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Very good story The writing is improving and the different directions the story is taking is doing a fine job at keeping the reader interested Look forward to the next one. [Read Book] ♔ End Online ♔ Beyond The Kingdoms The Conclusion Of The Royal Summer Tournament Has Turned Lost And His Party Into A Local Celebrity The Players Become The Paparazzi As He Tries To Escape Pursuit What Lies Beyond The Three Kingdoms Is It A Location Where Lost Can Escape From Other Players, Or Will They Be Lying In Wait Foreboding Of A Game Changing Event Lurks In The Background And Approaches Faster Than Anyone Can Realize The Result Of Such An Event Will Irreperably Alter The Very Three Kingdoms Themselves Amazing book I demand a manga and anime for this seriesAmazing book I demand a manga and anime for this series for real It needed one When it was first written I want to play this as a game Great read keeps you hooked I love the character development Just wish it was longer but totally worth it The whole series has me hooked