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Please could someone else read this because I need someone to talk to about this book The plot was incredible That ending has me shook and I don t know how to react or feel because it was so unexpected I swear, the author did such a phenomenal job of creating a story that was so shocking and stunning all at the same time All the Little Lights has a bit of thrillerish vibe going on throughout the book for me I wasn t sure how I d like this from her previous reads, but I must say I did like it, it isn t anything like her precious books though Elliot Catherine have that once in a lifetime love that carries with them through separation My heart ached and healed during this read There are many twists and turns and surprises that will keep you guessing Although I struggled with the middle of this story, I enjoyed the ending. KINDLE ♒ All the Little Lights ♀ FromNew York Times Bestselling Author Jamie McGuire Comes A Riveting Tale Of First Love That Starts Young But Runs DeepThe First Time Elliott Youngblood Spots Catherine Calhoun, He S Just A Boy With A Camera, And He S Never Seen A Sadder And Beautiful Sight Both Elliott And Catherine Feel Like Outcasts, Yet They Find An Easy Friendship With Each Other But When Catherine Needs Him Most, Elliott Is Forced To Leave TownElliott Finally Returns, But He And Catherine Are Now Different People He S A Star High School Athlete, And She Spends All Her Free Time Working At Her Mother S Mysterious Bed And Breakfast Catherine Hasn T Forgiven Elliott For Abandoning Her, But He S Determined To Win Back Her Friendship And Her HeartJust When Catherine Is Ready To Fully Trust Elliott, He Becomes The Prime Suspect In A Local Tragedy Despite The Town S Growing Suspicions, Catherine Clings To Her Love For Elliott But A Devastating Secret That Catherine Has Buried Could Destroy Whatever Chance Of Happiness They Have Left As everyone who has come before me in reviewing this title, I m having trouble finding the proper words and the spoiler free topics to discuss just how this book made me feel While it was unforgettable, multi faceted, and tender, it was also dark and mysterious, mostly in the second half I was pleasantly surprised with the change of pace and tone in the latter portion of the story, and almost wish that had been a focal point for the entirety of the novel It was a bit lengthy for the type of book that this is, so I felt about 75 pages could have been cut without changing any major vibes or story anchors I was, like most others have stated, surprised and shocked by the twist in the ending It was moving, but felt slightly disjointed from the overall feel of the novel As a whole, I enjoyed reading this, and as my first Jamie McGuire title I m eager to continue on with her booksMy review copy was provided by the publisher via NetGalley. RATING 3.75 5ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewOkayI am not sure how to feel about this book The first 70% felt flat for me Nothing really happened except two characters falling in love in a very unrealistic way, if you ask me , then a tragedy and then a time jump into the future The characters are nothing special really Catherine is the type of girl who thinks of herself as plain and boring and Elliot is the type of guy who needs to save their significant other no matter the cost Both of those tropey character traits annoy the hell out of me Also, they both seemed really fake I know they re fictional but come on and all of their conversations were the exact same It was always Catherine being insecure and Elliot telling her she was beautiful Now, about the plot It is clear from the beginning that the home lives of both Catherine and Elliot are really crappy I can t say much without spoiling, just that Catherine s been keeping a secret from everyone and it s scary And the ending It is really smart and, even though I guessed it, I still applaud the author s intelligence My rating jumped from 2.75 to 3.75 because of that.In conclusion, I don t know if I should recommend this or not It wasn t terrible, it was just meh 70% of the book is nonsense But if the premise interests you then go for it. Thanks again to Montlake Romance for sending me an ARC of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review All the Little Lights is a book about Catherine and Elliot who meet during one hot summer in a small town in the United States They fall in love but when Catherine needs him most, Elliot has to leave town A few years later though, he comes back to her and he s determined to win back her heart But just when Catherine is ready to fully trust Elliot again, he becomes the prime suspect in a local tragedy and a dark secret Catherine is keeping, could destroy whatever chance of happiness they have left I really liked the premise of this book and overall really enjoyed Jamie McGuire s Beautiful series back when I read it, so I was super excited when I received an ARC for All the Little Lights Unfortunately though, my expectations for this novel weren t met and I ultimately was disappointed by it The first 80% of the book were incredibly boring and it was basically just about the relationship of the two main characters which made me lose interest in the novel quite quickly Further, Catherine and Elliot were pretty unoriginal characters and even at the end of the book, I still couldn t have cared less about either of them She was the quiet girl with some personal problems while he was the guy who for some reason felt the need to save her I also thought their love story was kind of weird because in chapter one you find out that he d already been pretty obsessed with her prior to them getting to know each other Catherine apparently thought it was cute, I personally thought it was kind of creepy The last 20% of All the Little Lights were a littleinteresting and partly made up for the other 80% of the novel The book stopped being too much about their relationship and instead started dealing with a local tragedy which put a strain on Catherine and Elliot s relationship But even though that part of the book was definitelyinteresting, the big plot twist at the end didn t surprise me at all because as soon as tragedy had struck the town, I had already been guessing the book would end just as it did So overall, I unfortunately have to say that I just didn t enjoy All the little Lights and can t give itthan two out of five stars Further, this was the first and probably also the last one of Jamie McGuire s YA books I ve read but that doesn t mean I ll just give up on her books I still really like her writing style and like I said, I did enjoy her other books I ve read So if you want to check out any of her books, I highly recommend you read one of her NA novels. 