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I have no idea why but I seriously love this world and its characters I gave the first book 3 stars because it was pretty good but kind of slow This second book I could not put down I loved it I see a lot of mixed reviews on it and that s ok because I can see why some might struggle with it However, I was truly entertained and look forward to the third book next year Once, I was a mouse, she says and strips off her glove She reaches into the cage to stroke the rodent s tiny bald haunches But I am not anySince this worked out so well last time After the bloody events of the Quickening last book, one would be forgiven for expecting, nay, anticipating murder, mayhem, and violent mind games this round One would expect the queens to focus tunnel vision like on the prospect of winning and continued existence.RightNot as beautiful as that Nicolas bends and kisses the back of her gloved hand Not as beautiful as you Katharine blushes and nods downfield toward the targetsKatharine, my reborn poisoner, my best hope for some slaughter, has reverted back to a blushing milkmaid in the presence of a new hot suitor You d think she d show some suspicion or caution towards handsome, unusually nice strangers after what happened with Pietyr, but either she s the most confident idiot in the world or the most hormonal Take your pick view spoiler She buys Pietyr s explanation way too easily Granted, it takes nearly the entire book for her to accept him again, but there s not nearly as much mistrust and hatred as I expected hide spoiler @READ DOWNLOAD ⛓ One Dark Throne ê The Battle For The Crown Has Begun, But Which Of The Three Sisters Will Prevail With The Unforgettable Events Of The Quickening Behind Them And The Ascension Year Underway, All Bets Are Off Katharine, Once The Weak And Feeble Sister, Is Stronger Than Ever Before Arsinoe, After Discovering The Truth About Her Powers, Must Figure Out How To Make Her Secret Talent Work In Her Favor Without Anyone Finding Out And Mirabella, Once Thought To Be The Strongest Sister Of All And The Certain Queen Crowned, Faces Attacks Like Never Before Ones That Put Those Around Her In Danger She Can T Seem To PreventIn This Enthralling Sequel To Kendare Blake S New York Times Bestselling Three Dark Crowns, Fennbirn S Deadliest Queens Must Face The One Thing Standing In Their Way Of The Crown Each Other For hours, from beginning to end, this book was all consuming So far none of my most anticipated sequels have let me down, glad this book kept up that trend We reunite with the sisters sometime after the events of Beltane And as expected none of the sisters are quite the same Mirabella who is out for revenge, Arisone who has now discovered her deadly gift and Katharine who is essentially back from the dead, and as usual, nothing is as it seems My sister rankings Katharine Arsinoe Mirabella I know, I know, it s crazy that after all my Katharine cheerleading I have actually come to like Arsinoe quite a bit And while Mirabella is still my least favorite, I don t detest her as I did before Crazy right The Sister as GIFsKatharine Arsione Mirabellawhen she starts finally starts to realize the truth Relationships Billy Arsione From strangers to friends, to lovers, these two are basically relationships goalsAre you worried I ll like them better than I like you That s not possible Why Because you re so irresistible No Because you don t like anyone Arsione snorts I do like you, Junior Oh But I have important things to think about right nowHonestly, I love their banter and conversations Their moments together are often brief, but they re always worth it They clearly love each other, but their romance in no way stands in the way of them doing what is needed of themNo matter how far I go, I m still your person We stand together nowThis is basically the line that stole my heart, though there are plenty of others, and made me truly fall for Billy He is the only love interest, at this point, whom I absolutely adore He is loyal and his feelings unwavering The same can also be said for Arsione There were moments where I feared she d misunderstand him, but thankfully I was proven wrong These two not only love each other, but they also trust each other and that is just so important Pietyr KatharineHe does not love you like I do He cannot And how do you know, Pietyr Katharine asks, leaning so close that he must feel her breath against his ear What must he do to prove he does Must he throw me down into the Breccia DomainThese two have a very tenuous relationship at this point Pietyr, despite his rather unforgivable actions in the previous book, is determined to prove to Katharine that he truly loves her And Katharine, though she denies it, has never truly stopped loving him Because only a fool in love would see any logic in his absolutely absurd reason for his actions She wants to hurt him, to see his discomfort and jealousy at her actionsWill you try to put your knife in his back Katharine counters, but Nicholas only laughs Of course not, my sweet, he says When I kill a man, I look into his eyes Katharine forces a smile Of course he is joking He must be No one must ever be allowed to harm Pietyr No one but herBut if anything, this just proves that he still holds her heart And at the end, it appears all of Pietyr declarations are true because he stands by her even after the horrid truth of her gift manifests itself It seems this time Pietyr has strapped himself in for the long hull and is ready to be the ride or die guy that Katharine needs So I guess we ll see how this goes Honestly, I was quite worried when the announcement of two books, since this was originally supposed to be a duology, because I feared this would start to drag But I am satisfied with the overall pacing of this book And I think it left us with a lot of mysteries and questions that still need to be answered So I am definitely looking forward to history lore