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Just an ok readGood thing this very short story was free Ok ghost story wasn t too bad just really short and not that scary. #DOWNLOAD ⚣ The Screams of Ghosts É Sara And Lila Are One Of The Most Popular Ghost Hunters On Youtube Their Videos Have Garnered A Huge Fan Base But They Soon Become Pressed For Material Sara, However, Receives An E Mail Offering Them Free Lodging And Payment If They Spend The Night Filming At An Old Plantation Home In Louisiana The Young Women Jump At The Offer And Hop On The Plane With Their Crew To Shoot The Haunted Mansion In The Swamps Of Louisiana When They Arrive, However, They Soon Discover That The Ghosts In This Haunted House Are Very Real And Unlike Anything They Ve Encountered Before if this was longer and detailed it would have been a great book. I really enjoyed this story hope to find another like it it was a quick read but kept me hooked Silly, clicheWritten as if by a fifth grader Do not waste your time Not a book..just a unoriginal short story Sorry I downloaded it.