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Amusing And written a good level for young readers like ones that are just about ready to read chapter books but not ready to read full blown And it s quite an interesting book There are lots of good lessons in here about spending money, about how money works, about helping people, about the environment, about being scared And I don t feel like the messages hit you over the head And, it s a cute story I actually found myself in suspense wondering if the teenagers were going to be bullies And the superhero comic excerpts were an added bonus Thanks to NetGalley and James Lorimer Company for a copy in return for an honest review. E ARC provided by the publisherAlex gets a job delivering papers to a small number of homes in his own neighborhood He enjoys being able to go around by himself, takes pride in doing good work, and likes having spending money of his own, even if his parents don t let him have an ATM card and withdraw money at will He meets some of his neighbors, has to learn which dogs are dangerous, and worries about teenage boys he sees hanging around He also learns that spending his own hard earned money is different, and starts to save his earnings for a bigger purchase instead of buying small items on impulse After running from the teenagers in a blind panic, he realizes that they are not the threat that he thought they were, and even befriends one Books about middle grade children who have an interest or occupation are always interesting, and this has the added benefit of accompanying Super Paper Boy comics in between chapters, where Alex imagines that he has super powers Readers can easily see themselves in Alex s position, and understand the difficulties he comes across My favorite thing about this book is that Alex is not bullied he is just worried that the teenagers are going to bully him This is brilliant, since children s perceptions of the world are oftenhorrible than the realities they face While the drawing of the gargantuan is a bit odd, I liked the other illustrations The text is simple enough for struggling or emergent readers, and the story a solid one filled with supportive parents and neighbors, new experiences, and a bit of fun along the way. This book teaches life lessons and money management skills to children in a fun, non preachy way It is an approachable superhero story with a heartwarming message I think that my students will enjoy it I received a free electronic copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Gentle, Amusing and Honestly FeltThis book was a delightful surprise It is a cheerful, upbeat, realistic and especially good hud tale about a ten year old kid who takes on a paper route and does some growing up as a consequence.The frame is simple enough Alex wants to earn a little spending money and becomes the neighborhood paper boy He gets a real paper delivery route that covers a few blocks around his house The action arises from all of the big and little discoveries he makes about himself and his neighbors as he plies his route.And there are subplots aplenty Alex learns about how to actually deliver papers His Dad explains how his pay is calculated He befriends several neighbors He deals with inclement weather He learns the joys of Christmas tips He begins to learn how to manage his savings The greatest emphasis, though, is placed on the posse of four teenage boys, they are the Four Headed Gargantuan , who hang out on a driveway Alex has to cross and who frighten and seem to threaten Alex SPOILER Don t worry all turns out well This book struck me as having a number of appealing strengths It is a chapter book, with direct but fairly sophisticated vocabulary and structure But, there are humorous comic book style drawings that break up the narrative every few pages These drawings present Alex in his imaginary Super Paperboy form So, if Alex does something normal, say, slip a paper through a mail slot to a yippy dog , then Super Paperboy delivers a mighty paper to the jaws of a fearsome creature This normal fantasy thing works really well and adds a lot of energy and color to the tale In addition to that, our Alex is a normal and really decent kid He is kind and considerate He s observant and commonsensical But he s also just ten and as easily frustrated and confused as you might expect He can get himself worked up over imagined dangers, and then has to be calmed down He has an active imagination That s where a lot of the lessons come in, but you never feel like Alex is a dope or a scaredy cat or a goody goody He s just a solid kid learning about life.And that s where the book really shines Adults are reliable, available, supportive and decent This book has one of the best sets of parents I ve read in a while, and they ring true in an idealized but not unrealistic fashion The neighbors to whom Alex delivers papers aren t angels, but they aren t devils either, and Alex interacts positively with all of them.The upshot is that this turned out to be an entertaining, instructive, upbeat and amusing tale Being wholesome without being saccharine is hard to pull off A nice find Please note that I received a free advance will self destruct in x days Adobe Digital copy of this book in exchange for a candid review Apart from that I have no connection at all to either the author or the publisher of this book. Kid gets newspaper route and must face challenges, from angry dogs and bullies to struggling with being honest Though listed under graphic novels, this is mostly written, with occasional drawings showing