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A kinda Really Sweet Christmas Story Really, this is a sweet little Christmas romance I liked it very, very much The mother daughter relationship is very relatable The way Sadie and Nate meet is oddly hysterical I loved their relationship I can picture the scenes so well, it was almost like watching a movie.I look forward to reading the rest of the series. Sweet and fun just in time for ChristmasA cute and endearing romance that kinda made me laugh and even kinda made me cry, especially since I m about to let one of my kids fly away from home and out into the world The perfect mixture of sweet romance and a feisty heroine and meddling small town country life. @Free Kindle Û A (kinda) Country Christmas ó Sadie Jenkins Lives And Breathes Christmas Every, Single Day Of The Year Owner Of Bethlehem S Boutique In The Tourist Mountain Town Of Gatlinburg, TN, She Has No Room For The Bad Boys Of Her Past And Devotes Her Whole Life To The Struggling Boutique And Her Teenage Daughter, Maribelle She S Perfectly Happy With Her Country Living Life Until He Walks Into Her Store Nate Myers Travels The Globe For His Job And Has The Bank Account To Prove His Success The Former Bad Boy Is In Town For A Short Visit With His Sister And Is Determined To Not Get Caught Up In All The Christmas Hype But Then He Falls For The Beautiful Shopkeeper Quite Literally Will These Two Sorta Opposites Be Able To Find A Happily Ever After Together This is a super cute little Christmas novella that was perfect for a quick read to make me grin Ms Phillips definitely has a great sense of humor because her stories never fail to make me giggle Watching Sadie and Nate navigate this frustrating attraction was sweet because neither is in any way prepared for it So they stumble their way around, trying so hard to deny they like each other, while everyone around them just never believes them D This is simply a delightful story to read all year round, not just at Christmas I picked up A kinda Country Christmas last year in December and because of an influx in Hallmark Christmas movies, I kinda let it slip through the cracks for reading So I was actually delighted when my Christmas reading desire hit it happens every year about this time and I had this novella on hand to enjoy on the short term A kinda Country Christmas introduces us to Sadie, Mari, Nate and Kendra Sadie is the owner of a sweet little Christmas boutique in Gatlinburg, Tennessee can I just say I love a book that gives me a little getaway She basically lives, eats and breathes Christmas She is a single mom who has devoted her time to her child Mari and that boutique She has been so busy with those responsibilities that not much else has gotten through It is time to shake up her little world and shaking happens in the when Nate enters Gatlinburg in order to visit his little sister Kendra A kinda Country Christmas starts off a little awkward just a little bit but then it flows into something absolutely beautiful It is a sweet story that fully makes you care about not just Sadie and Nate but her daughter Mari and Kendra too I am delighted that there will definitely be novellas to read that will involve these characters.It is a sweet Christian romance with than just having a character show up at church I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Sadie and company. I m a fan of Krista Phillips so of course I had to read her Christmas novella I enjoyed Sadie Jenkins and Nate Meyers story I hope Ms Phillips plans on bringing them back so I can see how they re doing. A Country Christmas Mari, Kendra and Sadie all living and doing what they want Sadie has a Christmas boutique store and Mari her daughter is helping her out working in the store getting ready for Christmas.Kendra Sadie s girlfriend invites her for supper and introduced her Brother only to find he had already met Sadie that morning when he knocked over a Christmas display and broke the glass ornaments This was a free Arc read and a great short story This is my review and mine alone Norma Gorrill I really enjoyed this Christmas romance about Sadie, Nate, Kendra and Maribell Sadie owned a Christmas store that she ran all year long One day Nate walks into her store and disaster happens He trips and breaks her main Christmas centerpiece and with it expensive ornaments Sadie orders him out of the store Nate is hurt, but does not retaliate Kendra, Nates sister invites him and Sadie for dinner..whag a disaster read in the sweet Christmas romance DNF after a couple of chapters I wasn t a fan of the blunt talk about Nate s previous relationships, or a bit of what I consider crude language. Recommend this sweet romanceI absolutely enjoyed reading this novella I fell in love with the characters immediately I would recommend this sweet novella.