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The latest in the 43 Light Street series and a good read No paranormal unless you count the presence of a vampire and a few other oddities that work for Light Street Randolph Security just fun stuff like rescuing the innocent, mind altering drugs and behavior control Good book, I liked it. @READ EBOOK ⛓ Soldier Caged æ He D Lost Blood And Comrades On The World S Battlefi Elds, But Neither Compared To Losing His Memory Waking Up In A Secret Military Bunker, Drugged, With Vague Images Of A Mission Gone Bad, Jonah Had Nowhere To Turn Until Help Came In The Form Of The One Woman He D Always RememberPsychologist Sophia Rhodes Never Got Over The Bad Boy Who D Stolen Her Good Girl Heart A Decade Ago But Without Military Training, How Could She Possibly Steal Jonah From A High Security Facility She Had Only One Hope That He D Never Forgotten Her, Either Sophia Knew The Breakout Was The Easy Part Somehow She Had To Help Jonah Focus His Hazy Images Before A Desperate Man Made Sure He D Never Remember A romantic suspense novel about a psycologist who is called in to rescue a former lover He is being held in a secret military bunker after a mission went bad His memory has been tampered with and she hopes he will remember her enough to left her help him. Jonah Baker, a bad boy turned soldier a hero turned captive Waking in a bunker with little to no memory, vague memories of a mission ran through his head Memories altered by mindly drugs Fighting to remember what really happened and if he truly was in Afghanistan or was it Thailand, he could not remember, until psychologist Sophia Rhodes came into the picture Working with an agency to break Jonah free, he discovers that she is the woman he had loved so many years before Or was it just a false memory Good story plot It drags a little in some places but overall it is an ok book to the end, until you figure out what the conspiracy was and who was behind it all. Another good story to add to Rebecca Yorks 43 Light Street series, I really enjoyed this book and I was pleasently surprised that it has my home state of West Virginia in major scenes as well as the Greenbrier Hotel which is in the town of White Sulphur Springs which is my hometown It was a nice feeling sitting there reading about an adventure in places that I know so well I haven t read all of the Light Street series.maybe I need to rectify that situation.