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!Read Book ⚡ Introduction to Japanese Culture ⛓ Its Literature, Music, Art And Cuisine Embody The Richness Of Japan S Renowned Culture Preserved For Centuries In Its Highly Independent And Utterly Unique Rituals, Festivals, And Ethics, Japanese Culture May Now Seem Utterly Westernized Yet Much Of It Will Seem Mysterious To Westerners Introduction To Japanese Culture Presents An Overview, Through Sixty Eight Original And Informative Essays, Of Some Of Japan S Most Notable Cultural Achievements From The Anything But Prosaic Box Lunch To The Inscrutable Noh Plays, These Cogent Essays, Complemented With Photographs And Illustrations, Reveal The Tenacious Cultural Past Still Resonant In Japan S Arts, Festivals, And Customs They Focus On The Essential Constants That Remain In Present Day Japan And Their Counterparts In Western Culture A Fascinating Read A short introductory book on the many facets on Japanese Culture Regard this book as a primer of sorts a true introduction The author does not go into detail However, as a beginner s guide it s quite effective for rousing interest in various areas one might not have heard of or misunderstood. As the title says, it s mainly an introduction to aspects of Japanese culture and nothing too in depth Everything discussed is only done so at the length of a single page, with anythingbeing another page of diagrams for naming certain parts of whatever e.g Noh, Kabuki, homes Sosnoski only edited the pieces together Every article was written by someone else, with the authors listed on the last page and not during the article However, since each page is usually written by a different person, spelling inconsistencies and even mistakes are abound One of the few really interesting articles was written about Mount Fuji, telling people to start the climb in the afternoon, through the evening, so that the hiker could make it to the top by sunrise for a magnificent sight. This book contains a series of one page essays on various aspects of Japanese culture They contain many comparisons with Western culture e.g., Japanese New Year is compared with Christmas, Tokyo s subway is compared with New York s , which were sometimes helpful but not always The illustrations were helpful for learning specialized Japanese vocabulary e.g., implements used in tea ceremony, aspects of Sumo, areas in a Shinto shrine Some of the information is a bit dated now.