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T.L.C is my first ever book by Barbara Delinsky and I ve enjoyed it very much The writing style reminded me of Nora Roberts older straight contemporary romances.The heroine, Karen, accidentally hit the hero s grandmother, Rowena, with her car Shortly after, Rowena had a stroke The heroine visits her twice weekly in the nursing home where she lives At first she felt guilty because of the accident but then they became close After one of their visits, Karen s car breaks down in a snowstorm and she collapses because of a bad cold and exhaustion She s helped by the hero, Brice, who takes her home with him He s a doctor and nurses her while they are snowbound Brice cares about his grandmother very much and hates Karen because of the accident even though it wasn t her fault.Karen is trying hard to graduate college with a half scholarship, working two jobs and studying hard She has almost an obsession with always following her schedule, not missing work and studying, sometimes at the detriment of her health Brice hates people and is very antisocial The closest person to him is Rowena Their background stories are very sad.I loved how Karen and Brice got to know each other and fall in love I liked that Brice took care of Karen, was sweet to her and wanted to help I also liked how strong Karen was and how she challenged Brice.One of my favourite moments from the book is the part at the end when Karen and Brice are with Rowena. I really enjoyed this book by Barbara Delinsky It was an easy read and predictable, but I totally enjoyed the 3 characters. The most interesting thing about this romance novel is the delicacy with which the author handles the love scenes Written in 1987, Delinsky leaves a lot to the imagination than she probably does today. I really liked the characterisation of Brice Carlin He was interesting Maybe I haven t read enough romance, but he seemed differnet from your average romantic hero to me. [ Download E-pub ] ♕ T.L.C. ☱ A New York Times Bestselling AuthorIt Wasn T The Best Time For Karen To Visit Her Elderly Friend With A Burning Fever And A Broken Down Car, She Shuddered To Think What Could Have Happened If Brice Hadn T Pulled Her From The Drifts As A Doctor, His Healing Instincts Took Over But Being Snowbound With The Man Who Once Tried To Have Her Jailed Was Dangerous Territory Sometimes Fate Offers The Chance To Heal, Forgive, And Understand That Things Happen For A Reason This is a quick read with a beautiful love story about two loners who find a connection to each other I love how the characters are so vivid and alive. TLC was amazing, can t remember how many times reread. s 123 men t c s lkem hork okol dy, pomeran em nakr jen m na pl tkys 125 up jela kakao usrkla d usuKde to vzala s 22 n chats 174oko da Klassikaline armastuslugu Kergesti loetav. Another cute little story From back cover Working two jobs, going to graduate schoolKaren Drew knew it wasn t the best time to visit her elderly friend And with a burning fever and a broken down car, she shuddered to think what could have happened if Brice Carlin hadn t pulled her from the drifts and taken her to his home As a doctor, his healing instincts took over But being snowbound with the man who once tried to have her put in jail was dangerous territory.Sometime fate decides to offer the chance to heal, to forgive and to understand that things happen for a reason and love is the best one of all.