regarding the island and how it will draw the sisters back together again, especially with how this book ended All in all a solid read, I can t wait to see what happens next I really love this series okayyyy it pains me, but i will admit this is marginally better than the first book but, oh, i would have paid money for this to include joseph vs the bear, part II i still think hes a massive weenie but honestly, im not a fan of how blake portrays men in this, any of them, like at all something about it is rubbing me the wrong way 2.5 stars Actual rating 4.2 Story The story was good It wasn t a slow story any, there was always something happening, but I finished the book and kind of forgot everything except Billy, duh And I thought there would be of a cliff hanger Characters Let s describe the characters in the second book Jules is a cool badass, Arsinoe finally knows that she s a precious strong queen, Katherine is a crazy head but remember her ending in the first book, no surprise at all , Mirabella was forced in the background and kind of lame and Katherine is crazy Did I mention this already Oops Aaaaaaaaand Billy is a loyal, kindhearted and gorgeous guy Love him World Who wants to kill all her sisters to become queen It s I don t want to spoiler you, but she s crazy Relationships Joseph finally decides who he loves Hooray , Pietyr has weird loyal kind of love and Billy is my favorite gorgeous to be king And don t forget the love of sisters Writing style I like Kendaras writing and I will probably read the other books she wrote It s nice and fluent with some beautiful phrases.Can I have the next book, please 30 Sep 17 My other reviews for Three Dark Crowns Two Dark ReignsThis book was all over the place, and I say this with great sadness I wanted to like this than Three Dark Crowns unfortunately it was the other way around And I didn t even find TDC particularly great.There will be some spoilers here the serious spoilers are marked, but still some unmarked ones as well, so be warned.I say all over the place mostly in terms of internal consistency The characters say one thing yet do another The world politics consist of certain rules yet have no strong consequences when they are broken Even the narrative voice flip flops between close third person often shifting into secondary characters POV when it is convenient for the author not to get into the heads of the actual main character and yet would frequently brush into omnicientNo, Braddock, no Arsinoe shouts, and stomps her feet, but he will not obey He is tired of running You will always be welcome at Westwood House Bree s voice is forceful Determined She does not understand why Elizabeth stays after what they did to her The above quotes are just two of the examples I found upon a cursory skim The first was during a scene written in close 3rd person with Arsinoe as its main point of view, yet she somehow slips into her bear s mind and no, it s not because he is her familiar and she has a natural connection to how it feels it s already established since Book 1 that their bond is the result of an unnatural low magic.The second quote is taken from a scene where every other paragraph is written in close 3rd person POV with Mirabella as its main character, and the shift into Bree s thoughts just threw me off.Otherwise, the narrative was serviceable It isn t particularly great, and there were times it felt convenient, for lack of a better word Things that were kept secret from us readers for so long would suddenly be revealed by Character A talking about it to Character B.The biggest example and one of the greater peeves I had about this book was in the case of Cait and Madrigal discussing the secret about Jules There was no reason this secret was kept from us readers other than for the sake of mystery especially considering that we ve been in Madrigal s head upon several occasions since Book 1 The fact she never thought about this secret and revealed it to us readers at an earlier stage was a huge cop out Mystery for the sake of mystery.And when it was finally revealed, it was done at such an offhand and non exciting manner as two characters having a discussion, that it was simply anticlimactic.While we re on the topic of the secret about Jules be warned that there will be spoilers in this next paragraph please skip this entire paragraph if you re not prepared to learn what the secret is I pretty much guessed something like this from Book 1, as you can see in my predictions below.I didn t get it completely right, but it was clear there was some powerful revelation about her I m pissed off not because I didn t get the prediction exactly right, but because this revelation came out of nowhere Legion cursed What the eff is this new term It was never once mentioned in Book 1 I did a search on my e book copy and all of a sudden in Book 2, every time the term was mentioned, every character that mentioned it knew exactly what it was.Now all of a sudden, Jules great power is revealed to be because she also has the war gift on top of her naturalist gift And we never saw sparks of it before because it had been bound It just seemed like the author pulled it out of nowhere because she didn t want to use any of the foreshadowed terms previously thrown in Book 1 e.g Blue Queen just to throw us all off and make the reveal a surprise Unfortunately, I wasn t shook , as they say nowadays More like mildly annoyed.Why are people still even following these traditions and picking their queen out of Mirabella, Katharine, and Arsinoe when Jules is clearly much powerful And since I ve mentioned the lack of consistency before, the reveal about Jules also explicitly stated that people with her particular gift or curse, whatever you want to name it were supposed to 1 go mad because of their curse, and 2 have lesser powers because of it.In Jules case, neither of these two caveats were true She remains completely sane and powerful throughout the entire novel