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Hot Read by Zoe DawsonForbidden Plays Book TwoTyler Davis has it made Rookie of the Year and chosen to be a Wildcat Yet, not all is perfect in this handsomely hunk s life, but he can see it getting better when Lizzy is around.Lizzy Jordan enjoys her work with the Wildcats, but at thirty she was hoping to be married with children Instead, she finds herself mesmerized by the youngest team member, Cowboy Wonder He s too young and too dangerous for heror so she tries to tell herself.This is a short erotic story The series began with Monster Man and there will be a third story, Illegal Motions Between the heat that is generated on and off the field, there is also a good story line Sexual content and languagehttp justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com Hot Read by Zoe DawsonSeries Novella 2 Forbidden Plays SeriesSource Author and PurchaseMy Rating 5 5 starsMy Mini Review Lizzie Jordan has always maintained a professional standing and distance as a member of the Wildcats franchise She is very good at her job and until Tyler Davis showed up, she has never questioned her ability to remain in control of her professionalism Tyler may be talented and gorgeous but he is also a rookie and several years younger than Lizzie Some things just aren t proper Tyler Davis has given his life to football, a game he is not just good at but great at and loves beyond reason Tyler has given up everything for a chance to be a part of the Wildcat team and is convinced that with hard work, dedication and time, he can accomplish all he has set out to accomplish and win back the respect of his father Every single day Tyler gives 110% to his endeavors and pursuits and one of his pursuits is Lizzy Jordan Lizzy cannot deny her powerful attraction to Tyler and once he makes his intentions known, she finds it harder and harder to stay away For being so young, Tyler has some serious game and with his kind heart and caring nature thrown in for good measure, Lizzy in done for almost from the beginning From the naughty gifts to the locker room romps, Tyler is determined to have Lizzy and once she really gets to know him well, there s no denying the man.The Bottom Line Tyler Davis is one smokin hot man and he may very well be one of my favorite book boys Tyler may be young but he has his priorities in line, his head on straight and, a sense of responsibility well beyond his age Once he convinces Lizzy that age is nothing but a number and Lizzy quits denying the obvious, the two together are just brilliant I love this series and not just because I am a long time fan of Zoe Dawson These reads may be short and sweet but they are also a true evolution of the author and her writing Dawson has really begun pushing the limits with these naughty novellas but don t mistake them for nothing than a naughty read These naughty novellas have fully developed characters, a plot that is well rounded and interesting and, naughty moments that fit logically into the read and don t overwhelm every other aspect In all, the Forbidden Plays series is quickly becoming one of my favorites. He may be Rookie of the Year on the football field But was certainly NOT the case in the sexual prowess department OMG Tyler you sexy, gorgeous, cocky, sex on a stick You And Lizzy her decadent and naughty wild side drew me right in But I really Loved her vulnerability about their age difference and children.Whether it was the locker room scene, or that Unique Smokin Hot gift, or the player s calendar photo shoot every part of this book was fun and HOT and a true page turner And in true Zoe Dawson style The Perfect Ending Loved Tyler s take on the age difference A younger guy is good for you Women live longer than men, and I ll stay virile while you re in your hot years. Let s play ballGot caught up in this series that I wanted them to keep going They ended to soon Great stories that you just want to keep reading A get away from reality for awhile. Another short story hit by Zoe Dawson Tyler Davis s dad wants him to take over the family ranch Tyler being the Rookie of the year and has been chosen by the Wildcats football team only wants to play football and is very attracted to Lizzy Jordan who works for the Wildcats Lizzy Jordan who is 30 years old and loves her job with the wildcats had thought by now she would be married with a couple of kids She is very attracted to Tyler but feels he is way too young for her Tyler will do whatever it takes to make her see that age does not matter Read the story today to see how it all ends and it has a surprise ending. {DOWNLOAD BOOK} â Hot Read (Forbidden Plays, #2) À Librarian S Note Alternate Cover Title For ISBN Lizzy Jordan Has Been Working For The Wildcats Franchise For A Number Of Years And Has Maintained A Professional Distance From The Big, Hunky Football Players That Was Until Texan Tyler Davis Joined The Franchise But Lizzy Is Eight Years Older Than The Fresh Faced Rookie Of The Year But That Doesn T Seem To Affect The Hawt Gazes He Keeps Throwing Her After That Unexpected, Completely Naked Encounter In The Locker Room Totally By Accident After Seeing His Buffed Body In The Buff, That Cocky Cowboy Attention He S Paying Her With His Crystal Blue Eyes Has Everything To Do With Him Seeing Her As A Desirable Woman And Tyler Proving He S All Man