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Dear Authors of Historical Romances Ditch the bodice ripper covers, it s time.Sincerely,EveryoneWarren Corry, the Marquess of Knightford, prefers his women to be of the widowed variety When his cousin begs him to help her friend Miss Delia Trevor and become her protector, to help her find a suitable husband, Warren scoffs, but relents Just like Delia scoffs at Warren s high handed ways and flirty behavior Delia s determined to find the man whose actions killed her brother Dressing up like a man to enter gaming hells, encouraging toga parties and leading on rakish suitors to find the one man with the sun tattoo are all small prices to pay to put her plan for revenge in play Neither of them anticipate the force of blind lust that occurs in each other s presence, nor the consequences for unmarried friends who like to kiss and stuff I m not a huge connoisseur of historical romance, but every time I pick up a Sinful Suitors book by Sabrina Jeffries I want to be THE DANGER OF DESIRE is the 3rd offering, and I absolutely loved it, taking a page from Warren s book and staying up deep into the night furiously flipping pages Ms Jeffries kept me engaged and enthralled as the spunky Delia kicked ass and took names in her search for the lord who ruined her family Warren was fabulous too, so ornery and sweet and protective and delicious The chemistry between them just jumped off the pages, and I felt like a friend cheering them on There were only a few sex scenes, though the playful encounters were just as erotic as the full blown shebang, reminding me exactly why this genre is such a popular one with every generation Just a really terrific book with great characters, a tight, fun storyline and yummy sex scenes Bottom Line OW OM ish Warren tried to hook up with prostitutes in the beginning and after meeting Delia, but ultimately did could not no sharing no condom use no BDSM no kink no sexual assault no murder violence See at See at Have you read at least 50 regency or any regency ish novels Then you have read this book I say that because there is no surprise in this book Warren, a marquess, met Delia, a spinster For some reasons Warren was watching out for Delia and realized that she was doing something that she shouldn t be doing Warren, a rake who had no interest in marriage of course not , somehow found Delia very interesting Delia was in her first season She was not exactly a debutante She was older than most debutantes but it was her first season She was using the season to fish out who was responsible for her brother s death So we have a spinster ish heroine, who, incidentally, also had no interest in marriage, carrying on her nightly visits to questionable places where a lady should not even talk about, let alone go, dressing like a man so that she could observe gamblers at the table Now, there is nothing wrong with a tried plot Sabrina Jeffries goes about her usual route and this book is than readable But I was not able to make connections to either Warren or Delia For me, neither had what it took to my hero or heroine They are cookie cutter characters who are 5 dollars a dozen in the market If such characters and pairing a rake who avoids marriage like the plague and a spinster who is too smart for her own good are your cup of tea, this book could be an enjoyable easy read For me, I had trouble pushing past Delia s detective activities I had a rather unattractive image of her in my head when the story started And I just don t know how to get rid of that and become convinced that a man who had had numerous relationships with all kinds of beauties would find Delia attractive From there on, the story lost its chance with me This review is for an ARC on NetGalley from the publisher. [Free E-pub] ⚖ The Danger of Desire ☨ The Third Book In The Sexy Sinful Suitors Regency Romance Series, This Heart Pounding Story Shows Why New York Times Bestselling Author Sabrina Jeffries Is One Of The Most Beloved Historical Romance Writers TodayTo Root Out The Card Cheat Responsible For Her Brother S Death, Miss Delia Trevor Spends Her Evenings Dancing Her Way Through High Society Balls, And Her Late Nights Disguised As A Young Man Gambling Her Way Through London S Gaming Hells Then One Night, Handsome Warren Corry, The Marquess Of Knightford, A Notorious Member Of St George S Club, Recognizes Her When He Threatens To Reveal Her Secret, She S Determined To Keep Him From Ruining Her Plans, Even If It Means Playing A Cat And Mouse Game With The Enigmatic RakehellWarren Knows The Danger Of Her Game, And He Refuses To Watch Her Lose Everything While Gaining Justice For Her Late Brother But When She Starts To Delve Beneath His Carefully Crafted Fa Ade, Can He Keep Her At Arm S Length While Still Protecting Her Or Will Their Hot Desires Explode Into A Love That Transcends The Secrets Of Their Pasts The Danger of Desire by Sabrina Jeffries is book three in the Sinful Suitors series This is the story of Miss Delia Trevor and Warren Corry, the