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The only thing wrong with this book is it's short. I love the cover. I love the title. I love the story. I love the art.

I wasn't even born yet when Martial Law was declared. And I was too young to understand the power and meaning when it ended with the EDSA Revolution. But I can appreciateand will forever be grateful tothose whose great sacrifice allowed me to enjoy the freedom I know now.

This short graphic novel captured the feeling of the time. Even the language and expressions used were true to the time period. The transition from one story to the next was well executed. It's an excellent work, albeit, too short. For something short, this book hits the right note at about everything.

Russell Molina and Kajo Baldisimo aims to tell a story that would serve as a realization to most millenials in regards to the life under the dictatorial rule of the Marcos family before the EDSA revolution. In a way they managed to show a proper imagery in a very brief and concise effort through the comic medium. Like what someone here said, "It is the youth's responsibility to read this comic book, and the adult's responsibility to tell the story." I have to say that I think Russel and Kajo managed to share their thoughts about the matter and displayed a proper representation of the era. Now it's your responsibility to pick it up and understand it. Especially when after the 2016 elections, most of our nation's people were ready to put another Marcos as close as he can to the Malacañang Palace once again. Thank God, he didn't get that seat though.

Now for the comic book itself, since this is a review anyway. Props to Kajo for moving away from his art style with the Trese series. Even with a bit of somewhat different sort of art style, Kajo manages to make his work brilliant. The artwork is none the less brilliant as how I expected it to be. Storywise, Russell Molina displayed an articulated plot about something that's non fictional and added a few fabricated stories here and there to show heart and depth of the events that transpired during the said era. Through a few song lyrics within the book, he comes up to teaching the reader a lesson which was a nice touch in my own personal opinion. Overall, the book is an illustrious material. I dare you kids to pick it up and comprehend the material properly. Hey you. Yes you.
Before you go running off at your gimik/lakad on Feb 25, make sure you read this comic. A little bit of respect for our history wouldn't hurt you.

Our generation takes so many things for granted, that we forget where we came from. I'm pretty sure we're both part of the generation who only heard stories from our parents and relatives, and read from history books. So read this up, it won't take long (50 pages tops). The experience of goosebumpswhilereading are real (while seeing those wristwatches,especially). The story and art don't disappoint.

After reading, I sure hope you realize how much our country has been through just for you to be able to *~freely express~* your sentiments, especially within social media. Timely and powerful. Bonus: a very quick read. It is the kid's responsibility to read this comic book.
And the adult's responsibility to share this information of the darker years. Bought this from last year's MIBF but I only had the time to read it now.

A short read, but I think it pretty much summed up the country's situation during Martial Lawthe curfew, closing down of news agencies, sudden disappearance of people, abusive peoplein 50 pages. To the person reading this review, I recommend you read this book too. :) 12:01 narrates an encounter of band members before they were popular, as they struggle to avoid authorities as they have reached curfew. This was sad and revolutionary at the same time. Just in time for the 30th EDSA People Power Revolution Anniversary.

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