3,5 4 stars I haven t read a book from Jamie McGuire in years so I didn t know what to expect from this.This was definitely an interesting and unique story I find myself captivate in the story I was hooked from the first pages.Catherine and Elliot are both unique characters.Their relationship was sweet.I don t want to give anything away from the story.I think it s better to go in this one blind, it will make itenjoyable I enjoyed the premise of the book.It has great suspense and I was curious to see what will happen next.There is a mystery around the characters and I loved it.The only reason this wasn t a 5 stars was the fact that it was a little bit slow in some parts and also some things was strange.Overall, it was an interesting story and I m glad I had the chance to read it I ve been given an advanced reading copy of this book by Montlake Romance via Netgalley but it had no influence on my willing and always honest review 5 I ve been tricked stars When I learned that Jamie McGuire would publish a new book I requested this one immediately and crossed my fingers I was really overjoyed when I learned I could read it because The cover is so pretty D I had a good feeling and so far my intuition never misled me Now that it s all read and done I can honestly say that it was totally different from what I expected and from what I had read from Jamie so far First of all there is one major ingredient in this book the atmosphere.I got a gothic vibe from the story and it was a constant companion Always present, weighting on my thoughts Surprisingly right from a book happening in Oklahoma and not in a Scottish castle The reason for this feeling is an additional unanimated character Catherine s big, old and spooky house This house is filled with whispers and creaking noises The Juniper is looming ominously throughout the book filling the pages with a constant tension What secrets are hidden within these walls Second important element the secret When I was reading Catherine and Elliott s story I found it sweet, cute and somewhat angsty but I was headed toward 4 stars The I liked it very very much but I did not get my wow factor Then I learned Catherine s secret and I was BLOWN AWAY I nearly feel off my chair I had been tricked all along Blinded Totally and utterly blinded So now I want to bow to Jamie McGuire because she wrote a really unique and grave story But the worst is I CAN T TELL YOU Of course if I explain the secret all your fun will go away and that s a big no no So let s get back to a mini plot summary think Mini Moy summary and develop the main characters Catherine s family has been wealthy decades ago but their business had poisoned the town and now she and her mom are considered like pariah They are responsible for every illness striking the town s people.Catherine will be constantly bullied and lonely.Elliott Youngblood is part native American and met Catherine while he was young, up in a tree to catch great pictures He saw her at a very sad time when little Catherine had to bury her dog in her backyard.From that first glimpse Elliott fell for Catherine He really fell hard for her but she didn t saw him before years as he visited his aunt and uncle every summer, needing a breath from the constant fighting between his parents.When they properly met Elliott had braces, glasses and was all gangly I know I m Elliott Want to walk down to Braum s with me for an ice cream cone He was half a head taller than me, but by the looks of it, we weighed the same His arms and legs were too long and skinny, and he hadn t quite grown into his ears His high cheekbones protruded enough to make his cheeks appear sunken, and his long, stringy hair didn t help the appearance of his oval face They soon became friends Catherine was not alone any They spent a wonderful summer together that ended dramatically.When Catherine lived the worst day of her young live Elliott had to leave suddenly without saying goodbye Can you imagine what Catherine felt Betrayed and lonely Rejected onceThese were her feelings When Elliott came back years later.let s just say that he had much groveling to do This story about loyalty and love Elliott s loyalty to Catherine His utter devotion to her He was protective He would have given his life before letting her be hurt.Catherine s loyalty to her mom I have never read about adedicated daughter to her mother Her mother was fragile and Catherine had to protect and care for her constantly She had no happy childhood or carefree teenage years.Catherine s mom loyalty to the family house She could not bear to be parted with this family inheritance even if it was in dire need of repairs and they had no money to care for it This huge and menacing house dragged them down This was a story about abuse, be it from bullies, from neglect by parents or by physical blows This was a story about saving you and helping others You can t help others if you are trapped You can t get someone out of quicksand if you re stuck in it, too, This is a story about difference and racial issues In this small town many people would treat Elliott badly because he was part First Nation or native kid Elliott had to grow a thick skin and to let it go But of course once he became the football star all was forgiven and people did not see his skin color any I m always angry when I read such hypocrisy I consider someone s worth not based on his skin color, religion or gender but I will rank him based on his actions There are good and bad people in every culture The same you have smart and idiots in every religion To say witnessing such hypocrisy made my blood boil is an understatement And on that topic I so loved that quote My uncle John says people can only make us angry if we let them, and if we let them, we give them power That you either get good at rising above and meeting ignorance with education, or you get really good at being bitter I loved both main characters but Catherine was harder to really connect to As he holds her secret close she held the reader at arm s length Hard to connect with someone who wants to be left alone for fear of having her secret unraveled Yet I had so much compassion for that poor girl who shouldered so many responsibilities