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4.5 stars.This book was utterly terrifying And completely unputdownable.It has been a while since I have had a book grip me like this one did I was completely hooked and could only think of how soon I could get back to it when I was forced to put it down.This book falls into the category of psychological thriller It landed on my TBR after seeing some favorable reviews from some of my GR friends When I saw the price tag, I decided to recommend that my library add this book and to my delight, they did So once it was available, I started reading without looking back at the blurb or reviews, which is how I prefer to go into a book basically blind I m so glad I did I had no idea what kind of train wreck I was about to witness on the pages of this book andwow My jaw dropped My eyes bugged out of my head I was shocked and appalled and terrified And I loved every minute of it My only tiny complaint was that I wantedfrom the ending but at the same time, it was kind of fitting for this story I was just missing that completely satisfied feeling when I turned the last page I won t get into details about the plot because I enjoyed this so well going in blind Just know this is a story about an average family whose lives are turned upside down That s as much as I m saying Lol If you like mystery, thrillers or psychological thrillers, I highly recommend this book It is one heck of a story that will completely freak you out EnjoySource I borrowed a copy of this eBook from my local library. I m a little torn about giving this three or four stars On the one hand, it was compulsively readable or listenable as I went for the audio book , on the other, I felt the ending was a little dissatisfying and I didn t really connect with the characters In part I think this had to do with the narration The female narrator did all the teenager s voices in this really pronounced, petulant tone, which I found a bit grating, and she did the Australian character in a weird mish mash or an Irish and unidentifiable voice, which was slightly funny, but also a little disappointing Maybe I would have beensolidly impressed had I read the print version Nonetheless, this was definitely a fast paced, entertaining story, that felt eerily believable I haven t read anything by this author, but would certainly be interested to in the future Her writing is fluid and the plot tight that even so so narration kept me engaged.Findreviews and bookish fun at @DOWNLOAD EPUB º The Drowning Girls Ë Spellbinding Mary Kubica, New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Good Girl And Pretty Baby Disturbingprovocative Heather Gudenkauf, New York Times Bestselling AuthorCritically Acclaimed Author Of The Mourning Hours And The Fragile World, Paula Treick DeBoard Returns With A Tale Of Dark Secrets, Shocking Lies And A Dangerous Obsession That Will Change One Neighborhood ForeverLiz McGinnis Never Imagined Herself Living In A Luxurious Gated Community Like The Palms Ever Since She And Her Family Moved In, She S Felt Like An Outsider Amongst The Stepford Like Wives And Their Obnoxiously Spoiled Children Still, She S Determined To Make It Work If Not For Herself, Then For Her Husband, Phil, Who Landed Them This Lavish Home In The First Place, And For Her Daughter, Danielle, Who S About To Enter High SchoolYet Underneath The Glossy Veneer Of The Palms, Life Is Far From Idyllic In A Place Where Reputation Is Everything, Liz Soon Discovers That Even The Friendliest Residents Can T Be Trusted So When The Gorgeous Girl Next Door Befriends Danielle, Liz Can T Help But Find Sophisticated Kelsey S Interest In Her Shy And Slightly Nerdy Daughter A Bit SuspiciousBut While Kelsey Quickly Becomes A Fixture In The McGinnis Home, Liz S Relationships With Both Danielle And Phil Grow Strained Now Even Her Own Family Seems To Be Hiding Things, And It S Not Long Before Their Dream Of Living The High Life Quickly Spirals Out Of Control More Praise The Next Must Read Catherine McKenzie, Bestselling Author Of Hidden And Smoke Heart Pounding Sophie Littlefield, New York Times Bestselling Author Suspenseful And Compelling Karen Brown, Author Of The Longings Of Wayward Girls This book was both addictive and disturbing From the first few moments, to the jaw dropping conclusion, I was hooked I seriously could not stop listening to this audio and Phil s Australian accent so incredibly cute.This story is bold and unrelenting It s amazing how easy it is for the facts to get twisted For innocence to morph into guilt For the truth to be overlooked in the face of a shocking accusation It s downright scary to think that anyone could have that much power over your life Mix in some bad decisions and it s a recipe for disaster What I loved most about this book was the McGinnis family Liz, Phil and Danielle There was a realism to each of these characters Liz is incredibly easy to connect with, she s doesn t really fit in, living in the Palms, but she s trying to make the best of it Danielle transforms throughout the story and I liked that, even if she took on a mean girl role for awhile And last but certainly not least Phil Ugh, he made some horrible decisions HORRIBLE I can t fault him for doing what he thought was best for his family though In fact, I felt all along that he was a good guy He just went about things the wrong way.And that ending wow Intense, unexpected