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{Download Epub} Ä King (The Soldiers of Wrath MC: Grit Chapter, #2) ⚞ King Has Always Lived His Life The Way He Saw Fit And Didn T Care What Anyone Thought Women Were Just A Passing Hobby To Waste Time And Warm His Bed Being The VP Of The Soldiers Of Wrath Grit Chapter Meant He Had Other Responsibilities And Priorities Besides Taking Up With An Old Lady Then Clara Came Into Town And Something Shifted In Him For The First Time In His Life He Felt Possessive And Territorial Of A Female It Felt Damn Good, But It Also Messed With His Head, Especially When She Claims To Want Nothing From Him Aside From The Monster He S Packing Behind His Fly Clara Won T Ever Settle Down, And No Man Will Ever Own Her Visiting A Friend In Grit, She Discovers King, A Man Who Refuses To Back Down All She Wants Is To Have Some Fun And To Save Enough Money To Move Onto The Next Town, The Next Adventure Every Time She Tries To Get Away, King Is There, Giving Her A Reason To Stay What Will She Do When King Makes Her Realize She S Falling In Love Can She Trust Him With Her Heart What Happens When She Does Try To Run StubbornThese two remind me of two people I know well and they love each other but still hold their ground on certain things love it WOW King was an in your face, gritty but frank and so, so hawt story King, the VP of the Sons of Wrath Grit Chapter was something else The story begins with MC members, Grim and Reaper making a bet on how King would handled one of the club whores after he got his rocks off and King didn t like it one bit But King is not like all the rest of the members, he just knows what he wants and when At first glance at Clara, King is tracking her as prey and he is the caged predator Did I say that right I enjoyed the connection between brooding King and the wanderer, but sassy, Clara They both were not into relationships but once they saw how sexually attracted to each other they were, well everything just fall into place along the few bumps in the road lol Payne, President of Sons of Wrath Grit Chapter is in love with Vicky club whore and Clara s best friend but because he has many enemies in other MC in the area, so he can t claim her URGHHH, now Payne was a class A jerk because he won t let any of the other brothers touch her but he want claim her What a flimsy excuse for the badass president and even his VP, King acknowledged it Well she s pregnant now and they are distant and she hasn t told anyone including Clara I can t wait for Payne to wake his arrogant a up and come correct with Vicky and their baby 5 mouthwatering stars King never expected to want or need an old lady, the club was filled with women who willingly gave their bodies for those in need That is until he meets Clara, he becomes obsessed by the feisty beauty who is trying to keep him at a distance.Clara has always gone from one place to another, drifting, never settling King is pushing all her buttons wanting her to stay but can she trust him to do it This was a bit muddled, I didn t really understand why Clara is the way she is Plus there was a whole separate thing with her best friend that left me confused I wish it had been a bit longer filling in a few of the gaps. ARC received in exchange for an honest reviewClara is a free spirit and can t stay in one place for long She has been drifting from place to place for a long time and she has finally come home to visit her friend Vicky.Vicky is in a relationship with Payne president of the Soldiers of Wrath MC Grit Chapter and invites Clara to spend time with her.Her first night there she meets King the VP and they seem to hit it off, chemistry off the charts.Vicky makes Clara promise to stay for at least two weeks And all Clara wants is to have a good time and move on, but she obviously didn t count on her feelings for King, and that King has decided that she is the one for him so he was not letting her go at allThis story was so good, but so short I wanted of Clara and King But Sam and Jenika knows just how to pull you into a story and get you hooked from the start until finish.Definitely on my top favorites.Now I can t wait to read Vicky and Paine s story Going to be AWESOMEThanks ladies for another awesome story