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DisappointingI ordered this book specifically because of the note that this is an best seller I expect to be wowed but I couldn t even finish the book, the writing was not powerful. Hopeful, but disappointed.You ever read a book that was so bad that you can t believe you even finished it That was this book I was so hopeful, I thought it would get better It didn t I mean love at Day 3 from both parties and then the story was choppy and hard to follow. #E-PUB õ My Russian Protector ⚺ A Complete Story With NO CLIFFHANGER Tia Robinson Was The Head Nurse For The Emergency Room At The Hospital She Worked And She Absolutely Loved Her Job While She Was A Strong And Independent Woman, Her One Weakness Was She Could Never Say No To A Patient, And Always Would Help Someone In Need Vladimir Vlad Sokolov Was The New Head Of The Russian Mafia After The Passing Of His Father A Fierce And Brutal Leader, Vlad Valued Family Above All Else, Even Stepping In To Take The Reins Of The Family Business From His Older Brother To Keep Him And His Brother S Growing Family Insulated From The Mobster S Life But When Vlad Is Betrayed By Someone Close To Him, Who Puts Two Slugs In His Chest, He Finds Himself In The Emergency Room At Tia S Hospital Tia Can T Help But Find This Mysterious Russian Attractive And Once He Is Patched Up Keeps A Close Eye On Him This Starts An Emotional Roller Coaster Ride For Them Both As Vlad Secretly Escapes The Hospital, But Contacts Tia To Help Him Once An Infection Develops Never One To Deny Someone In Need, Tia Finds Herself Helping Him Despite The Risks Involved Their Lives Become Intertwined, And As Their Love Story Unfolds They Both Face New Enemies, Lies , Deception And Betrayal, But Most Of All Learn About The Power Of Family And Love As A Very Special Thank You To All The Readers For Supporting Me I Ve Included Bonus Surprises In This Book Skip To The End To Read And I Hope You Enjoy Them Romance This was book was one of the worse BWWM Russian Mafia Romances that I ve have ever read This book seemed to be sex acts looking for a story The sex was not steamy, sensual, exciting or erotic Just blah The book was not well written with an extremely thin plot The characters were poorly developed with little backstory.There was almost no flow The book jumped from sex act to sex act with very little story between There was no attraction between the two main characters other than what was written, nothing felt or shown This is nothing even close to other interracial Russian romances that I ve read The best interracial Russian mafia romances that I read were the Medlov Family series by Latrivia Nelson Welch Surprisingly I ve read other books by this author that were much better. not a bad read, Tia and Vlad had some good chemistry and the story was good, I only gave 3 stars due the fact that it seemed at times to get a little boring The concept was good and I think the characters were good as well I guess it was just execution The book just didn t WOW me like others I have read S.W Franks Alonzo series Sienna Mynx Battaglia Mafia Series, just to name a few I thought it would be something like those but this was not This book was not horrible or I would not have wrote a review at all,I m sure some others may like it, but it just wasn t for me. AWESOME STORY VIOLET Vlad and Tia are a couple like no other I was thankful for a non traditional storyline, something different than what I ve read previously I don t want to give any of the juicy details away just know that this was an awesome love story, with adventures, mysteries, and sexy details I highly recommend that any die hard romance reader grab a copy of this book I promise that you won t put it down until you re done Good bookVladimir head of a mafia family and Tia the nurse who saves his life When she is kidnapped by a rival she manages to change his mind and he lets her go unharmed Vladimir and Tia fall in love and he has to decide if he wants to give up his mafia lifestyle for her I enjoyed this book and if you enjoy reading mafia stories then you will enjoy this. OkI m going to be very honest about this book I have read several Mrs Jackson s books and enjoyed them very much This book I felt was long and drawn out It should it ended after chapter 15 This is a book about a nurse who falls in love with the guy from the Russian mafia. Tia and Vlad were a passionate couple I loved how in tune they were to each other s needs Even knowing the lifestyle that Vlad lived Tia was pulled into his wirld because they were pulled towards each other no matter what came their way I lo ed them both. I liked the chemistry between the main characters They were really in tuned with each other Vlad went above and beyond to make sure to protect the woman he loved.