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5 Stars This is a sexy and fun book This is book three in Anna Zabo s Takeover Series and I loved it Fazil works with Sam Eli at S.R Anderson Consulting When Sam needs someone to go to Seattle to help Singularity Storage, a company they are trying to save, it s Fazil and Eli who are sent to The Emerald City The last person Fazil expects to see is his high school boyfriend, Todd Douglas Against all his better judgements the pull between Todd and Fazil is just too strong and the two take up an inner office affair that melts the keyboards What happens when they are discovered and better yet what happens when it s time for Fazil to return home, across the country Can these two get a second chance at happiness or do they just have too many obstacles in the way I really loved this book I loved the Seattle history and scenery, it was awesome being from the Seattle Area I really enjoyed this ride around The Emerald City I was able to vividly picture the areas the author described and I felt like I was hiking up Mt Rainier with Fazil and Todd I loved the playfulness between Fazil and Todd, they are an awesome couple and holy Hotness can they burn up the sheets HOT HOT HOT Loved it all I can definitely recommend this book and the series 5 Stars and a top recommendation from me ARC provided by The Publisher, Intermix in exchange for an honest review Reviewed by Jaime from Alpha Book Club To be released June 2016 This is another Takeover book, focusing on Fazil, who is not nearly as straight as Eli thought in Just Business and Todd, the high school boyfriend he never did get over.Much much less kink in this one, FYI A little playing with toys No s m or pain play Rough sex Yes. #READ E-PUB á Due Diligence é A Business Trip Leads To A Surprise Encounter With An Old Flame In This Sexy Romance From The Author OfJust Business After Fazil Kurt Breaks Up With His Girlfriend, A Business Trip To Seattle Offers Some Much Needed Time Away Sent By SR Anderson Consulting, Fazil Is There To Help Audit Singularity Storage, A Company They Are Trying To Save His First Discovery Is Intriguing To Say The Least One Of Singularity S Engineers Is Todd Douglas, Fazil S First Love He Knows Better Than To Get Personally Involved On A Job Like This Back In High School, Todd Broke Fazil S Heart Times Than He Could Count, But Both Men Have Grown So Much Since Then And Fazil Never Could Say No To Todd Wow My least favorite so far No doubt Todd and Fazil were smoking hot together but Fazil was a bit of a downer He kept bringing up the past and so sensitive. 3.25 stars I really struggled with my rating for this one I absolutely love Anna Zabo s Takeover series but Due Diligence didn t work all that well for me I ll settle with 3.25 stars, because the story had a lot of heart and emotion, and the writing is stellar, as always.To begin with, I really dislike the misunderstanding miscommunication trope Even though I m very forgiving and understanding when the MCs are teenagers, I had a hard time buying that Fazil acted so foolishly 15 years ago, no matter how insecure he was This is the MOTHER of all misunderstandings view spoiler He believed rumors about Todd, cheated on him, never even thought of asking him if the rumors were true, and on top of that, he left him without even saying goodbye And never spoke to him for the next 15 years hide spoiler 4.5 4.5 Stars Due Diligence is the third book in Anna Zabo s Takeover series This book has a bit of a different feel to it, than Takeover and Just Business One, this is a second chance story and oh how I do love those and two, it isn t a BDSM themed story Oh, it s kinky, and deliciously so, just not in that way.Also, while you probably could read Due Diligence as a stand alone novel, I do feel you will get out of it by reading the previous two novels first Eli, one of the MC s of Just Business plays a pretty heavy roll in Due Diligence You ll have a much better understanding of the dynamics of the company that Eli and Fazil work for and get a lot of background in the first two novels that will enrich your reading of this one Plus, they re fantastic, too.Fazil Kurt is a bisexual man who just got out of a relationship and he s trying to distance himself from his ex girlfriend since she started dating someone from their circle of friends Ouch So he s happy to head to Seattle, with Eli, to try to straighten out this audit with Singularity Storage The last person on planet Earth Fazil thought he d see there was his high school boyfriend, whom he had not seen in 15 years.Fazil was a good guy, but he tended not to think things through His own insecurities fed his belief that he was never good enough for Todd Douglas, who was a gorgeous, popular, bad boy 15 years later, Fazil still has the same issues and I admit, it got kind of old after a while People make all kinds of assumptions about him based on his ethnicity assuming he is a practicing Muslim with all that comes with that Fazil is pretty much a secular Muslim He doesn t practice, he eats pork, drinks alcohol and is bisexual The lesson here is that not everyone is the same Todd isn t perfect, either, though He was blindsided when Fazil up and disappeared after high school, without a word and he never