HFN HEA ending.Bottom Line This is a, enjoyable, sweet, low angst love story that keeps it realistic without losing the romance.Recommended Advanced Review Copy generously provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange for an honest review. This review has been cross posted at Gay Book Reviews. this was a buddyread with Susan, Elsbeth and Karlijnus dutchgirls had to read this one together So this book And the prince did come.litteralylolI really enjoyed reading this one I m not gonna share too many details, because I don t want to spoil reading it for anybody.George and Alex hook up at a clubbamn insta lust They go at itwhich was very hot, but it was just a seks thingnothing.George, who s just a regular Joe, goes home and resumes normal life Alex however is not just a regular Joe George gets confronted with that little fact while watching tv and seeing Alexis not just richbut royalty Alex is Prince of the Netherlands George is a little bit impressed with himselfyou knowhaving fucked royalty and all, but doesn t think too much of it otherwise.At a charity event they meet again and Alex let s George know he s interested in than just a one time fuckand he wants to take George on a date.These guys are so different George is from a huge family and he grew up on the wrong side of the track so to say His parents had to work real hard to make ends meet He s also not completely out His parents, brother and nan who was great know, but not the rest of his siblings and friends He has only discovered his own sexual preferences a year and a half ago, so he s not ready to be completely out.Alex is full out Being the prince of the Netherlands didn t stop him from coming out The whole world knows Alex is gay.Alex and George were awesome together.I laughed my ass off Ofcourse not everything is gonna be easy, being from 2 very different worlds There is an asshole ex, papparazi, royalty parties, rugby teammates and Alexwho needs to put his foot in his mouth There is some very nice steam in this one and even a converstation about dildo s Can t imagine our previous prince Alexander who is now the king having a conversation about dildo s Which brings me to the next question Was it realistic For meNO I think the Netherlands is a very gayfriendly country, but I can t see one of our princes coming out as gay They only visit Amsterdam once in this book, so I can t complain about stuff not being decribed right I know that our former princess now queen had to give up her family to be with our king Things are not that easy In the book Alex says he ll look into changing some rules so maybe he doesn t have to give up his title when and if he marries George some day I don t think in real life that would be an option As far as I know our princes don t get to change any rules.but maybe one of my dutch buddies knows about this than me So yes, I laughed and swooned and had to fan myself..it was a very nice read I tried very very very hard not to picture our former prince Alexander in my head.because he is really not that hot 4 stars from me, because the ending although very sweet, was to abrupt for me I wanted to know , there are still too many questions for me, that were left unanswered Thank you Susan, Elsbeth and Karlijn for reading this with me.curious about you re reviews 3.5 StarsI appreciated this fic for what it was.Sexy, funny, real Ah that word real If you want grand sweeping gestures and out of this world epic love, it s not going to be here but that does not lessen the enjoyment factor.Pretty much this was a step by step telling of how Alex and George navigate all the same stuff as everyone else dating, meeting the parents family, confronting old boyfriends, insecurity, experimentation, fights and misunderstandings with just the small glitch of one of them being a royal prince Having said that, I liked reading about these two blokes who couldn t be different, and despite those differences find in the other, something that just clicks Really quite the lovely, easy read Thanks Meags for the charming company as always I love it when you get bossy I loved every page of this book Every page For real I know there should have been some extra drama and proper angst and so much difficulty but I loved it even because there wasn t It was just pretty.I loved their relationship I loved how they just fit I loved how they accepted I love how they just knew it would work if they wanted it to work They wanted it to work.So, much love for this one Could have been the timing or really, it could just be that pretty. (Book) Ü My Prince â After Growing Up In A Rough Part Of Town, George Maguire Worked His Way Out Of Manchester And To A Career As A Design Engineer Alexander Van Amsberg, An Architecture Student At The University Of Edinburgh, Wasn T The Sort Of Guy He Normally Had Explosive, Hotel Room One Night Stands With Alex Was Charming, Classy, And, As George Later Learns, Prince Of The Netherlands Fate Brings Them Together Again, And Alex Makes Sure To Get His Sexy Stranger S Phone Number This Time Despite All The Reasons Why They Shouldn T Work, Something Clicks, And Alex Thinks That This Time, He Might Have Found The Right Guy But Alex S Aristocratic Ex Stirs Up Trouble In The Press For George And His Humble Family, And Alex Realizes He Has To Get Real About Having A Boyfriend From The Wrong Side Of Town While George Acknowledges His Modest Upbringing, He Doesn T Let Anyone Insult His Family Life S No Fairy Tale, And Regardless Of His Royal Title, Alex Might Destroy His One Chance For Happily Ever After 3.5 Stars This book had a prince, a palace, and paparazzi Everything else about it was blessedly normal and sweet for it, but not terribly exciting Also, the I look at this cover, the irritated I am by it I mean, the men are smexy and the colour blends are gorgeous, but what the hell does a train station and the Palace of Westminster in London have to do with a book set in Edinburgh, Manchester, and the Netherlands