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The Clay Lion is about loss, love, and destiny It is written in the close, third person point of view of Brooke, a relatable high school girl who genuinely cares about her family When Brooke s brother is diagnosed with an incurable illness, she decides to go back in time to try to find a way to prevent him from contracting it Brooke is at her most compelling when she allows herself to be physically free, like when she plays tag in the snow with Charlie s little sister or when she ice skates with her brother With his affable charm and unique life as the son of a famous politician, my favorite character is high school athlete and Brooke s love interest, Charlie Johnson The Clay Lion has a tightly woven plot and a good message especially when it doesn t beat you over the head with it Multiple food references lasagna, pot roast, waffles, etc made me hungry, which isn t a bad thing The Kindle version of this book had a handful of technical glitches in which words from two different lines were transposed, so that was a little confusing but not insurmountable Favorite line For him to feel brave, I would need to be the one to show courage.Pet peeve When fictional teenagers sound like they re middle aged, for example Your sincerity was felt by all The Clay Lion raises an intriguing plot question about Charlie, which I m curious to read about in the second book, Tin Men Clay Lion 2. I m surprised so few people have read reviewed this one on Goodreads It s well written, made me cry, and has a reasonable theory of time travel Plus, not just the same old recycled YA plot Recommended When I started reading this book, I was sneaking a chapter or two in here and there whenever I had a few minutes of quiet time But as the characters developed and started to become my friends, I realized that a chapter here and there was not enough.So, today, I sat down with The Clay Lion and did not get back up again until I had finished the remaining 183 pages What a perfect way to spend the day The characters and their relationships were so engrossing that I found myself wishing that I could read faster so that I could find out what was going to happen to them This book takes you from smiles to tears and back to smiles again.A story about love, hope and healing You will not be disappointed Brooke loses his little brother to an illness and she wants to travel to the past to save him, but she ends up learning you can t change the past, or its main events, without altering lives and timelines In her efforts to try and save him she ends up discovering the pain lf losing someone, the effort it takes to let go and the discovery of acceptance and wanting to move forward with life, even to honor those who are no longer here but we were lucky to met.This is a very nice story, amazingly compelling and well written A nice find for me I loved this book It is an inspiring story of a sisters love for her brother and I loved the way if ended I cannot wait for Amalie Jahns next book A compelling story elevates a sometimes shaky execution to make The Clay Lion a book I had trouble putting down over the week or so it took me to read it Although this is hardly a science fiction novel, the author demonstrates a pretty good theory of time travel essentially that you can claim one Groundhog Day style trip into your own past during your life , and uses the idea of a young girl attempting to prevent her brother s death to create a highly relatable plot Who among us has never wished that we could use hindsight to correct our past mistakes, or to attempt to change a tragedy we never saw coming I love that the timeline is always slightly in flux in ways that the main character doesn t cause or foresee could these be the effects of others trips , and the author is able to wring a surprising amount of drama out of ostensibly mundane butterfly effect moments like waiting for some kids to kick a ball onto a roof Combine an emotional main character with a high stakes situation and an unexpected love story, and you ve got a recipe for a hit movie adaptation What this book is crying out for, though, is a better editor The characters, including the narrator, often sound wooden and unnatural the teenagers use so few contractions and so little slang that they all sound like Data from Star Trek The Next Generation , and too often, the style falls back on cliche so and so died of a broken heart A lot of the description is either too perfunctory t he football game ended in a victory for our team or too florid it was, in a word, delicious , and the author misses many chances to flesh out her characters by describing important scenes instead of showing them to us One scene near the end stands out in particular the main character has separate fights with each of her parents, but because we only get two sentences worth of narration dedicated to each fight, the parents wind up seeming interchangeable, whereas actually seeing the fights could ve presented a critical chance to teach us who the parents are, both as individuals and in relation to each other The presentation could also be a bit polished and professional there are a noticeable number of typos and unintentional line breaks in the Kindle version I read, plus the three sections of the book are inconsistently called The First Trip, The Second Trip, and Trip Three , but that s a minor quibble compared to the overall uncanny valley effect present in the book s world The right editor would push the author to ask deeper questions about her characters and the setting, drawing out personalities and voices that would seem realistic and varied You can tell, reading the book, that