and very well played My only wish was for an epilogue It didn t take away from the story at all, not having one, but I wantedI can t say it emphatically enough I loved this book So much so, that a signed copy has landed a coveted spot in my collection If Paula Treick DeBoard s other books are anything like this one I can t wait. Find all of my reviews atWe ve both been hiding things, I pointed out We re the same kind of awful I don t know, she said, backing toward the stairs I think we re different kinds of awfulThe Drowning Girls is about Liz and Phil average Joes who score some sweet digs when Phil gets hired as the community relations specialist for an extremely exclusive gated community While Phil basks in the attention and settles into his new faux wealthy lifestyle, Liz struggles with fitting in And when the neighbor s teenage daughter goes from being focused on becoming besties with Liz and Phil s daughter to Phil instead, the following is raised A question What s the difference between a pedophile and an innocent person accused of pedophilia What about a rapist and a person accused of rapeOkay How did I not know about this book for TWO YEARS It s pretty much this Meets thisAnd I should have been like this over on NetGalley back in 2016 when the dang thing came out The only thing I can think of is that it fell victim to the much overused catchphraseDon t let that steer you away If you re looking for some soap opera ish good times while doing this over the summerThe Drowning Girls could very well be a winner Think of me while you re relaxing poolside and I m suffering heat stroke at a baseball complex in the armpit of America . Top 50 Books of 2016 Put Gone Girl The Girl on the Train in your rear view mirrorPaula Treick DeBoard s THE DROWNING GIRLS is mind blowing The new 2016 fatal attraction psycho suspense domestic thriller with a modern twist Chick Noir.Following sensational The Fragile World landing on my Top 30 Books of 2014, the Queen of domestic suspense, once again delivers her third in a row 5 Star winner HER BEST YET They call this the new Grip lit genre, which lives up to its nameAn emotional edge of your seat gripping and deeply unsettling psychological tale of chilling dark secrets and obsession An ordinary family A wealthy idyllic California neighborhood What lies below a perfectly manicured gated community s seemingly flawless surface It is not prettyThe Palms may not be as it appearsLiz has not had a comfortable life Now, her only dreamed of fairy tale may be becoming a reality or a nightmare Liz and her husband Phil are moving to The Palms, with Liz s fourteen year old daughter, Danielle The Palms A gated golf country club Exclusive Tightly knit The rich Entitled High Maintenance Mini mansions, golf yoga, walking trails, and all the amenities of a luxury resort On the surface, Liz was mesmerized Picture perfect Phil s job was to soothe the residents Kiss ass, deal with them and make them feel important Keep them happy The house had come with Phil s job, a package deal Parker Lane, the real estate developer, covered their lease, and the hefty monthly HOA fees, with a salary that left them house rich, cash poor Phil was their new community relations specialist No money for furniture, but the bare essentials A prestigious address However, once inside its gates, reality hits What lies and secrets lie beneath the fa ade A foregone conclusion They do not belong Her family is not their kind of people It was a mistake Before moving, Liz had never given much thought to her neighbors, until now bringing out her feelings of insecurity She wants to fit into this fictional world She does not run in their circles They share no interests Nor can they afford this lifestyle, or fit in. In practical terms, this meant that the people who were fawning over them were paying dearly for the right to hit tennis balls, play golf, and jog along the community trail, while they could participate for free.Liz was a single mom, raising her daughter alone until, she met the charming Phil, from Melbourne Men and women alike were drawn to the sexy Australian accent from the outback They have a solid marriage As Liz settles in, she wantsthan anything for her daughter to fit in and establish friends At a wine tasting fundraiser which they could not afford to attend , she meets some neighbors Danielle spends most of her days with a nose in a book, a nerd and this other girl sounds as though she would be years ahead of her daughter socially They arrange for the girls to meet Not sure what they would have in common Maybe this girl can take Danielle under her wing, and accept her A high school counselor Liz feels inferior around these well dressed, made up women She had left the old Liz Haney behind, pregnant in college, dependent on financial aid and a half dozen part time jobs and section 8 housing until she landed her counseling position She was still struggling with the rent when she met Phil Now here she was hobnobbing with the rich and trying to blend in She wants desperately for her daughter to fit in she knows firsthand the peer pressure can be severe especially for teens Soon Liz sees the kids at school are reflections of their parents designer clothes and disposable income From wealth and privilege a high cost of admission The pretty girls getting everything they want Social media frenzy Texting Sexting Cyber bullying