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This book is talking about a bla boy and a white boy in high school and they are freshman s and play for the Varsity basketball Team.The first pros in the book it s that the book is talking about basketball and the book is really good basketball book I think people that play basketball will enjoy the the book My second thing I like in the book is that the story is really interesting because the book is basically talking about that how Eddie a white person and killed a old black person in the hood and that is why the book is a detailed book My third thing I like about the book is when Marcus the black person was struggling for about 5 games because the old black person that died was the Varsity basketball Team bus driver and he know him very good and he was black so he was really emotional about.My con for this book is that it was a old book The book would be better if it was new or made in the 2000s.The other thing I hated about the book was that the book was 300 pages and that is a lot of pages I think those are my only problems about the book.I recommend this book to everyone, especially people that play or like basketball or watch basketball I think this is to book for you. Marcus Black and Eddie White are high school hot shot basketball stars with their future laid out like an easy fast break in front of them win the championship, get into a good college program, and then turn pro They re both going to win and do it together Yet bad luck and worse judgment intervene when they team not only on the hardwoods but on the street to do stick up jobs Their friends forever philosophy is challenged when Marcus is arrested, while Eddie remains free If Black and White are treated no differently on the court, the young men soon learn they are treated very differently in the court system Volponi uses alternating first person POVs, and he s got the vita with a history of teaching teens at Rikers and in the correctional system What is lost here isn t life itself, but rather dreams of the future and illusions that racial injustice is a relic of the past I loved this book it kept me intrigued and wanting to readWritten very well and has a very good story I enjoyed how descriptive the author was with different scenarios in the book His descriptive skills helped me imagine the scenes in my head almost like it was a movie I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys basketball and suspense. Black and White, the story about two incredible basketball players in high school Both Marcus and Eddie are looking for scholarships to play at the college level As they are on there journey to get this scholarship, they both find them selves in trouble Marcus and Eddie were caught robbing This one decision may affected their lives forever, and there friendship.Marcus and Eddie are best friends After Eddie is arrested for the robbery, Marcus made his choice to go play for St Johns University Marcus is a smart kid He likes to help Eddie in school Marcus helps Eddie cheat on maths test, because Eddie isn t very smart.The author, Paul Volponi isof a mature author He likes to use swear words, to describe moments, and scenes better I think that the swear words the characters are saying, reflect who the are as a person The way the author uses swear words, I think his readers should beof a mature person I think that the theme could be, make good decisions, or think before you act One decision can ruin someones life, or yourselves Decision making is one of the most important things as a teenager.I would recommend this book to teenagers, because it s a very good story about kids in high school You can learn a lot from this book about decision making. The book was great only wished there could be a follow up with another book Really showed true colors in friendships and how things can turn so quickly with someone you thought you could really trust. I really liked this book It not only showed us different isms but it also showed us how the characters dealt with the problem I liked that this book is based on the real world and that it showed how society treats people differently based on their color of skin I really recommend this to people that don t like to read as much You can get really hooked to the book because it s so interesting and suspenseful You can really learn something out of this book .Read Book ☪ Black and White (Speak) ⚇ Marcus And Eddie Are Best Friends Who Found The Strength To Break Through The Racial Barrier Marcus Is Black Eddie Is White Stars Of Their School Basketball Team, They Are True Leaders Who Look Past The Stereotypes And Come Out On Top They Are Inseparable, Watching Each Other S Backs, Both On And Off The Basketball Court But One Night And One Wrong Decision Will Change Their Lives Forever Will Their Mistake Cost Them Their Friendship And Their Future An ALA Best Book For Young AdultsAn ALA Quick Pick Top Ten IRA Children S Book Award Young Adult In this book Black and White by Paul Volponi two best friends Eddie Russo and Marcus Brown get into lots of trouble with the police because they both live in poverty and need money for basketball game shoes that everyone on the team is getting When they rob a black man in a parking lot Eddie has his grandfather gun that they use to mug people When the gun accidentally goes off they bi accidentally shot the man Marcus remembered the man from some where and it turned out he remembered him too from the bus the man drives They both get caught and Eddie is a little bitwealthy then Marcus and gets out with no charges Marcus on the other hand has to go to jail for 19 months This book is very inspirational not only to kids that play basketball but it has many lessons about family and friendship They are both really good at basketball and are unstoppable together Also secretly Marcus has a romantic relationship with Eddies sister, Rose Even through the very hard times at the end they both overcome there fights and problems together and become friends again. This wasn t an action packed book but I don t think it was supposed to be I think a story like this is important for many young readers to READ ABOUT rather than falling into the trap of DOING IT That s one of the many great things about reading, that you can step into the shoes of people making bad decisions and see the consequences they have to face Whereas breaking the law in real life could cost you your life or freedom, reading about characters breaking the law can make you evaluate the pros and cons of going down certain roads Hopefully young readers will walk away from this story with a similiar perspective Having lived in Queens, NYC, for 5 years after college, I also enjoyed the memories of Astoria that popped up as I read this book, especially life along Steinway Street. I enjoyed this book The end of the book came to fast I feel that there should be a series of this book I like that the chapter switch between Marcus and Eddie s perspective The plot, I think was predictable, the black man has to pay for someone else white person It shows you how fast your life can take a different direction I think that if Marcus had a relationship with his father things would have not play out how they did This book was able to maintain my interest.