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This was a great read I loved it Wilson thinks his dog can talk but thinks maybe he is just projecting that Hazel comes into some money and decides to just quit her job and travel She finds Wilson and he confesses he is her father He also has a sweet future with Emily who he discovers He looks to be having a better future because he let his mother talk him into taking Thurman Thurman is the star of this book It was a sweet read. [[ E-pub ]] ⇨ The Dog That Whispered ✒ Bestselling Author Jim Kraus Returns With A Heartwarming Tale About A Dog Who Has People Convinced He Can TalkWilson Steele Is A Single Professor And Vietnam Veteran Who Likes Living Alone, Insisting It S Too Late For Him To Have A Family His Mother Disagrees When She Impulsively Adopts A Rescued Black Lab Mix, She Insists Thurman Is Special, And Has Whispered Of The Coming Of Grandchildren Wilson Brushes The Notion Off As Fantasy When His Mother Learns Of Her Retirement Community S No Pets Policy, She Forces Wilson To Take The Lovable Dog Wilson Notices Thurman S Growls Do Sound Like Words, But He Knows He S Just Projecting His Own Thoughts On The Animal If Wilson Is Talking To Neighbors On Their Walks, And Spending Time With Emily, A Widow With Three Children, It Isn T Because Thurman Encouraged Him After All, Everyone Knows Dogs Can T Talkcan They Every time I read one of Jim Kraus books I think it s the best I loved the interaction Thurman the dog has with Wilson, his owner This story was very powerful in focusing on PTSD for veterans and their families of the VietNam War.The dual storylines came together perfectly, without a rush, at the end. Interaction between characters human or canine is well written and fun to read Thurman the dog is so spot on for lab excitement A heartwarming story. You ve probably heard of animal whisperers, but this might be the very first time that you ve heard of a dog that does the whispering Truman, a mixed lab, was adopted by Gretna, who lives in a retirement community which does not allow dogs To solve the dilemma, she persuades her son, Wilson, into taking care of the dog until the problem can be rectified i.e finding a new home for Truman Wilson is a professor and a Vietnam veteran, who is distant and somewhat reclused, living through the emotional remnants of a war.Once at Wilson s home, Truman wastes no times in settling in Slowly but surely, he worms his way into Wilson s heart by becoming his canine companion and confidant I like the gentle and subtle way that the story approaches the matter of PTSD, because while there are those sufferers who actively seek out help, there are others like Wilson , who remain mired in guilt and trauma, not believing that they are worthy of being treated and absolved In a very non judgmental, non intrusive way, Truman manages to break through to Wilson And because the opening up talking to a dog, and extrapolating introspective and intelligent answers from growled back responses occurs in a non threatening environment, the healing can finally begin It surely helps that the person is caring for someone other than him herself, especially if it is an animal pet that relies on you completely for its needs.There are other threads in this plot, but I ll just focus on how delightful it was that Truman and in fact, any dog was portrayed as being the bridge and connector between individuals, regardless of their dispositions I also like how a dog, that was not trained as a service animal, was showcased as being able to bring healing, direction, and closure to individuals who didn t even know they needed it. Do you talk to your dog Does your dog talk to you Kraus has created another delightful novel about an insightful dog who talks Well, Thurman sort of growls but some people can understand exactly what he is saying That would include Wilson Steele He s an English professor with a past that includes horrors from Viet Nam He d made such a mess of his life back then that he is convinced God would never forgive him He is certain too that he must live in solitude, not deserving a family But his mother has other ideas She impulsively adopts a rescue dog When the retirement home will not let her keep it, she makes Wilson take him She knows he could use the companionship That is the beginning of a relationship that changes Wilson s life.I thoroughly enjoyed this novel It is an entertaining novel about character transformation and healing Kraus has woven together the lives of several people who need a touch of love and a gentle push in the right direction Thurman is the dog for the job He knows exactly the right phrase to growl or say to move people toward the place where God can heal them.This is a great book for dog lovers It s great for people who like to read novels showing how God works events to bring people the healing they need and the relationships that enrich them That God uses a dog is a fun and rewarding aspect of the novel.I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of an independent and honest review. This novel blends some canine whimsy with a poignant story of long term post war stress William s hardened emotional shell was nearly impenetrable I loved Thurman s influence as he whispered comments to William at key moments I also liked Hazel s story as it ultimately revealed a relationship with William Highly recommended as a quality post war story. This was a delightful, easy winter read It was a bit preachy in a couple spots but, overall just a lovely story featuring a very happy muppet. EmotionalEven though the story line was predictable from very early on, the way the story unfolded was enough to keep my interest My only real criticism is that the mysterioushow will these stories come together ploy was so unnecessary It didn t really add anything to the overall readif anything, because it was so obvious, it also became a little tiresome Either masking it better to keep the reader guessing, or just a straightforward retelling may have been a better way to approach the subject I mean, come onyou have a talking dog That is enough to keep the interest of your reader without reverting to cheap theatrics That said, Thurman is such a personable, charming and charismatic animalhumorous in his very dogness that he is able to hold on to even though he can speak, that even with all the above criticism, my interest was not lost It makes me wonder what the author could do relating stories to us in aserious and straightforward manner I would think that would be the ticket to launch a career where his name becomes recognized easily by even those who don t read regularly Don t limit your talent and you will be amazing and not just a niche artist. Kraus creates a wise, though simple, character in Thurman the dog Kraus has the ability to make Thurman s thoughts come to life in a way that is believable for a dog altruistic, loyal, simplistic, and honest While the idea of a dog talking is obviously far fetched, this novel is fun and hits on important issues, namely the mental health of veterans The Dog that Whispered is a fast, yet thoughtful read SUMMARY When Wilson Steele agrees to watch his aging mothers dog for a few days, he has no idea that this decision will change his life As he takes care of the dog, Thurman, he believes he is going crazy in thinking the dog is communicating with and understanding him Is Wilson simply projecting his thoughts and making this all up, or is it somethingAs Thurman prods him to revisit his past and come to terms with his choices, Wilson resists until someone shows up at his front door that brings his whole life to a standstill.