so, worldbuilding inconsistency, or special cookie Either explanation is equally disappointing.In case you thought I was done hold your horses Going back to mystery for the sake of mystery We were so conveniently left out of Katharine s head so often for the sheer reason that the author did not want us to know what had happened to her down in that pit she crawled out of.The times we were so graciously let into her POV, never once did she think about her escape Never once did she show even a reaction to her traumatic experience down there in those pits Once again, conveniently preventing us readers from discovering what happened to her for no other reason other than to keep the mystery alive.And the manner in which we do discover what happened Another anticlimactic reveal I had guessed it long before the actual reveal about a quarter way into the book, going by my one single status update.So again, I ain t shook.In addition to the gripes I have above, I m also left with questions than I had coming in Again spoilers, so please skip if you don t want to know some key revelations 1 Arsinoe, as I ve predicted, is a powerful poisoner I say powerful because she survives every single poisoning attempt, and this without even a day of training as a poisoner This makes her even powerful than Katharine previously.However, Katharine, having being possessed by the spirits of dead queens past, is also now a powerful poisoner So powerful that her king consort ends up dead after coitus So why, when in Book 1 Arsinoe s blood came in contact with Madrigal and later, Jack s rooster, did neither of the two also die 2 Katharine s power What in the actual f is it The only reason she got so strong is because she s immersed in the strength and sheer willpower of all the previously killed queens That means it s their powers she s channelling So, what is her actual own ability Is she truly a poisoner, but just a completely useless, weak, and crappy one 3 What happened to the love spell gone awry that kept Joseph and Mirabella inexplicably drawn to each other In Book 1, a single glance was enough to get their juices going and hot all over Now, it s completely dropped as though the author decided that sideplot had run its course and didn t know how to close it properly 4 What happened to low magic being a dangerous, unpredictable thing In Book 1, it took Jules and the blood magic to control Arsinoe s bear, and even then it was a volatile and weak connection But all of a sudden, now after a second use of low magic, Arsinoe suddenly has complete and perfect control of her bear.The above questions cemented my overall conclusion that this book is all over the place I don t know if the author is a pantser or a plotter, but it read like a book written by the seat of one s pants, and given the occasional curveball when things got a little too predictable, just to throw us all off and plot bunnies were left to die and fade in a forgotten corner.Things that were previously foreshadowed were left forgotten red herrings get annoying after one too many Rules previously established often lead nowhere, things that are revealed often cameout of nowhere.House loyalties dissipated at the drop of a hat, characters actions held no consequences Pietyr shoving Katharine down that hole in Book 1 Pah, just tell her you did it out of love and it s all done and dusted Joseph s betrayal Forgiven completely, love spell or no.However, I do feel guilty giving this book the same rating as I gave for Throne of Glass , which I hated infintely than One Dark Throne I don t hate this book, despite my review I was disappointed by it.I ll still end up reading the next books, simply because I ve come so far None of the main characters were so detestable that made the reading experience painful, and, like I said, the narrative voice is serviceable It didn t try to be poetic or artsy or whatever crap that often makes prose unbearable to read The relationships between characters were commendable, although the individual characters by themselves could do with a lot work.Basically, I think this story has potential The writing has potential This was disappointing, but I m not giving up on the author 13 Jan 17 goodreads Review of Three Dark CrownsHaving accurately predicted the twist ofThree Dark Crownsfrom Chapter Two of said book, let s see if I can get as lucky in this one Jules is the Blue Queen or some other similarly powerful revelation about the circumstance of her birth paternal heritagetheory somewhat confirmedKatharine is the Naturalist Queen She and Arsinoe were swapped probably a plan the three girls concocted, made possible since they have now bar Mirabella who keeps getting dreams about their childhood conveniently lost all memory of their earlier years Also made possible since their mother knew every single girl had powers possibly knew which girl had what power , but the girls were separated from their mother whom therefore cannot confirm their identities theory confirmed thanks to a commenter who read The Young Queensnovella in which it was confirmed that Katharine is a naturalist and was swapped with Arsinoe by their mother at birth Joseph and Mirabella are actually acting under the effects of the love spell Arsinoe destroyed and I doubly suspect Madrigal knows the consequence, if not deliberately planned for it I don t trust Madigral one bit That said, I still hope Jules s mountain cat will rip Joseph to shredstheory confirmed And these are the questions plotholes that I hope will be answered, otherwise I ll be mighty pissed I predicted literally from page 53 of Three Dark Crowns that Arsinoe was the Poisoner Queen The only thing that made me second guess myself is why her blood which was pecked at by Jack s rooster did not poison said rooster or poison Madrigal, for that matter, who had handled it several times in order to make all those spells if a poisoner queen s blood is supposed to be lethalquestion not answered, though