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{Read Kindle} Ø نص الكفاف وفتح مقفله بشرح مؤلفه ⛓ Translation And Commentary Of Imam Al Mawlud S Matharat Al Qulub By Hamza YusufThis Exploration Of Islamic Spirituality Delves Into The Psychological Diseases And Cures Of The Heart Diseases Examined Include Miserliness, Envy, Hatred, Treachery, Rancour, Malice, Ostentation, Arrogance, Covetousness, Lust, And Other Afflictions That Assail People And Often Control Them The Causes And Practical Cures Of These Diseases Are Discussed, Offering A Penetrating Glimpse Into How Islam Deals With Spiritual And Psychological Problems And Demonstrating How All People Can Benefit From These Teachings The Prophet once said to his Companions, Doyou want to see a man of Paradise A man thenpassed by, and the Prophet said, That man is ofthe people of Paradise One of Companion of theProphet wanted to find out what it was about thisman that earned him such a commendation fromthe Messenger of God , so he decided to spendsome time with this man and observe himclosely He noticed that this man did not performthe night prayer vigil tahajjud or do anythingextraordinary He appeared to be an average manof Medina The Companion finally told the manwhat the Prophet had said about him and asked ifhe did anything special The man replied, Theonly thing that I can think of, other than whateverybody else does, is that I make sure that Inever sleep with any rancor in my heart towardsanother That was his secret. Im not a big Hamza Yusuf fan, there are many things he says that I dont really settle with but as this was a translation of a book and I think he has decent arabic masha Allah I decided to give it a go.Im glad I did I read it with an online group, making notes as I went along I learnt many things from the book and felt like a peaceful calm person after reading it There was so many references and ahadith to back up the things he was saying It contains many paragraphs on totally relate able issues in our worlds today. I m speechless when it comes to this book.Reading is believing.I loved the book so much such that when I misplaced the book and I thought I ve lost it it was for almost a year until I found it back I was so distressed especially at that time they haven t reprint the book and everywhere is out of stock already. This book has the potential to change your life the way you think, the way you act, etc I wish I had read it before or while I was in college it would have saved me quiet a bit of grief But better late than never No need to sit around the self help section of Barnes and Nobles this book pretty much has everything you need to improve your relationship with God and humankind Buy a copy.