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This one s for the guys I think this book has a very specific audience RPG players who are male I ve played many RPGs and enjoy virtual reality stories but, being female, don t really fit the target audience Why does it seem like it s for guys only Because every female character description includes her bust size And they are all gaga over the main character All..ofthem And all the secondary characters ARE female Yeah Other things I found annoying that you may not include a character that stutters this almost always kills an audiobook for me just because I feel the struggle as I listen and that isn t enjoyable and a character in a sword and leather scenario using present day curse words not the main character, which would make better sense Pros for the book include an interesting story if you can disregard the silly guy bits, and an excellent narrator In an audiobook, the narrator is so important and this one is a really good match for the book Except for the character that stuttered, listening was enjoyable Female voices weren t ridiculous as they often are with male narrators I didn t care for the way the book just stopped instead of having any kind of conclusion, and Audible does not have the next in the trilogy Not sure if I ll bother with it when they get it, but maybe I do think young guys will appreciate this one than I did This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of AudiobookBoom dot com. Mini Review 4 Stars for Narration by Jeff Hays3 Stars for StoryPros At 2x speed, the story didn t take long Jeff Hays narration gave the story personality Simple plot and cookie cutter characters Writing was okay.Cons Vague setting for both virtual real worlds God Mode Uninteresting Harem Setup Conflicting plot line vs actual events within the book Stuff just happens but not in a manner that makes me curious about the event or idea Refer back to God Mode If the VR world NPC characters are set up well, I have no issues with a morality thread about killing made up people vs real That s fine My problem with this story is that the main character constantly talks about regaining memories in order to save people and always ends up doing negative interactions with other players He s polite to a program than he is to other living people That makes no sense It s clean cut animosity towards other players it s written in at a gut level. The idea of a character being launched into and stuck inside an MMO is becoming a regular genre these days but William Arand manages to separate himself from the pack Most protagonists usually benefit from their status in the form of unique buffs etc However at the star of this story, Runner the main character is actually disadvantaged and bravo to the writer for starting at this point Unfortunately that s about it, great idea but the dialogue was cringe worthy, if Runner isn t preaching to someone or being condescending, he is going into sudden rages In fairness the author attempts to explain this by emphasising the extreme responsibility the MC has on his shoulders and that cracks are beginning to show Sadly it s not enough to make me dislike the character any less, nor does it explain the merchants constant stammering text or Hannah or Hanners swearing every time she opens her mouths don t have a problem with swearing, but its literally 90% of her dialogue.Its was a good and genuine attempt and while i m sure some people will enjoy this one, especially fans of the genre I d definitely say better luck next time. The initial concept was fun Thousands stuck in game, game glitched, main character is special because of the breadth of his skills rather than having one special thing Then the main character met a few other people all beautiful girls and the wheels came off I found my eyes skipping over entire paragraphs just to get past the truly wretched dialogue and the description that surrounds it Why comment on every girl s appearance every time you talk to them Why leer CONSTANTLY and tell the reader about it Why can t the character just have a normal conversation with anyone without trying to be smooth and flirtatious The sad thing is, this is the second book I ve read from this author I gave Super Sale on Super Heroes three stars because I enjoyed the premise, even if it became an insufferable banter fest for the final third And it was the same crap The ONLY characters other than the male main character were all beautiful females I know because the main character was constantly casually commenting on the fact, and they were constantly blushing deeply I understand wish fulfillment in books, I really do Just, why does it have to be so blatant, so awkward, and so consistent DNF 50%This book is not meant for me Kittens Everyone else appears to like it though, so probably it s just me.Read in September, 2016 The book is about Runner, a Military ship computer system analyst, who, at the start of the book, wakes up with no real memories, and a computer prompting him to enter name and password to access his system He finds he cant remember the password, but a prompt shows him that if he enters the game he is logged into, he will be able to level up and regain his memories, with the caveat that if he dies in game, he will be brain dead in real life He then tries to set up a game character, but it glitches and he can only set up 1 Characteristic He maxes it out, and then enters the game Upon checking his stats, he finds that they are all 1, with the exception of Charisma, which is 64 Well, being an avid gamer, Runner feels he can make it work Well, does he ever He goes about increasing his level and stat bonuses, assembling a party that includes 4 female NPCs that become Player characters due to his strange influence They include a rougue, a barbarian Warrior, a non human sorceress, and a merchant turned archer After a wild series of adventures, which includes Runner teaching them to access the ships wiki, they manage to get through the basic area, and are ready to continue their quest to level up and find out what really happened to the ship, and why the crew is trapped in it I heard this called litRPG, and it fits The plot is fast paced, with interesting characters you really care about the book delves into deeper issues about the nature of reality, friendship and love, as well as bigotry and acceptance, but in an organic way, not a preachy, sanctimonious way There is lots of action, and some truly funny dialogue As far as the narration, all I can say is this is the best work of Jeff Hays yet Vibrant, funny, touching, snarky, he brings the story to life in a spectacular way I can t wait for the next book in the series.I was given a copy of this book free of charge by the narrator in exchange for an honest review through Audiobook boom. InterestingVery different than most of the genre, the main story here isa dependent on the surrounding story It s an interesting change of pace.The characters are excellent and detailed I want to know about the game world though, and those details are sparse and slow in coming That s the only reason this book didn t get 5 stars. The first book is slow to engage but in the end, it gets exciting and the characters are varied I was hesitant about this story but things get really interesting from book 2 Hope there was. (Kindle) â Otherlife Dreams: The Selfless Hero Trilogy ì Runner Has A Problem He And , Men And Women Of The Military Are Trapped In A Game Runner Is The Only Person In The IT Department In Game, The Only One With Administrative Access Rights And He Doesn T Remember His Password When Their Brains Were Synched With The Game, It Scrambled Most Of Their Memories The Problem Is That Whoever Loaded Their Minds Into The Game, Loaded Them Completely If They Die, Their Brain Dies Now It S Time For Runner To Flex His Skills As A Power Gaming Min Maxer And See What He Can Do Because Every Time He Levels, He Might Just Gain The Memory Of The Password Time To Go Hardcore This is definitely a great series In a way it reminds me of a few different books like way of the shaman and the gam3 kind of mixed together in a good way I love the idea of converting NPCs and that the main protagonist is basically the Super novice class, which is rare and innovative.I would say , but I have read the entire series and I m afraid I would accidentally throw out a spoiler.But I am a fan of this author and all his work.