Marquess of Knightford This is easily a standalone book Delia is friends with Lady Clarissa Lindsey Clarissa story was told in book 2 The Study of Seduction who has invited Delia, Delia s sister in law and Aunt to come to visit in London with her and possible find a husband for them Delia has another reason for want to be in London and its not to find a husband Delia is looking for the person that cheated her brother in cards which ultimately caused his death Delia feels she needs to find that person and get him to pay the money back he took so that Delia can help care for her sister in law and young nephew So Delia is pretending to be a man at night to go in search for this cheat Lady Clarissa has has her cousin Warren to find out what Delia is up too Lady Clarissa knows that Delia is doing something but is unsure what and is worried about her It doesn t take Warren long to find out that Lady Clarissa is right Warren and Delia start butting heads when he tries to keep her from putting herself in danger It was funny and interesting to watch them butting heads but at the same time unable to stop their growing attraction feelings Another Great Book by Ms Jeffries My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read. ARC from publisher and Netgalley for honest review.3.5 Delia is a strong and determined young women She is in search of the person who caused her brother to commit suicide by who cheating him gambling and causing his financial ruin She know this someone had a tattoo She does what she must to find answers and catch this individual, like maybe dress as a man and appear at a gaming halls Warren Corry, Marquess of Knightford, is a member of St George s Club Warren is a rogue, a man that is tormented by secrets from his past He is asked or like ordered by his sister to keep an eye Delia, that s she not taken advantage of and also because she s been acting somewhat strange lately.The two find themselves crossing paths in the usual places, high society balls and most unusual, gaming hells Warren is then determined to get Delia to stop her gambling but when he finds out why he offers to help her in her pursuit of the truth The two team up together and in their endevor they are found in a compromising situation that forces them to marry.During their marriage the two continue their pursuit for the truth but find themselves also falling in love Secrets slow are revealed and as well finding answers to Delia s brothers death I found the each character likable, strong and multi layered Their sparring was cute and enjoyable Good plot and storyline But I found the romance to be average, chemistry okay and became irritated with Delia s actions somewhat immature at times a little halfway through the storyline This was a okay read, but not the best of Sabrina Jefferies. This third book in Sabrina Jeffries Sinful Suitors features Warren Corry, the Marquess of Knightford, a man whose many and varied amorous exploits have earned him the reputation as a scoundrel of the highest order Readers met Warren briefly in the previous book, The Study of Seduction when he asked his best friend, Edwin, the Earl of Blakeborough, to keep an eye on his ward, Clarissa while he Warren saw to some important business abroad Warren and Edwin are old friends and members of the St George s Club, a gentleman s club like most others but whose members banded together with the aim of protecting their female relatives from fortune hunters, gamblers, womanisers and other unscrupulous men by regularly sharing information about the men of their acquaintance.When Warren s cousin Clarissa now happily married to Edwin asks him to see if any of the club members has heard any gossip about her friend, Delia Trevor, he is not keen at first, believing her request to be a poorly disguised matchmaking attempt But when Clarissa explains that she is concerned because her friend has been behaving rather oddly of late, Warren takes notice and agrees to help Having recently discovered what befell Clarissa in her d but Season she was stalked and assaulted by a suitor , Warren feels guilty for not having protected her, and, determined never to let another woman go through something similar, he agrees to see what he can find out Miss Delia Trevor has come to London for the Season not, as her aunt believes, to find herself a husband, but in order to discover the identity of the man who cheated her late brother out of a large sum of money and drove him to suicide The only information she has to go on is the name of the gambling den at which Reynold last played and the fact that his lordly opponent had a sun tattoo on his wrist So every evening, she disguises herself in man s attire and sneaks out of the house, making her way to the hell accompanied by a trusty servant in the attempt to draw out the card cheat Delia is annoyed, therefore, when the Marquess of Knightford starts to take an interest in her and starts popping up at inconvenient moments and asking awkward questions She knows she isn t the sort of woman likely to