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Interesting to see this genre from a woman s perspective for the first time Some good twists like having the daughter of Circe, Circetta, being kind of mousey and not the bronze age femme fatale fantasy woman her mother was The poem is deliberately following in the path of the Orlando Furioso and it fails just about every test you put between the two Its imagery is not as evocative and it often feels like the author is just following the formula That said, it is just an unfinished poem from essentially an unschooled renaissance woman I kept wondering what it would look like if Fonte had been able to polish and finish the poem, or even make it her life s work Some of the characters are memorable, and I think it s clear she could have pulled it off if she had been allowed to keep working at it A shame, really. Thirteen cantos is not enough Floridoro needs its own female version of Ariosto to come along and finish extend the story Fonte s tale gives us a great jumping off point for a bunchadventures that, sadly, remain untackled Couldn t you at least have told us if anyone got turned into a tree `EPUB ✖ Tredici canti del Floridoro ↡ The First Original Chivalric Poem Written By An Italian Woman, Floridoro Imbues A Strong Feminist Ethos Into A Hypermasculine Genre Dotted With The Usual Characteristics Dark Forests, Illusory Palaces, Enchanted Islands, Seductive SorceressesFloridoro Is The Story Of The Two Greatest Knights Of A Bygone Age The Handsome Floridoro, Who Risks Everything For Love, And The Beautiful Risamante, Who Helps Women In Distress While On A Quest For Her Inheritance Throughout, Moderata Fonte Vehemently Defends Women S Capacity To Rival Male Prowess In Traditionally Male Dominated Spheres And Her Open Criticism Of Women S Lack Of Education Is Echoed In The Plights Of Various Female Characters Who Must Depend On Unreliable Men First Published In , Floridoro Remains A Vivacious And Inventive Narrative By A Singular Poet