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I received a copy of this title to read and review for Wicked Reads 3 Stars T.A Chase is a new to me author I need to stress that you heed the publishers note in the blurb, about how this series is linked to the Home series by this author Not realizing, I chose to review and was excited because this was listed as book 1 While this is the first in a new series, how it was linked to another, I felt as if I had been dropped in the middle of a series, right in the middle of a book, on page one For me and I ve read many series which are apart of another, but only this one and another was difficult to read because of this , it feltlike a continuation of the other series, which clearly I have not read, than one that is connected by characters What I m trying to say, it should have had a designation as being another in the Home series.20 characters were name dropped in the first chapter alone, with parts of their histories brought up, when I, the reader, was simply trying to get a handle on who was narrating this story to me This was a very difficult start, in a story which was very simplistic Truly, read the other series first While the story itself flowed easily, moving from Edward s narration to Hunter s, and back again, and the premise was simple enough to get a handle on as long as you rolled with the flow and didn t try to figure out who was who and what had happened in the past The connection a reader develops with the cast of characters wasn t there, because it was written with the knowledge of many books prior, so I missed what is usually present in the first of a series the character building, which was in books past My experience was lessened due to this factor I rated three stars simply because even after reading the book in its entirely, I felt short changed, which makes rating and reviewing difficult for me Because no doubt if I was connected with the author and the characters via the other series, my reading enjoyment would have been exponentially higher.This is my fault, so do yourself a favor and heed the note in the blurb, unless you re like me and only went by how this was the first in a series and don t read blurb, as some now hold too much of the story itself also, my bad Once I ignored how I was confused, and concentrated on Edward and Hunter, I read the book fairly quickly in a matter of a few hours Sweet, filled with warm and cuddly romance, which is sure to please those who are looking forromance than story heart warming.Will I readby this author Only if I go back and begin the Home series from the start Until then, no I don t feel the need to read book 2 in this off shoot, as I felt, confusion and the disconnect aside, that the narrative and dialogue was too wooden for my tastes. REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCEAlthough this new series is loosely linked to the Home series I don t think you need to worry too much if you haven t read it The main character to cross over is Edwards brother Derek St Martin from Wishing For a Home book3 and he isn t really pertinent here butof a way of casually linking a new and old series together This series seems set to concentrate on the band members of Merging Violently and the author gives you enough introduction to them all in this first book to keep you interested.This story concentrates on Hunter Lee who is the bands lead guitarist Merging Violently are working towards stardom but are not quite there yet They have just finished their latest tour of small gigs along the East Coast and have all gone their separate ways for a few weeks of downtime Hunter writes most of the music for the band and is never far from a guitar and notebook and this is how he first meets Edward.Edward Monterrose lives for his horses He spends a lot of his time on the road competing and has never given a lot of thought to settling down He has a good set of friends and co workers and a step brother who drops everything when Edward takes a fall and ends up in hospital with a fewbroken bones Recovering from his injuries and frustrated at not being able to ride he comes across Hunter in a local park and is drawn to the man playing his guitar.I loved the ease of things between Edward and Hunter right from the start From their initial meeting, to their friendship to ending up in bed for a pretty steamy bout of sex the author made it seem easy and smooth As a person who spent most of her childhood on a stable yard with horses I really enjoyed the time spent at Edwards s stables.This is an angst free and feel good love story and I am looking forward to finding outabout the remaining band members in future books in particular Boris who seems to have some dark secrets to uncover. Baby fall into my kiss It should just happen like this Trust it so much that there s no one else but us and this moment that says it s so right Drink up this love, baby, give it all we got tonight George Straight Give It All We Got Tonight Most of us have heard the expression seeing the