SuperficialHer daughter soon meets Hannah a chubby, insecure girl and Kelseya femme fatale goddessKelsey could have been a model in a men s magazine, with her black bikini, using her sexy, manipulative goods, to seduce her husband, plus use her daughter in the process, like a black widow spider filtrating their lives Kelsey Jorgensen, a bored, disturbed, two faces evil and malicious femme fatale has now entered their household, their lives, corrupting their daughter, and currently obsessed with her husband How can this family escape the madness before it destroys their lives Phil, a thirty seven year old community relations specialist, who loves his wife however, not opposed to a little flirting or utilizing his charm to assist with his job The women have nothing better to do than to stop by with a problem, expecting him to feed their ego Is he a helpless victim of circumstances From dropping in Phil s office to his home Kelsey with her short skirts, and indecent proposals, seduction, to stalking and obsession what is he going to do She could ruin his job and family Should he attain an attorney Everything she does is calculating designed for attention She is sick Indecent photos Can he tell his wife Would she understand What has this girl done to this family Repulsive Obsession Calculating When will she strike again Liz has to protect her family Phil has to protect his family However, neither communicate their thoughts They keep this disaster to themselves Afraid of the consequences With alternating chapters, we hear from Liz and Phil from past to present several months the pool scene, a drowning a crime scene keeping the reader in breathtaking suspense as to how they arrived at this point The impending tragedy is lurking Darkness We know it is coming, but how Despite everything, Danielle seemed happy with her friendship with Kelsey who has taken over their lives What has happened to the old Danielle She is not the same girl Liz and Danielle are no longer close Liz and Phil are not communicating Their house, the job, their lives are in jeopardy.Twisted Lies Secrets, a dangerous fixation, stalking When would Danielle realize Kelsey wasn t her ticket to cool Taking over their lives like a deadly disease they could not shake Living at the Palms is far from the idyllic life Liz and Phil had expected Maybe there was no normal at The Palms The entitled and over privileged Unhinged An attempted suicide An accident What is the truth A strained marriage, and a life spiraling out of control Things were going to end badly A place that represented happiness and security had only been a mirage, evaporating quickly Suspicions Trust Will this life slip away as soon as it came Wow You cannot miss this one No one can tell a complex twisted tale like DeBoard The scary part this could happen to anyone Every day, ordinary people finding themselves caught in the middle of a living nightmare Characters under enormous amounts of pressure from extenuating circumstances With all her books, she writes of families, facing pressures, from tightly knit communities to others facing the scrutiny of their neighbors, and those concerned with reputations, and the personal secrets of marriage and family Everything about the tale was spot on, perfectly paced, complex, emotional, gritty, and dark OMG The Palms isscandalous than Desperate Housewives Wisteria Lane, Fatal Attraction, and the Boy Next DoorYUM This gal is pure evil Readers will be glued to this one reserve the time you will not be able to put it down On a personal note When I was married, we lived in an upscale gated country club, and the residents were similar to the fictional characters referenced Also, was a former Regional Sales Marketing Manager for a large real estate developer, overseeing upscale luxury multi million dollar golf communities, and waterfront mansions on the east coast of Florida, as well as the design centers The entitled residents were a bit like the ones described I attended a few HOA meetings and found myself re living portions of the fictional book SCARY Paula is one kick ass talented writer, and anything with her name attached you know you are in for a treat The pool scene with the slip of the bikini top was priceless, combined with Paula s wit and humor Highly Entertaining Movie Worthy I want a front row seat Has to be the top domestic suspense of the year Fans of Mary Kubica will enjoy the slow burning intensity A special thank you to the author, MIRA, and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 2013 The Mourning Hours 2014 The Fragile World 2018 Here We Lie JDCMustReadBooks Is it worth living in paradise with crappy neighbors The book begins with the discovery of the lifeless body of Kelsey, a teenager, in McGinnises swimming pool, who are the new neighbors in the chic and expensive community of The Palms So far so good We have a mystery right in the beginning and gradually are introduced to characters who have secrets to hide and motives to kill Liz McGinnis is the protective mother, who doesn t much care for Kelsey and her influence on her daughter Danielle 37 year old Phil McGinnis who is the object of Kelsey s obsession And 14 year old Danielle McGinnis, who has reasons of her own to wish Kelsey harm The story continues interchanging between the points of view of Liz and Phil , but instead of getting intense and twisty, it becomes slow, boring and