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Enjoyed Quarter of a century on, Rudy shows in his recent works that he is still an ideas man for the lost generation And his characters are decent. @Kindle ⚡ The Sex Sphere · Meet BabsThe Reason She Talks In A Heavy Hungarian Accent Is That The First Personality She Wolfed Down Was An Iron Curtain PhysicistThe Reason She Has Taken On The Shape Of What Every Man Wants Most Is That She Needs PowerThe Reason She Needs Power Is That She Wants To Go Home To The Fourth Dimension I succeeded beyond my wildest dreams when I was looking for something off the beaten path and managed to find this in the out of print pulp section of the bookstore recently I put out of print in quotes because it appears this book is easily available as an ebook which doesn t really seem so out of print to me Mostly I was attracted to the delightful font cover seriously, it looks to me like it came from the 60s or 70s, not the early 80s But the description also made it sound like a fun little romp was in my future.Hahahaha No Maybe I should have also read the intro in which the author attempted some tongue in cheek humor that I completely missed the first time around I read the introduction twice because the extra dimensional stuff does not stick when one reads it half asleep And while there were a few nuggets of science y delight, the main character was so one dimensional heh and the action so rote that I barely made it out of the middle awake I certainly didn t actually care about any of the characters Fortunately, it is a short, quick read and I wasn t expecting it to actually be good or anything fun, yes Good, no.All in all I think the science fiction reading public would have been just fine if this book had faded into the mists of out of print obscurity I m sure it s nice in Hilbert Space this time of year. Demented and silly Didn t really care for this tale. This book was really kind of awful, but in a fascinatingly horrible way so that I continued to read all the way to the rather disappointing ending I found it interesting that that author insisted in the first part of his introduction that he had given women equal opportunity in the book, like he had to make a point of it And I guess he did give them opportunity, though it would have been nice to have a better book to go along with the strong female roles At least it was a pretty quick read. I liked the concept of extending the concepts of Flatland And a lot of the story was entertaining But I found that using sex as the vehicle for this really didn t work In many ways, the attempts to be shocking and over the top were really just gratuitous and distracting from what could have been a good story.