attract him her bosom is too small, her hips too wide and she has gone out of her way to dress in the most unflattering manner possible to put off any potential suitors so she is immediately suspicious of his motives for flirting with her and singling her out Warren quickly discovers that Miss Trevor is not at all the simpering miss he had expected and is immediately intrigued by her reluctance to have anything to do with him He finds he rather likes her waspish tongue, and her attempts to put him off only serve to put him on the alert as he realises that Clarissa s concerns are not unfounded Suspicious of Delia s interactions with a servant, he waits outside her townhouse at night in the belief she has arranged an illicit assignation, only to be confused when the servant appears accompanied by a shabbily dressed boy He follows the pair, ending up at one of London s less salubrious gaming establishments where he discovers the reasons behind Delia s evasiveness the shabbily dressed boy is not a boy at all, but Miss Delia Trevor in disguise.Warren is furious with Delia for putting herself in danger both physically and in terms of her reputation, and irritated that she will not confide in him or let him help He is also aware that what began as curiosity liberally sprinkled with a helping of lust is turning into something else He can t stop thinking about Delia or stop wanting her, and while he s bedded than his fair share of women, he doesn t dally with marriageable debutantes or respectable ladies, so he can t understand his sudden fascination with a woman who is both those things And Deila s reaction to the handsome Marquess most especially to his delicious, arousing kisses is something she had never expected to experience, but once sampled, is quite helpless to resist.The romance between Warren and Delia is nicely done, with plenty of verbal sparring and crackling sexual tension between them While Warren is determined to discover Delia s secrets, he is equally determined to prevent her from discovering his own, which have resulted in the debilitating nightmares he has suffered for most of his life Believing them to be a sign of weakness, he has concealed them even from his own family, preferring instead to spend his nights in the company of whores or out gaming or drinking and then to sleep during the day when the dreams do not assail him But when he and Delia are discovered in a compromising position and forced to marry, keeping his darkest fears from his new wife is going to be an enormous challenge, and one that could potentially derail their fledgling marriage before it has really begun.While the romance is the main focus of the novel, Delia s search for the card cheat is not forgotten, although the resolution to that plotline comes rather out of left field, and is quite convoluted There is no real build up to the discovery of that person s identity, and while explanations are given, anyone who hasn t read the previous book might end up feeling confused, as the reasons behind the cheater s actions relate directly to a character who has been hovering off screen in the background in the last two books, and whose story we will be getting in the next in the series So while on the one hand, it s quite a clever idea to relate the stories in this way, on the other, it feels somewhat contrived and as though it has been done purely to set up the next book It also negates much of what Delia has gone through in her quest for justice for her brother and denies her any real sense of closure about his death forgiveness comes very easily in order to satisfy the demands of the plot.The Danger of Desire doesn t break any new ground, but is nonetheless an entertaining read that is populated by well drawn, attractive characters who are just a little different from the norm While Warren is a rakish, marriage avoidance minded bachelor, his motivations for eschewing the married state are other than the usual miserable example provided by parents, or earlier relationship gone sour and Delia s talents at the card table and her backstory as the daughter of a gambler lend depth to her character and explain her reluctance to trust The ending is somewhat rushed, but the romance is given time to develop and Delia and Warren make a well matched couple I enjoyed the story in spite of my reservations, and am looking forward to the final book in the series. This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance Summary Miss Delia Trevor is on the hunt for the card cheat that ended up the cause of her brother s suicide which she and her family have kept quiet from society But there is one man in her way of finding the truth Warren Corry, the Marquess of Knightford Warren, has been asked by Delia s friend to look after Delia And once Warren meets the feisty woman, he can see why she needs help And when he see Miss Delia playing cards at a famous gaming hell he regularly attends, he is shocked and mystified and fascinated by this daring woman no one can control He is determined to keep her