repetitive It feels like the characters and incidents are thrown by the author haphazardly in the middle of the story and are left there to fend for themselves The setting could have been anyplace The circumstances could have been anything Why The Palms Why those particular neighbors They didn t contribute to anything They were just there And don t get me started on the mountain lion The characters are hateful and act like idiots You think Liz who is a high school counselor would know what to do Or Phil who is a community relations specialist would know how to act in certain circumstances.As for the ending, it seemed to me the author just quit The hell with the reader who has spent time reading, anticipating some kind of satisfactory conclusion There were so many loose ends, that I thought maybe the final pages of my book were missing I literally said what the hell out loud when there was noto read.I really really wanted to like this book, but my disappointment outweighed all else. If you ever looked at me once with what I know is in you, I would be your slaveEmily Bront Paula Treick DeBoard, an American best selling author, pens a mystifying tale set in a modern, posh American neighborhood which haunts a new family by the buried lies and secrets behind the doors of their neighbors, in her upcoming book, The Drowning Girls This story revolves around a family who just shifted to a nice and rich neighborhood but their happy days soon turn into nightmare by a fifteen year old girl whose plans for the summer is way too sinister.Synopsis Liz McGinnis never imagined herself living in a luxurious gated community like The Palms Ever since she and her family moved in, she s felt like an outsider amongst the Stepford like wives and their obnoxiously spoiled children Still, she s determined to make it work if not for herself, then for her husband, Phil, who landed them this lavish home in the first place, and for her daughter, Danielle, who s about to enter high school Yet underneath the glossy veneer of The Palms, life is far from idyllic In a place where reputation is everything, Liz soon discovers that even the friendliest residents can t be trusted and almost everyone has secrets they d do anything to protect So when the gorgeous girl next door befriends Danielle, Liz can t help but find sophisticated Kelsey s interest in her shy and slightly nerdy daughter a bit suspicious But while Kelsey quickly becomes a fixture in the McGinnis home, Liz s relationships with both Danielle and Phil grow strained Now even her own family seems to be hiding things, and it s not long before their dream of living the high life quickly spirals out of control Liz, Danielle and Phil McGinnis shifts to The Palms a posh American neighborhood in the summers and as Phil lands a job in the club house of The Palms, he and his wife, Liz and his step daughter, Danielle gets to live amongst the rich urban people for free in an equally lavish house But their blissful summers are not so blissful when their neighbor s teenage daughter, Kelsey becomes friend with Danielle and starts hanging out in the house as well as in their pool It becomes a living hell when Kelsey s agenda behind the good nature is surfaced But the neighbors don t do anything in return to help the McGinnises, instead they lie on their faces and turn their backs on them and even accusing them What lies buried under such a lavish neighborhood is for you to find out Firstly lets just say that the author s writing style is not only eloquent but is laced with suspicion that will keep the readers from turning the pages of the book with their minds forced to question each and every doubt which quite unpredictable The story opens in the month of June 2015 with Liz waking up to the screaming of the girls coming from the pool and when she rushes there, she finds out that Kelsey s lifeless body is floating in the pool with her daughter Danielle and her friend, Hannah, screaming at the top of their voices From then on the story jumps back to June, 2014 when they first shifted to The Palms Hence the story swings from present to the past and the past is highlighted with both Phil and Liz s POV The mystery of Kelsey s death in 2015 only deepens with her tantrums from the summer of 2014 The narrative of every other character in this book is engaging and free flowing The pacing of the book is really fast and the mystery has so many twists and turns and if the readers try to predict on their own, they will be thrown off the edge with a shocking revelation here and there The mystery is unraveling and it will keep the readers anticipating till the very last page and with an equally riveting climax that is sooo hard to foretell, the book is one hell of a tantalizing read The mystery is bone chilling and at times, will give the readers goosebumps.The author has a strong psychological grip on the characters which are realistic and laced with their weaknesses and flaws The main character, Liz and Phil, are quite well developed Their individual POV is articulate and will also give enough space to look into the story from the readers own POV Liz tries to be the perfect mother who works as a high school student counselor When they shifts to The Palms, Liz is filled with doubt on whether she will be able to mix up with the post neighbors Moreover, Liz is bit controlling, yet she at times could not see certain problems to their