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Angsty quick old school paperback HP. 3.75 [Read Epub] ♒ Act of Betrayal ☧ She Had Reason To Distrust HimJason Wingard S Sudden Reappearance In Laura S Life Proved How Little She Knew About Her Ex HusbandThree Years Ago When She D Fallen In Love With Him, She D Believed Him To Be A Struggling Artist Not The Kind Of Man Who D Marry Her For Her Money And Keep A Mistress On The Side But Her Uncle S Detective Had Proved Her Wrong Now Jason Was Being Introduced As The Construction King Who Would Save Her Uncle S BusinessSurely, Only A Fool Would Believe The Past Could Be Brushed Aside Where A Man Like Jason Was Concerned Heroine is a bit of a wet blanket Laura is divorced from husband Jason wingard They had met when he was a struggling artist and she was in London undertaking a cookery course Jason paints Laura and then they have passionate sex where he takes laura s virginity She doesn t hear from him for 3 weeks and then he turns up out of the blue and proposes They get married, as you do Laura is from a well to do family and has an income from the family business Laura s uncle makes it clear from the outset that he disapproves if Jason and makes suggestions that he is a fortune hunter She falls pregnant and has a difficult time Very soon it appears that Jason is spending large periods of time away from home but he refuses to give her any explanation as to his whereabouts They have a big row when he tells her that his father in hospital as he had refused to give her any details of his family She has a miscarriage and stays at her family home for a while to recover Her uncle hires a pi and presents her with information that Jason has been seeing a woman Claire Marshall and has a child with her and that she is currently pregnant and that the pregnancy post dates their marriage He also indicates that Jason has been using laura s money to support his mistress Laura returns to London and confronts Jason Of course he does not do anything so sensible as to deny the allegations and explain the situation In fact they have an unpleasant confrontation and then he rapes Laura, clearly hurting her They divorce and don t see each other for 3 or so years Laura is living with her uncle and bitch of a cousin Jason turns up as CEO of a contraction firm which could save the family business There are various confrontations between Jason and Laura Claire Marshall and her children turn up and it Seems that they are living with Jason Jason has repeated opportunities to explain the situation but time and again fails to do so Laura is a complete wet blanket as she appears to have next to no personality and just lets everyone walk all over her Her objectionable cousin insinuates that she will get Jason to marry her, the uncle appears not to give a damn about her and she is content to work as a drudge rather than to actually claim the income she is entitled to and it turns out her uncle has been withholding from her whilst making her feel guilty about the fact he was providing a roof over her head She is sexually assaulted by a man she had been seeing and abandoned by him on a country road but continues to feel bad for him Her issue with Jason is that he betrayed her by having the affair It doesn t seem to bother her too much that he was sexually violent towards her In the end the misunderstanding which was pretty self evident is explained and they all live heaFairly pointless.Not a keeper. Laura met Jason at a friends party, they got acquainted and then got married but Jason was hiding things from Laura Laura assumed the worse when Jason removed money from their joint account He figured he had a mistress and when she asked him straight out to tell her the truth, he said nothing Laura ended up pregnant and then miscarrying their baby After that Laura s uncle called her home to recover Once she was there her Uncle gave her falsified documents stating false truths about Jason So Laura filed for divorce.Three years later and Jason is back in her life, trying to get her back but Laura still believes he has a mistress with children Laura doesn t give Jason a chance and starts dating another guy from around her city, so to get back at her Jason starts spending time with her cousin Making it look better then what it actually was Once Laura finds out the truth, Jason and her sort out their problems and decide to get married again.Overall the book wasn t too special but it was well written and chalked full of suspicions and drama, which made it a bit better. BIG FAT SPOILER Eh This one had a hero who kept certain secrets to the detriment of his relationship But, of course, he had no problem spouting his asking someone else to marry him, further perpetuating the misunderstanding However, our heroine was faulted for being mistrustful I hate this troupe. I equally love and hate the way Sara Craven writes, or least in her older stories such as this one The romantic tension is really strong in this book, but, I really hated the way the hero acted towards the heroine when he first refused to let her leave in the flashback part, and then his words to her when he picks her up from the side of the road I hate that he showed no remorse for what he did to her and that he thought her being faced with that type of behaviour again, was because her lonesomeness made it happen I also hate how the heroine never mentioned this first instance again, nor that it was allowed to just fade into a past plot point. such a frustrating read and all it would have taken was the H telling her the truth He caused 3 years of pain because he felt she didnt ask the right questions or trust him Why should she trust him He couldnt even tell her the truth This is a dumb book. After reading Boogenhagen s review, I realize I need to introduce myself to the group My Name is St Margarets and I am an Angst Junkie Hi, St Margarets So confession time I went on an angst bender with this book It contains in no particular order An orphaned heroine who is Cinderella in her uncle s houseA miscarriageAn uncontested divorceA mistress with two childrenA betraying uncleA crazed mother in lawA scheming cousinA disapproving housekeeperA rape attempt by the OM who thinks divorcees are easy preyA hero who didn t tell her the truthThreats of revengeA hero house hunting with other womenAs you can see, this one has everything Hero was a total stinker when they married, he brought all the angst on himself sorry, hero Heroine needs to cut her evil uncle and cousin out of her life pronto And only visit crazy mother in law on holidays.The hero does a decent grovel and the heroine realizes she wasn t aggressive enough three years before I believed in their HEA because angst bender hiccup Not bad This had a medium amount of angst and I have to say, the H scared me a little He came across as a really harsh man albeit, a harsh man who really loved his wife The h, was your typical mousy lady who got taken in by the guiles of her kindly relatives But what was really interesting was the way the H treated the wannabe OW He blew cold and then he blew lukewarm he was never really hot and I can t quite fathom why she would ever think he was interested in her after the constant snubs and dictatorial attitude the H Jason submitted her to Laura the h, was suitably bitter but unable to resist her husband all the same And they finally managed to get their happily ever after after much conflict and bickering Good enough.