writing on the wall , but in the case of Edward Monterrose, from Fall into my Kiss by T A Chase, it s a matter of hearing the music in the park Edward keeps himself busy with a successful business, training and showing horses and teaching students Edward is content, but wishes he had someone to love like his step brother Derrick When he hears Hunter Lee playing his guitar in the park, Edward is entranced not just by the sound, but by the man and wants to pursue the feeling further.Edward is recovering from what he calls an unscheduled dismount , i.e., a fall off his horse His brother Derek has come to check up on him and Edward is pleased to see him Derek is as successful as a musician, owning his own music label, as Edward is with his horses They seldom see each other, but are closer to each other than to the rest of their family, are great friends, and love and admire each others character and achievements Even though he knows Edward won t listen, Derek leaves him with the admonishment to give himself time to heal, especially since he s getting too old to keep getting hurt.When Edward goes for a walk in a park and hears the strains of guitar strings lilting in the air, he is drawn toward the sound Edward introduces himself and learns that Hunter is in a band just coming off tour Edward also tells Hunter about his horses Although they don t seem to have a lot in common, they have an instant attraction to each other and both are respectful and appreciative of each others skills Hunter is pleasantly surprised that, even though Edward obviously comes from money, he behaves different than some rich men Hunter has met in the past As they become acquainted, they realize that even though their interests are different, they have the same hopes and dreams Also, they have similar obstacles, i.e., having to spend a lot of time on their skills and being away for long periods of time, which makes a long term commitment almost impossible Thethey are together, the greater the attraction becomes They are downright domestic and love it They acknowledge their strong feelings for each other, but wonder if any relationship can survive the inevitable separations their careers will certainly entail.Although Hunter and Edward s attraction was insta love, it didn t feel that far fetched Their interaction with each other seemed natural, due in part to their great respect for each other Meeting the secondary characters introduced a support group for future events The information about the horse business was interesting and informative it fit seamlessly into the story an efficient way of sharing Edward s passion for horses with Hunter rather than teaching me If you like horses, farms, cowboys, men dedicated to what they do, rock bands, and happy for now endings , you may enjoy this story Thanks, T.A., for the entertainment and education.NOTE This book was provided by Pride Publishing for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews. Title Fall Into My KissAuthor T.A ChaseSeries Merging Violently book 1 Publisher Pride PublishingReviewer CeeRelease Date May 31, 2016Genre s MM, RomancePage Count 167Heat Level 4 flames out of 5Rating 4 stars out of 5T.A has done it again Merging Violently is a spin off of the Home series and this time, Edward gets his man As lead guitarist for his band, Merging Violently, Hunter Lee was determined to hit the big times with his four band mates The process was slow, but they were getting work and making good music During downtime, Hunter meets the injured, rich Edward Monterrose Edward was a man far removed from Hunter s lifestyle He exuded class and confidence, never seeming to want anything He also owns a stable and trains and competes in horse shows A chance meeting produces instant attraction Getting invited to perform at a benefit Edward was hosting could be the big break the band needed Could the men be merging violently in a disastrous and temporary romance or falling deeply in love with thrilling results And how will they survive when both travel so often Like T.A stories, this one did not disappoint on special appearances by well loved characters and sweet romance Given the time frame and the connection between Edward and Hunter, even I as a reader was not surprised that they gelled so well I cannot wait for the follow up stories in this universe Worth the purchase Reviewed by Cee from Alpha Book Club T.A Chase is a new author for me, I didn t realize that the Merging Violently series is a spinoff of the Home series Had I read that series I think I would have enjoyed this one , there is quite a bit of character crossover from the Home series That said, the book was quite enjoyable to read once I figured out who all the characters were Hunter is a musician touring up and down the east coast with his band Merging Violently Edward is a horse trainer recovering from a tumble off his horse They meet in the park and Edward asks Hunter if his band would be willing to perform at a charity event he is planning As they say, the rest is history The