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!Read Ebook ⛅ Gandhi in Political Theory À Can Gandhi Be Considered A Systematic Thinker While The Significance Of Gandhi S Thought And Life To Our Times Is Undeniable It Is Widely Assumed That He Did Not Serve Any Discipline And Cannot Be Considered A Systematic Thinker Despite An Overwhelming Body Of Scholarship And Literature On His Life And Thought The Presuppositions Of Gandhi S Experiments, The Systematic Nature Of His Intervention In Modern Political Theory And His Method Have Not Previously Received Sustained Attention Addressing This Lacuna, The Book Contends That Gandhi S Critique Of Modern Civilization, The Presuppositions Of Post Enlightenment Political Theory And Their Epistemological And Metaphysical Foundations Is Both Comprehensive And Systematic Gandhi S Experiments With Truth In The Political Arena During The Indian Independence Movement Are Studied From The Point Of View Of His Conscious Engagement With Method And Theory Rather Than Merely As A Personal Creed, Spiritual Position Or Moral Commitment The Author Shows How Gandhi S Experiments Are Illustrative Of His Theoretical Position, And How They Form The Basis Of His Opposition To The Foundations Of Modern Western Political Theory And The Presuppositions Of The Modern Nation State Besides Envisioning The Foundations Of An Alternative Modernity For India, And By Its Example, For The World