alone When I discovered the truth I was horrified Elliott Youngblood on the other hand was very easy to fall for He was a handsome giant who preferred hitting trees when he was angry than risk hurting someone.Elliott is dedicated, protective, smart, artsy, handsome, courageous and loyal The perfect her for this young adult novel To conclude I would say that Jamie tackled very difficult topics with an absolute mastery in the storytelling When you ll reach the end of the book you ll realize that Jamie spoke about a very sensitive and not so well known topic in a realistic and skilled fashion Recommend it Without a doubt and please go on with the book, don t DNF because you ll miss the whole purpose of the story. Another favorite quote because it happened when Presley bullied Catherine constantly and Elliott defended her it was sooo good You know why you ll never outgrow the need to make others feel like shit so you can feel better, Presley She narrowed her eyes at him, watching him like a snake ready to strike Elliott continued, Because it s a temporary high It never lasts, and you ll never stop because it s the only happiness you ll ever have in your sad, pathetic life that revolves around manicures and highlighting your hair Your friends They don t like you No one ever will because you don t like yourself So every time you give Catherine a hard time, she ll know She ll know why you re doing it, just like your friends will know Just like you ll know that you re overcompensating Every time you throw insults Catherine s way, it s that much less of a secret He made eye contact with each clone and then Presley Have the day you deserve Once again a huge thank you to Montlake Romance for its trust Let s chat do you love surprises in books Have you read Jamie McGuire s books beforeThanks for readingSophie i love books about love there, i said it especially when its about a boy falling for the girl next door ughhh why did my parents insist on raising me in the middle of nowhere i would have loved to have my own cute boy next door to pine over lol its a good thing this book made up for the tragic absence of my own teenage love because this was soooo cute so if youve seen other reviews for this, youre well aware the first 3 4 or so is literally just about catharine and elliot fawning over each other once tragically separated, but now reunited, their love can finally blossom gosh i love this trope its the last 1 4 that totally threw me for a loop its dramatic, and thrillery, and very shocking total surprise ending, but a dang good one, nonetheless i dont want to say too much because this story is something that should be experienced individually, but wow what a great book i swooned, i cheered, i laughed, i gasped, i breathed a heavy sigh of relief what a journey P.S disclaimer for future readers this was labelled as adult fiction in my library, but it is 100% YA its actually on the younger side of YA, if im honest ive read other books by jamie mcguire and i was shocked at how tame and innocent this was not that thats a bad thing, but i feel like it would have been even better if the maturity level had been kicked up a notch 5 stars 3 STARS I want to start with 2 issues I have the All The Little Lights by Jamie McGuire.Issue 1 It was long AF for no damn reason.Issue 2 It was advertised as adult romance but it is not I don t mind that it leanedtowards the YA side, just don t try to trick me as a reader.Look, I don t like being lied to This year, 2018, seems to be the year of miscategorizing books If a book is advertised an adult romance or contemporary romance read but it is not I get a little salty It readslike a YA book I have been trying to readYA so I would have read it at some point but I was in the mood for a romance novel.I m going to start by saying that I am a HUGE Jamie McGuire fan I will always be a Jamie McGuire fan Even though All The Little Lights was wee a bit difficult to read and get into, I will still read anything she writes.I didn t enjoy this book much It was okay I didn t hate it but I damn sure didn t love it either By the end of this week I most likely won t remember the details either.I can normally read a 300 350 page book in a day or so but a 400 500 page book takes 2 days max It took 4 days to finish this book because I was bored I kept putting it down because I would get distracted withinteresting thoughts in my head Even though I got side tracked a million and one times, it wasn t a horrible or overly difficult read.I quite enjoyed Catherine and Elliott s relationship It was pure, deep, and at time visceral Their feeling poured from the pages and I believed every single emotional they expressed Their relationship kept me interested and swooning from time to time I found myself wondering where boys like Elliott were when I was in high school I loved everything about him.Catherine s life difficult to say the least and Elliott s wasn t much better The main difference was that Elliott had a support of family and friends while Catherine had no one Elliott had a desire to be Catherine s rock and strength whether she wanted him to or notDon t look at them Look at me ElliottHe wanted to protect her and love herShe said you weren t her boyfriend not yet I m having a good night, though I think I just might talk her into itYet, there was a darkness to the story that I wasn t expecting It was a slow, slow, slow, slow burn story I think they could have shaved off a good 100 pages and still kept the same story I will admit I had to skim a few pages as they were repetitive.There is an interesting plot twist put it doesn t occur until 85% or 90% of the book and I wish it would have been revealed a lot sooner.My overall impression of All The Little Lights by Jamie McGuire was not a bad one The book touches on a lot of social issues that are going on in high school such as bullying The relationship between Catherine and Elliott was organic and sweet I don t feel like I wasted my time by any means and I can see why others might enjoy itthan I did.Now here are the most important questions.Do I recommend this bookYes and no If you are looking for a YA book with a sweet teenage love than yes If you are a die hard Jamie McGuire fan like me than yes If you were looking for a books that fits into the type of stories Jamie McGuire normal writes, no.Will I read another book by this author Yes If Jamie McGuire writes it you can guarantee I m reading it.Remember to follow all things messySubcribe Listen to my podcast