story was entertaining and the amount of information about horse training and farm life was amazing T.A Chase either grew up with horses or really did the research I am curious to see what happens with Boris, I m dying to know what happens to him in New York The rest of the characters were interesting and funny The banter between the band mates was funny and helped keep the dialogue fresh I can t wait to see where this series goes Now I m off to read the Home series. Review by Shee Reader for Boy Meets Boy reviews.Rating 3.5 hearts.Hunter Lee is the lead guitarist in an alternative rock band, Merging Violently After travelling up and down the east coast playing small gigs, Hunter and his bandmates are taking a break from the touring and each other, and Hunter finds himself in a small town, playing his guitar in the park, writing songs and dreaming of the big time His music grabs the attention of Edward Montrose a top flight equestrian and horse breeder who he himself is having a break After a nasty fall during a show, Edward is nursing a broken wrist and numerous bruises when he finds a very attractive man playing his guitar in his local park Hunter and Edward are both likeable characters who each have their own reasons for not being in a relationship Edward has experienced great loss, and travels far and wide, as does Hunter and the band Add in Edward s famous musician brother Derek, and we have quite the story set up The main characters all get together at a charity benefit Edward is organising and Hunter s band are the opening act for Derek The music is good, the declarations sweet and the future looks very bright for both our heroes.The writing is quite engaging and easy to get involved in There are some big leaps in the story that may have benefited by being fleshed out a little , but the descriptions of both the music and the horse world are accurate and realistic Some of the romance between our two main characters is a bit insta love but I happen to like that Overall, the story is a nice easy read and has enough open ended aspects to lure me into any books that follow on I for one would love the story on the rest of Hunter s bandmates I was given this book for free in exchange for an honest review. Another great book from T.A Chase I really enjoyed this book There was no misunderstandings, or cheating, or unrequited love This is what I would describe as a sweet love story.Hunter and Edward both in my Opinion are two very strong men that are horn doing what they love in life Edward owns his own farm raising show horses and showing and competing them Hunter is in a band that is not big time yet but will be in the near future But even with the success I believe they both know a good thing when they find it These two men in my opinion had an instant connection and hey both knew there was no reason to deny or fight it, instead they both embraced it and now they have their careers and each other.Like I said this book is what I would call a sweet love story and sometimes that is just what I am in the mood to read I really enjoyed this book and I cannot wait to read the next book in the series when it comes out Good job T.A Chase Another great book.Was given this book for free by inked rainbow reads for an honest review I didn t realize that this book was linked the TA Chase s Home Series As I ve read the first three books in that series it was great to see the connection to that series This was a story of two men from that was poles apart from each other as you can get Yet somehow that were able to make it work There was so much seriousness to this story and I absolutely loved it Yet it also had humor in it I think it s great when an author can inject just the right amount of humor into a story and not take away from seriousness of the story as well Ms Chase did that in spades I can t wait to read the next in the series to see what happens to the others.I was given this book by Inked Rainbow Reads in exchange for an honest review. (Download Ebook) ⚶ Fall into My Kiss (Merging Violently, #1) õ Will Hunter S Life Ever Be Than An Endless Tour Of Small Gigs Hunter Lee Is Lead Guitarist Of The Alternative Rock Band, Merging Violently He And His Four Friends Travel Up And Down The East Coast, Playing Small Gigs It S Not What He Dreamed Of When He Founded The Band, But It S A Way To Make A Living Meeting Edward Monterrose Might Be The Best Shot He Has At Hitting The Big TimeEdward Monterrose Doesn T Have Time For A Relationship He S Too Busy With His Horses And Students Yet He Always Makes Time For A Benefit To Raise Money For Charities He Supports While Recovering From An Injury, He Overhears Hunter Playing In The Park And Asks Him To Play At The BenefitThe Two Men Come From Different Worlds Yet Discover They Have In Common Than They Thought Yet Will Their Relationship Last When They Re Apart For Months On End Publisher S Note This Book Is Linked To The Home Series By TA Chase This is a spin off of The Home series It was great to catch up with the guys I enjoyed it.