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~READ KINDLE ♅ We Got Something Magic ⚖ Sterek FanficScott Is Never Bitten, So Stiles Never Meets Derek Or Learns About Werewolves He Is, However, Since A Young Age, Captivated By A Recurring Dream Of A Beautiful, Red Eyed Wolf That He Comes To Hold Dear To His Heart After College, He Moves To Seattle And Decides To Get A Tattoo To Acknowledge His Dream Wolf, Finding A Lot Than He Expected At Triskele TattooIn Which Derek Is A Tattoo Artist And A Good Alpha, Laura Is Alive, And Stiles And Derek Share Each Other S DreamsWords CompleteOriginal Posting At Has Been Removed 3.5 stars I liked this one a lot Stiles has a mysterious Wolf dream from the time he s six years old Events in Beacon Hills unfold almost to cannon, with some minor differences that cause Derek and Laura to go to Seattle, without ever returning to BH So Stiles and Derek meet as twenty somethings outside of a paranormal setting It was great seeing their interactions and growing emotions, although I could have used a tad less fated mates insta stuff, they didn t push it too much One complaint though Once they got together, we never see the Pack again They re mentioned and we re told stories about Stiles s interactions with them, but it s all Sterek all the time A tad too much, if I m being honest But it s always nice to get some Sheriff feels at the end. I never thought I d say this, but I think I actually found a story with way too much sex in it And it wasn t even sex that stood out from hot sex scenes in other stories Eventually, I just skimmed those scenes.The writing was fine, so I ll give this writer another try if it sounds interesting. I think I read this on the perfect day It might not have meshed as well a week ago, or a week later from now But today, it was just what I needed.I think any other time, I might not have liked the fated mate angle quite as much But I needed some feel good, and it hit the spot.There were some very nice hot scenes Ya know what made me think, Hellz yes, I want some of that The 45 min foot rub AHHHH that sounds like heaven, especially if it was from Derek Hale.That s not to say the sex scenes weren t hotthey were I love a good knotting scene.Not much angst, until towards the end There was the usual discussion about past hurts, but it didn t feel depressing It felt like they were already in the healing stage There was a bit of drama towards the end I liked getting just a touch, without drowning out the warm and fuzzies.Nice comfort read At least it was for me. Really enjoyable 3 3.5 starsThis was a good story This is a Sterek fanfiction story For those of you that don t knowSterek fanfic is based off 2 male characters, Stiles and Derek, from the TV show Teen Wolf In the show they re both heterosexual but some viewers have fantasized about them together in a m m relationship and thus Sterek was born This story isn t based in the TV show world at all.In this story, the Hale fire happened and Peter, Derek and Laura all survived, unhurt They moved away to Seattle and Laura and Derek eventually opened a tattoo parlor and became well known for their awesome tattooing skills Stiles started having dreams about a wolf when he was only 6 years old and they were very important to him The dreams often felt real than real life and he would feel like he was missing something important when he woke up Stiles grew up knowing nothing about the supernatural and ended up moving to Seattle for a job after college.Stiles decides he needs to get a tattoo of his wolf and gets a recommendation on a tattoo parlor from a friend at work This ends up being Derek s parlor but Derek and Stiles don t meet right away When they do meet, there s an immediate and very strong attraction between them that neither can or want to deny They come together pretty quickly and soon realize that Stiles dream was really a shared dream between them that indicated they were meant to be together Stiles does pretty well at accepting the supernatural parts and he and Derek come together, ending the story starting a HEA together.This was an enjoyable story Stiles was a mature non manic but still fun version of his character and I liked him pretty well Derek was laconic but he d recovered a lot from his past and didn t have the whole sour wolf thing goingwhich I missed a bit but I liked the Derek of this story regardless of that Overall, the story wasn t perfect but it was nice and enjoyable.