Arsinoe did turn out to be a stronger Poisoner than even KatharineIf Katharine is indeed the Naturalist Queen as I predicted , then why does the new snake bite her Aren t animals meant to naturally defer to a naturalist What the f k was up with that bear Arsinoe summoned in the woods What kind of magic did she and Madrigal conjure The only explanation I can think of is Madrigal is deliberately trying to kill Arsinoe and knew exactly what she was doing Otherwise it makes no sense Why does Mirabella conveniently keep having dreams of her memory with her sisters And why is she the only one Full Revew Update Spoiler free Easy 5 stars Good grief What even happened What did I just read I went into this book not knowing to expect The first book was certainly unpredictable, and this one even less so But holy crap guys, what a ride this was Prepare for a rollercoaster Going back, I loved the first book BUT It took me til about half way to get into it There were just so many characters and my brain got lost frequently But once everything with Joseph hit though, I got sucked in to that river of feels Let me urge you, if you DNF ed the first because you had a hard time getting into it, go back and finish I promise you, it s worth it SO worth it And the end of book one Holy wow.So that brings me to this one.You guys, you are not prepared It takes off running and doesn t slow down I m not trying to hype this up or anything, but it was damn fun and I was literally panting and sweating ALL through the book The pacing was ten times the first Absolutely perfect The writing was gorgeous and raw I m not normally a fan of third person present, but it works here But the best part This story was so easy to follow, and before you know it, you re right there in the plot with the characters I WAS PANICKING FOR ALL THE CHILDREN.Previously, I didn t really hate any of the queens, though I was drawn to Arsinoe That definitely didn t change here She just breaks my heart She s so badass, and like in the first book, she just expects herself to be the one to die She s been told she was weak, and my gosh, that s the opposite of true This girl has spirit and I can barely think about her without getting emotional The choices she makes all throughout this story are just I can t I can t ILOVEHER Can we also please just take a moment to appreciate the fact that her face is scarred but she literally OWNS it Does not care.And on that note Billy SDFJSL DFKJ I did not expect him to become a favorite character Holy crap I wish I could say , and I will down the road, but for now, I m just going to wildly profess my love for Billy and Arsinoe They are now my children I am adopting them.As for Mirabella, I was unsure of her in the first book She s the pretty queen who was told she was the only powerful one, and has every reason to act spoiled But does she Heck no From book one, she remembered and cared for her sisters, but grew cold once she thought Arsinoe attacked her Understandable right But she surprised me time and time again She s perfectly imperfect but deep down, the sweetest thing I think you guys will LOVE her in this book.As for Katherine, well, you guys know what happened to her at the end of the last We pick back up with the consequences of that, and her character becomes so fascinatingly eerie I still can t bring myself to hate her I liked her from the beginning, and I was so into her and Peityr s relationship, and oh man guys just wait until you see what happens with all that I don t even know how to feel right now.Omg How could I forget Jules and Camden Like Camden is my soulkitty Holy wow And Jules I did NOT expect the twist with her I m so nervous about her I adore her so much There is SO much potential there but she s as much a main character as the three queens now, and I LOVED that I can t find anything to complain about I really can t Maybe there s a few characters I still couldn t keep straight from time to time, but it didn t take away from my reading experience at all.And as usual, you guys are in for a ton of bloodshed and a kick ass CRAZY ending Also I m still crying bye SO I realize this review is mostly a conglomerate of emotional fangirling but I can t help it, that s how I feel right now I ll certainly add once the book has been released and I can talk openly, but I feel like this will fly off the shelves I can t wait for the third book release.All in all My heart is BLEEDING, and yet I LOVED every minute of it And hated it And loved it WHAT EVEN.This book was bat shit crazy, and one of the most unique and riveting stories I ve ever read.My Blog Instagram Twitter Etsy 5 5 Stars This book BLEW ME AWAY I don t think I have ever loved a sequel so much.I feel so satisfied with this novel It was everything I could have wanted from the Three Dark Crowns when I first started It is action packed, intense, and very complex The strain on character relationships deepen, political tensions continue to rise, and it is full of enticing events that hooked me the entire time The pacing was much better than book one in my opinion and I feel the increase in significant events and a stronger storyline were big assets to this novel My engagement with the second installment of this series is miles stronger than that of book one, and I couldn t be happier with the shift in my personal reading experience.Due to the character development of all the queens, it s interesting how I can t fully root for just one of them I always had a soft spot for Arsinoe, and book two caused me to gain a greater appreciation for Mirabella I also grew to like Jules and while I feel I should despise Katherine, her storyline is so fascinating that I can t help but sort of love her now morally grey character I still hate Joseph, though.If you had any reservations about starting the series or about continuing after book one, drop them and indulge in this fantastic book One Dark Throne is a new fantasy fav for me and I m so happy I read it.