from ruin and scandal and get to the bottom of all of her secrets, but Warren has a past of his own He will have to fight his own demons and might risk losing his heart in the process Plot and Story Line WHAT A story I have to tell you all, this is my favorite book in the series so far It was so dang good, and I got swept away Unfortunately I had quite a bit going on over the past few days so it did take me a bit longer to get this read but I still loved it quite a bit This book reminded me quite a bit of her older books which if you haven t read those..get your booty in gear and pick them up P Anyway, the bantering between our main couple is what made this story What are you doing to my cat Now that was the impudent Miss Trevor he d met yesterday He could practically see the walls going up around her Which intrigued him even , damn it Petting it Why Is that not allowed It s just thatwellFlossie hates everyone but me Clearly not everyone he drawled I loved the way these two interact with each other and the chemistry was powerful, as a reader you don t want to put it down because you are having too much fun with Delia and Warren Now our heroine, she is determined and desperate for justice for her brother who left behind a wife and a son She will stop at nothing to finding the man responsible and make him pay And goes about it in some very creative ways She is sassy, strong willed and clever I found Delia so endearing in many different ways, her personality was very likable and her daring ways were so much fun Our hero has his own mission.protect Delia from herself even if it drives him crazy She is nothing like the women he normally deals with She is a mystery to our hero, and it definitely takes him time to figure her out and the way she works But he is just as clever as she is, and is quite the match for her The chemistry is pretty potent in this book, and I really liked that it didn t overshadow the love story It was quite interesting seeing how well these two match up together He didn t want to be in love with a woman who drove him mad Who made him do things he feared, risk things he shouldn t, desire things he d never desired before But he did It was a simple, undeniable fact And we get a bit of a teaser for the couple of the fourth book which is Warren s cousin and Delia s sister in law And boy am I excited for that one Quite franklythis was a sexy and clever romance that left me with a smile on my face The Cover BEST COVER I just love the colors and the sexy pose, and it just flows so nicely together Very classy and sensual I love how cozy they look together Overall View The Danger Of Desire is simple astounding and kept me smiling for days The story is rich with laughter, packed with sensuality and is full of emotion and mystery Click To Buy On foogallery id 20278 I have mixed feelings about this one Nice ending, the usual HEA, well done and sprinkled with warm feelings It was however very light on plot, and initially, the heroine s actions, which put her in legitimate danger, made her seem TSTL Especially when her motives were revealed Her Grand Plan if she ever found who she was looking for was quite frankly ridiculous The whole thing was too unlikely and no one with half a brain would think it could work I also thought there was too much insta attraction between the leads, neither of whom were very memorable personalities Also, yes, the heroine was small breasted and big hipped, not sure why we needed to hear about her tiny boobies every chapter We get it, her breasts aren t large and she s a little hippy, is it really that important No one talked about the size of his privates as his defining characteristic, why was she reduced to her figure so often As for the sex scenes, we could have been spared most of them Seriously, who talks like that ExcerptWarren She gripped his forearm Oh yes, my darling Yes, yes my husband Stuff like that instantly has me picturing high school boys holding the book they grabbed from a girl they re teasing high above her head as they read that embarrassing crap out loud to mass laughter The secondary characters were rather flat They needed a bit life breathed into them I remember none of them and care naught for their follow up stories The most thought I gave to Briliana was that she seemed rather like a cipher, and a passing musing on her odd, borderline silly, name The writing style was up and down Sometimes simplistic and long winded, sometimes with echoes of the writer at her best as I remember her from past works I quite liked these lines ExcerptHe s reform minded like her Always intent upon feeding the poor, healing the sick, providing clothes for little mill worker children That s a good thing, isn t it she said It is when Stephen does it, Warren said genially He doesn t offer his charity with a strong dose of religion, the way our mother did I will say it s readable enough and easy to finish It was also nice not to have any Big Bad, kidnappings or shootings. Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestTHE DANGER OF DESIRE is less a romance novel than it is a novelized checklist of many of the most prominent tropes in historical romance Sure, you may have heard the snarky adage, If you ve read one romance, you ve read them all but I mean it cross dressing shenanigans shotgun marriage financial ruin gambling card den scenes well meaning but nosy female friends the obligatory carriage seduction tupping scene hero is tortured by the past hero is a whoring womanizer, does not want marriage heroine is plucky heroine does not want marriagePart of what makes a romance stand on its own two feet so to speak is what the author does with the tropes And Sabrina Jeffries is a good writer in the sense that she can string words together and make them look good In the beginning, I was charmed by the banter between the hero and the heroine, Warren and Delia, and intrigued by the mystery surrounding the Delia s brother s suicide Who was the man responsible Was he the murderer Would Delia be in danger, as well Interestingly, THE DANGER OF DESIRE suffers many of the same flaws as the last historical romance novel I read, THE BRIDE by Julie Garwood Both feature pig headed alpha male heroes who attempt to assert their male dominance by acting like total bouche dags I got tired of hearing Warren whining about his night terrors and how he didn t want to give up other women It s hard to fall in love with a guy who sounds like someone you might have broken up with yourself.Also like THE BRIDE, the death subplot goes nowhere and the pacing starts to fall apart in the last act of the book I started skimming over sex scenes, or needlessly sappy descriptions of the hero and heroine professing their love for one another I m all for love, but I really don t need to read an entire paragraph of how adorable the heroine is when she s snoring, or how her breasts look like two custards topped with juicy cherries This is my third Sabrina Jeffries and it falls in the middle of the other two I read I did not enjoy THE WIDOW S AUCTION at all, but STORMSWEPT, the book I read under her Deborah Martin pen name, was actually quite enjoyable Despite its bouchey hero, STORMSWEPT features a compelling plot, misunderstandings worthy of Shakespeare s Twelfth Night, and a relatively fast pace It also refers to the female genitals as a honeypot , so THE DANGER OF DESIRE gets an extra point for not doing that, although breast custard may be just as bad Maybe I ve read too many bodice rippers, but so many of these modern romances feel like they re trying to mask the stuff that leaves the bitter taste in your mouth with waaaay too much sweet stuff Stuff like honeypots and custard Not that this makes it any easier to swallow blech I may have to give her Deborah Martin books another look over, since they re older and appear to be in line with my tastes I don t want to give up on this author, yet Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for the advanced copy of this book Obviously I wasn t biased in the slightest 2 stars. 4.5 Stars Sabrina Jeffries a one clicking historical romance author for me I have read almost all of her books, and this book did not disappoint It was fast paced and with a smoking hot rake and a badass heroineYou just want to revel in watching a holy father stand on the spot where we indulged in a bit of Ecstasy he said with a smug smile Wickedness, like You love to surround yourself with it I do indeed Let this be your warning, my dear You can remove the man from the wickedness, but you can t remove the wickedness from the manDelia s family has lost everything after her brother dies, and she is determined to do everything she can to get the money back that he lost before he died This includes playing her hand at cards, seeing that she has a particular niche for it My Warren Delia Warren is a rake of course What good is a historical romance without a rake And Warren does not disappoint He wants nothing to do with Delia, but his cousin is pushing him to look after Delia He soon discovers how intriguing Delia can be She is intelligent and mysterious There is something about her and he is determined to figure her out After following her, he soon discovers her mysterious outings are at a gambling club trying to find the man that ruined her brother And I absolutely loved all of this The banter between these two is pricelessI m terried that I ll disappoint you or hurt you or ruin things, but it doesn t change the fact that I love you Helplessly HopelesslyDelia is not your typical innocent female, and I loved her for it She is witty and determined Warren is drawn to her and after getting caught in a compromising position, he is willing to give up his rake ish ways to be with Delia At the same time, he wants to keep his heart out of the picture He has a weakness that he is afraid to reveal to his new wife, and my heart broke for him Warren and Delia s relationship is unconventional from the beginning and I loved their unique journey ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest reviewFind me on