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!Download Book ♞ The Practice of Practice ♌ Talent Means Nothing When It Comes To Getting Better Practice Is Everything But Exactly What Is Good Practice How Does Good Practice Create Talent And What In The World Does A Pinwheel Have To Do With Practice The Focus Of This Book Is Music Practice, But These Techniques And Mindsets Can Be Applied To Any Skill You Want To ImproveThis Book Covers Essential Practice Strategies And Mindsets You Won T Find In Any Other Book You Ll Learn The What, Why, When, Where, Who, And Especially The How Of Great Music Practice You Ll Learn What Research Tells Us About Practice, But Importantly, You Ll Learn How Great Musicians In Many Genres Of Music Think About Practice, And You Ll Learn The Strategies And Techniques They Use To Improve This Book Will Help You Get Better Faster, Whether You Play Rock, Bach, Or Any Other Kind Of MusicWhatever Instrument You Want To Play, The Practice Of Practice Will Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Practice This Book Will Help You Become Savvy About Getting Better It Will Also Help You Be A Informed Teacher Or A Effective Parent Of A Young Learner Don T Practice Longer, Practice SmarterThe Book Covers Aspects Of Practice What Definitions, And What Music Practice Does To Your BrainWhy Motivation Is Crucial Learn Ways Of Keeping The Flame Lit In This SectionWho A Lot Of People Including Yourself Will Impact Your Practice Learn To Use Them To Your AdvantageWhen This Section Covers How Much, And What Times Of The Day Are Best For Practice Also Covers The Development Of Practice Over TimeWhere Where You Practice Affects How Well You Practice Learn To Harness The Place Of Your PracticeHow The Longest Section Of The Book Includes Information About Goals, Structuring Your Practice, As Well As Specific Techniques Tested By Researchers, And Specific Strategies Pros Use To Get BetterGet Better Faster Don T Practice Longer, Practice Smarter Interesting book about practice Harnum presents several angles, though sometimes I wish he would ve dug into some harder skills from the different performers he spoke to I.e nutritional habits, etc. This is excellent if you re trying to learn how to do ANYTHING better Check it out Wonderful for musicians Very helpful and insightful for anyone who is trying to learn or improve any skill Don t pass it up. really good book on learning and practicing the book focuses most on music but I am going to apply it to dancing really inspiring book. Excellent mix of advice and anecdotal information, with lots of great reference material and links. Intersting book, not only for musicians contains lots of good ideas about how to practice to get better at what you do. The rather informal tone and the short chapters make this book very readable, and an light commitment for those looking to pick some ideas about practicing.Despite citing several scholarly sources, the book is not academic by any means It should probably be approached as a compilation of ideas vaguely supported by scholarship, and strongly support by the author s personal experience There is something here for everyone, although experienced musicians will probably be aware of the techniques and strategies presented here Nevertheless, it is always good to read through them and keep them fresh in your head.It is important to note that the book deals with all kinds of music, and has a strong foot on jazz and improvisation While this can be a plus for many, classical musicians looking for solid research on their field will probably better books out there. Great, fun read for any musicianI struggle with looking at the long list of songs I d like to learn and deciding what to work on This book helped me create mini goals to focus my practice Instead of grabbing at lots of different things every time I sit down, I ve got things I can complete and check off the list The author has great sense of humor, and best of all he recommends naps. Harnum has produced a solid book on what it means to practice and how to get better at it Combining current research with his own experience as a musician, he takes the reader through both the fact and the feeling of becoming excellent at something While music is Harnum s particular context, the principles found in this book can be applied to nearly anything in life that allows improvement. A great book about practicing musical instrument It really made me think much broadly about the practice The book is also easy to read, so I finished it really fast, which is a plus A lot of ideas I will implement in my practice routine, which is great This book is very useful for every musician, even the one, who knows how to practice Great book.