those fully realized elements do exist in the author s head, but because the editor didn t challenge her to reach for them, it s the reader who winds up having to do the reaching.Still, if you re willing to put in that bit of effort, patience, and imagination, this is quite a good story, and one I m comfortable recommending It sticks with you, and although not everyone will love the conclusion, it s clear and unashamed about what it wants to say I ll definitely be checking out the second volume in this series. I m not gonna lie, I can t think about time travel for too long because it totally blows my mind Travelling back to someone else s present day andnope, I m not gonna get started It makes my brain hurt.In Brooke s world, which is similar to ours in all aspects but one, everyone is granted one trip They may use their trip anytime after the age of 18, meaning they will be able to relive a particularly sweet memory honeymoons, birthdays, and the like There is always, however, the chance that they return to present day after their allotted 6 month trip to find things different if even the smallest thing changed during their trip, it could result in divorces or deaths Many people choose not to use their trip Brooke uses hers to try to save her younger brother from dying I liked this book to start with I liked the concept and I liked how devoted Brooke was to saving Branson side note I can t stop thinking about pickle whenever I read the name Branson I didn t particularly like the part where Brooke tries to achieve the diagnosis of depression it struck a bit too close to home for me, and the way it was written was a little insensitive BUT I overlooked it and enjoyed the book until we met the freaking love interest Because, you guessed it, there s insta love Now, don t get me wrong, sometimes insta love can work in books and I don t mind it But this cheesiness No thank you In fact, the whole second half of this book is just full on cheesy The conversations with Charlie the love interest , even Brooke s interactions with her familynot good I have given this book 3 stars because it did a brilliant job of drawing me in initially it s just a shame it didn t last thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for giving me the chance to read this book There is nothing I love than well written stories that hit me right in the heart Amalie Jahn has written just such a novel.In a world where time travel not only exists but can be used by pretty much anyone though only once, per government regulations , young Brooke Wallace decides to use her allotted trip through time to save the life of her beloved younger brother, Branson Determined to thwart the circumstances that caused his sudden and tragic demise, Brooke soon discovers that changing the past is not as easy as it seems.Though the concept of time travel technically makes this book sci fi , what The Clay Lion is, in reality, a character study How one girl deals with grief, denial, change, consequence, the gut wrenching circumstances of love found and love lost, futility, depression, and acceptance that life is, and always will, play out as it was meant to, no matter how much we wish it were otherwise.The Clay Lion will grab you from the very first chapter and it will not let go, even after you ve finished reading It will tear your heart out of your chest and piece it back together again, stronger than it was before You will experience every emotion from A to Z and back again, and you will have grown as a person for having read it.Thank you, Ms Jahn This is one of the best books I have ever read Your accolades are well deserved, and I will be moving on to the next book in the series immediately. The Clay Lion by Amalie Jahn is an amazing piece of heart breaking and uplifting fiction Aimed probably at young adults as main target audience the book however has a lot to say that is relevant to people of all ages.It is the story of one brave young woman that choses to go back in time to try and save her fatally ill younger brother.The idea of time travel did not appeal to me at first since it has been done many times and some authors in the genre can try to be too clever for their own good The Clay Lion is way above that level and raises some fascinating and worthy questions about regrets, missed opportunities, second chances and destiny By doing so successfully the book qualifies in my humble opinion at least as literary fiction and philosophical offering on the subject of turning back time It made me think hard about what I would chose to relive and try and change in my life.The main story the disease of her younger brother is often sad but always full of hope and positive and important messages, a tribute to courage and an appeal to the good side in all of us.Written with charm and emotional wisdom this is hugely rewarding and captivating A powerful and important read and a talented author to watch. `Free Kindle ⇺ The Clay Lion ☝ What If You Could Go Back In Time To Save The Person You Love The Most The Rules Are Simple If You Want To Travel Back In Time, You Need To Be At Least Eighteen Years Old You Can Only Travel Within Your Own Lifespan For A Maximum Of Six Months And Above All Else, You Must Never, Ever, Change The PastBut That S Exactly What Brooke Wallace Plans To DoAs Brooke Faces Existence Without Her Beloved Brother, His Life Cut Short By A Rare Disease, She Can Think Of Only One Solution Travel Back In Time To Prevent His Death However, Her Attempts At Fixing The Past Challenge Her To Confront Everything She Believes To Be True About Herself And Ultimately, She Is Forced To Discover Whether Or Not We Can Ever Truly Be In Charge Of Our Own Destiny