depths Phil, on the other hand, will give the readers a feeling like he is funny, caring and easy going but trust me, the whole mystery depends on Phil s POV Kelsey is another character, who is an attention seeker and considering her tender age, her mind works like a 30 year old woman, filled with twisted and dark ideas Danielle is the nerdy teenager who is brave, smart and strong even when she is cyber bullied In short, this is yet another beguiling read for me in this year, the mystery is perfect with an equally dark and twisted story I will request all the parents with teenage daughters to read this compelling thriller And in general, I would ask every other mystery lovers to not to miss this gripping story Verdict Definitely a must read psychological thriller Courtesy I was lucky enough to receive an ARC from the author So thank you Paula Treick DeBoard for giving me an opportunity to read and review this book Thank you Netgalley for my digital copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.This book was simply unputdownable I hated to see it end not sure what that says of me as the subject matter in this one was not pleasant at all This story has been done many times before in various forms, but this did not take away from the experience of this one I ve not read a book by this author before but this story was gripping from the very first page It was dramatic and suspenseful in a slow building, simmering way The plot is straight forward and if you read the blurb you get the general story, but there were quite a few twists that I didn t see coming I could feel my stomach roil as the situation grewentangled I loved how the story was told from both Liz and Phil s pov as flash backs broken up with snippets of the present day trauma Many apologies for being so vague but I d hate to spoil anything for the reader The characters were well developed and completely relatable to me I empathized with both Phil and Liz as things gradually got worse for them and Liz s daughter, Danielle The writing and plot are very straight forward but addicting none the less It may not have had a plot twist as dramatic as Gone Girl or TGOTT, but IMO humbly this book was so much better It didn t have to rely on the big twist to make it memorable or popular Highly recommended and so glad to have had the opportunity to read this I think this one is a great domestic suspense for men and women alike as the storyline caters to both with the varying gender POVs. POWERFUL CAUTIONARY TALE.in the same ways Fatal Attraction and American Beauty are The Drowning Girls Looks at the missing piece which the above two movies didn t This is a brilliantscaryimportant novel amodern day possibility than one might want to believe , and completely seductive enjoyable I highly suggest this book to any parent who has pre teen or teen girls living at home This story deals with an obsessionprovocative flirtationsa self destructive protagonist..a sexy seducible teenage girl, named Kelsey Kelsey Jorgensen is the type of beauty men fantasize about She wears very sexy suggestive clothes , and is the type of girl who gets whatever she wants without even trying Is she using her physical beauty as power , or might she be psychopathic or have a borderline personality disorder Oris something else going on all together The full cast of characters gel together to create a stunning ensemble novel.Phil Liz McGinnis, and their daughter, Danielle, are the new family to move into the gated wealthy community The Palms in Liver, California Phil, still has his strong accent from Melbourne that woman melt over Phil s charm works to his benefit even with the married women He is hired as the new community relations specialist His job includes schmoozing with the other home owners, keeping the community happy Their family isn t wealthy like the other home owners Their huge resort type luxury home is free..part of the job perk Needless to say, it takes some getting use to living in a community where just about everything is outsourced. childcare and housekeeping and cooking, running into town to grab something from Target , etc Hair stylist comes to the homes before parties, personal shoppers, etc Liz is uncomfortable with these women They are like modern day fairy tale princesses Author Paula Treick DeBoard has written a razor sharp novel dark, smart, scary teen angst.family, marriage, complex themes explored in depth This nail biting page turning story sucks us in, and pulls at our heartstrings At the same time we re very aware of the understated fright sadness going on I leave you with to think about What s the difference between a pedophile and an innocent person accused of pedophilia What about a rapist and a person accused of rape Practically speaking nothing They re the same One might as well be the other It doesn t matter if you re innocent, because the accusation plants the suggestion, and from there the guilt grows The innocent are most vulnerable, really They ve got most to lose those with wives and kids who aren t looking for something on the side Note I ve read Paula Treick DeBoard s other two novels, The Morning Hours, and The Fragile World if you have not read this author yetyou re in for a treat if you do ALWAYS emotionally powerful skillful flowing storytelling The Drowning Girls , ROCKS .brilliantly constructed Irresistible and disturbing comes out in stores in April