really got over his first and most intense love He was very forgiving of Fazil for the disappearing act, which I thought was a good thing, because they were just kids at the time But one thing that Todd and Fazil do very very well, is sex Oh My God I didn t even know what a dragon dildo was before yesterday But then, I do kind of live under a rock on the internet But, dayum HAWT.But Todd also held some of the characteristics of his younger self, like the idea that Fazil should uproot his life and move out to Seattle For the longest time, he just wouldn t listen and he wouldn t bend He was totally blind to Fazil s needs.So, at least I wanted to smack them both, rather than just one of them Spread the love, right I definitely forgive them for their lack of communication and misunderstandings of their youth They were just kids And they did do better this time around, it just took them a bit of time to find their way.I ve also got to say just how familiar the whole audit thing with Singularity was I work for a company that was bought out a few years ago, and there were so many parallels the undocumented processes, the shoot from the hip mentalitywe had some old school developers that thought that commenting code was a waste of time So, for so much of what Eli and Fazil were doing, I remember our company going through something similar Thankfully, our company didn t have the rampant racism and homophobia, but the rest was very familiar, so good job Anna Zabo for capturing that whole situation so very well Though I think that Just Business is my favorite of this series, so far, I did really enjoy Due Diligence quite a lot It was hot and sweet and full of second chances, which I adore I can t wait for the next book ARC of Due Diligence was generously provided by the publisher, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review. DNF at 22%.This book is very different than the first two Part of my love of the other books was the sexual tension and the men discovering what made the other tick This book is two high school sweethearts reconnecting after 15 years apart The reason for their breakup, which wasn t really a breakup, is 100% misunderstanding and miscommunication I m not going to rate since I didn t finish and hope there will be another book in the series The first two are outstanding, but this one just isn t my speed. 4.5 Stars It s a close race between this book and the last as to which was my favorite This series is one of my favorite MM series Each book features a different couple and I ve honestly really liked all three books and couples.This one was off the charts hot That Mr Dragon scene was hands down one of the hottest I ve ever read Yeah I thought their original break up was dumb They were both idiots Fazil so But they were also teenagers Some of that is expected Plus we didn t have to experience it happening Yeah it affected the current relationship a bit of course Fazil would feel some guilt Another great addition to the series and I cannot wait for Brian s book 3.5 Stars Two words, people Two words DRAGON SCENE I may or may not have fallen down the research rabbit hole after reading that I admit nothing Don t check my Google search history.Fazil and Todd dated in HS and a whole bunch of misunderstandings miscommunication ended their relationship with Fazil running away Now, 15 years later, Fazil happens to come in to do consulting work at Todd s company And right from the beginning, it s easy to see that the feelings and the attraction never went away These two were seriously hot together SERIOUSLY HOT We re talking toys, role playing.all kinds of good stuff And, I m eternally grateful that Anna Zabo didn t drag out the two guys discussing what happened and caused their teenage breakup which I have to admit, the ridiculousness of it was eyeroll inducing I guess it s been a while since I was 17 However, I could have done without Fazil constantly bringing it up Between that and his insecurities and low self esteem, he was a bit of a downer in this book When it came to their relationship as adults, they fit well together.if you didn t factor in that Todd lived in Seattle and Fazil in Pittsburgh When it came to the long distance issues, I was really frustrated with how pushy Todd was and how meek Fazil was about voicing what he really wanted Unfortunately, as was my issue with the first book, there was too much business stuff in the book I could have done without all that I wasn t interested in coding, computer systems or any other business related filler added I felt like some of it overshadowed the romance I did love how much Seattle landmarks were used I felt like I was a tourist right along with Fazil as Todd showed him all the sights If I didn t already want to visit Seattle, this would have definitely added the city to my list of places to visit.In the end, it s not my favorite in the series, but a really enjoyable readNo one s good with loveIt s messy, horrifying, and wonderful You leave pieces of yourself all over whenever you open your heart It s a fight, a struggle and so much work It s also the best goddamn thing in the entire universe Love is bigger than everyone and harder than anything YouYou have to hope and hold onI ll end my review with a message to Eli, the scene stealer