how he views the encounters in his head as his alter ego, Super Paperboy It s all about learning lessons as he grows up, like helping people without expectation of reward in his fantasy he s bringing rain to a drought stricken land On a class field trip he wants to buy something at the museum store with his hard earned money, but when he can t settle on one thing he instead buys ice cream for all his classmates, and finds he enjoys the giving feeling He tries to buy off the bullies with some cookies, and knows a secret of their leader, so impasse for the moment, although that turns into a life lesson as well when it he realizes things aren t always as they seem Super Paperboy Gets His Super On nice chapter title It s never stated outright, but with the weather and the mention of Loonie I figured out the story takes place in Canada So, lessons that masquerade as cute stories The artwork is no big deal, but gets the job done. In the grand tradition of superhero comics everywhere, Alex vs the Four Headed Gargantuan shares the story of an intrepid hero who braves the weather, a vicious yapper snapper, and even a gang of teenagers to make sure the newspapers are delivered to his customers Alex is a typical suburban kid who decides to take a paper route and earn some spending money He loves the growing pile of cash, but worries that the gang of older boys always hanging out down the street will beat him up and take his hard earned money away from him In his head he imagines himself as a fearless superhero who can take on any danger and come out on top But when he actually confronts the posse, he is in forthan he imagined.The story is told in a mix of narrative and comic panel illustrations, making it similar in style to books such as Diary of Wimpy Kid and Big Nate This book would actually appeal to even younger readers than those series because it is a much shorter story Its length combined with the illustrations will make it very popular with reluctant readers, too The lessons Alex learns about earning and saving money, and about making assumptions would be good talking points for a class discussion.I read an e book provided by the publisher through NetGalley. .BOOK ⚑ Alex vs. the Four-Headed Gargantuan ♨ Alex Gets A Paper Route, Dreaming Of The Money He Will Make And How He Will Spend It But It S Work Than He Bargained For Not Only Does He Have To Figure Out How Much Money He Gets To Keep, But He Also Has To Face Dangers Like The Savage Yapper Snapper And The Dreaded Four Headed GargantuanIllustrated Comic Book Style With The Adventures Of Alex S Superhero Alter Ego, This Book Shows How Alex Learns That His Real Riches Are Courage And Kindness This is a combination graphic novel chapter book The illustrations are not on every page, but definitely illustrate what is happening in the story and in the head of Alex, in a meaningful wayAlex is a 10 year old boy who wants to earn money He ends up getting a paper route only 28 houses and is determined to become the best he can be, Super Paperboy He learns many lessons on his route, including patience, money management, organization, and problem solving At one point he is worried about being stiffed for the paper, getting jumped by a gang and getting bitten by a dog These are skills that are necessary in life and can never be learned to early The solutions to his problems, the caring way he treats his customers and how he helps the neighbours are an added bonus Alex is kind, charming and likeable I recommend this book to early readers, reluctant readers and others who are trying to think of how to earn some extra money All readers including the reluctant reader will enjoy this quick read.I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Told in a mix of traditional writing and graphic novel format, Alex vs the Four Headed Gargantuan is a good middle grade book for introducing the concepts of money management to readers It does a solid job in talking about saving for stuff you re interested in, dealing with the urge to spend your money when it s in hand,and so on Even the pleasure that comes from getting money that you earned is something mentioned Overall, in this aspect, it s a great read.I also liked the fact that Alex is a stubborn little kid who faces his fears with the help of his imagination and doesn t immediately run tattling when he thinks something is going wrong He s willing to try to deal with things himself, first, and you ve got to respect that.In regards to his imagination, it s typical yet fun What little kid hasn t imagined themselves as a super hero liven up their tasks Alex vs the Four Headed Gargantuan is a simple, fun read that your kids may enjoy.Disclaimer I received a copy of this book from Netgalley for review consideration.Read Jan 31, 2017 Alex and the Four Headed Gargantuan is a fun and exciting story about a young boy named Alex, and his beloved paper round Alex is a sweet, kind kid, who is just trying to earn himself a little bit of extra spending money by taking on a paper round a job he really loves.His aim is to be the best paper boy that there has ever been He wants to become Super Paperboy His round, even if it is only 28 houses, teaches him a lot of life skills, including organisation, saving money, and how to handle a bunch of teenage bullies.The book is written in an easy style, especially with the comic book illustrations A style that will hook kids immediately, and keep them interested all the way through.A fantastic book that isthan just a fun read, it s educational too.Reviewed by Stacey at www.whisperingstories.com