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~Download Pdf ⚆ Songs in the Key of Life ♩ Like All Double Albums, Songs In The Key Of Life Is Imperfect But Audacious If Its Titular Concern Life Doesn T Exactly Allow For Rigid Focus, It S Still A Fiercely Inspired Collection Of Songs And One Of The Definitive Soul Records Of The S Stevie Wonder Was Unable To Control The Springs Of His Creativity During That Decade Upon Turning In , He Freed Himself From The Motown Contract He D Been Saddled With As A Child Performer, Renegotiated The Terms, And Unleashed Hundreds Of Songs To Tape Over The Next Five Years, Wonder Would Amass Countless Recordings And Release His Five Greatest Albums As Prolific A Golden Period As There Has Ever Been In Contemporary Music But Songs In The Key Of Life Is Different From The Four Albums That Preceded It It S An Overstuffed, Overjoyed, Maddeningly Ambitious Encapsulation Of All The Progress Stevie Wonder Had Made In That Short Space Of TimeZeth Lundy S Book, In Keeping With The Album S Themes, Is Structured As A Life Cycle It S Divided Into The Following Sections Birth Innocence Adolescence Experience Adulthood Death Rebirth Within This Framework, Zeth Lundy Covers Stevie Wonder S Excessive Work Habits And Recording Methodology, His Reliance On Synthesizers, The Album S Place In The Gospel Inspired Progression Of S R N B, And Many Other Subjects I thoroughly enjoyed this book Lundy was moving and very engaging as a writer and he did his homework on this album as well as doing his homework on Motown and rock and roll The book made me fall even in love with the album. This is a slim volume 151 pages , part of the 33 1 3 series 333.sound.com Zeth has lots to say about Songs in the Key of Life He offers opinions about individual songs, how they fit into the Stevie Wonder world and how they fit into the whole world, both in the lyrics and the music This album was made when Stevie left Motown, with his large royalty check when he turned 21 He spent lots of time in the recording studio, writing and playing parts on electronic instruments.Zeth gives the history of each song, from Wonder s own personal viewpoint to the instruments and electronica and singers and sidemen used on each track I found the whole thing greatly illuminating, disagreeing only with his pronouncement that no future album from Stevie Wonder could bypass this. This is one of those little pocket books that s part of an inspired series by different authors In concept, smart But execution Not so much.While there is some interesting information about the making of this amazing album, the author has overwritten what should have been direct and awkwardly so.Example an asphyxiating shift in grip on his career s windpipe Another a spawn of hip shakes and dire physicality, of skin slipping and identity realignment, malleable as wind tossed hair and defiant as the wind that tosses it I mean, COME ON What IS this For music lovers, all we need is a behind the scenes look and signposts to indicate the astute observations and intersections of creative forces You would think pseudo intellectual babble that reads like a bad college term paper would be anathema.I read all 151 of these mini pages because I love Stevie Wonder s music and I deeply respect his creativity and vision, particularly from the early 70s, so in order to learn I was willing to be forgiving Somewhat But just two pages in and I knew this would be an endurance test to glean what I needed despite the pain of reading it.Ugh Beware. I do like this book, but it does disappear up it s own wazoo occasionally Still a very interesting look into a truly amazing album A bit pretentious though. Some good background on the album, but doesn t sedulously eschew bombastic prolixity and or hyperverbosity It s a book about an album about life. This book is a mess Perhaps because I compare it to the other in this series I ve read which met my expectations I was disappointed by how the tracks on the album weren t discussed in the order they appear Further, I absorbed this via the audio book so the author s apparent pursuit of setting a record for number of footnotes made for a very choppy read I ll settle for the Classic Albums episode to educate me on this most excellent album. This little paperback book proved to be the perfect summer beach read It helped me have a much better perspective on an album that I fortunately owned in the late 70 s joined me in my High School College yrs According to music geek Lundy, this would be the last time Wonder worked so hard delivered a product that reflected the toilit came to him in a dream that beget a concept a concept that would beget a challenge The album s aspirations were labyrinthine, it s scope unmappable an attempt, via melody harmony rhythm, to document the nuances of existence The double LP set along with a 4 song 7 inch EP a 24 pg booklet, debuted at 1 in 76 the 3rd to do that at 14 wks, the 4th longest of the 70 s lasted only by Carole King s 71 Tapestry, Sat Night Fever s 76 soundtrack Fleetwood Mac s 77 Rumors Did you know that little Steveland Morris was born 6 wks premature w sight but 2 disabled eyes 1 with a cataract the other with a dislocated nerve Did you know that even though Wonder s 1 man band style left him alone for most of the selections, Herbie Hancock George Benson played heavily into SitKoL s sound Did you know that only Harry Nilsson came close to summoning the forgotten allure of childhood innocence Wonder was a wonder I can t wait to listen to this album again now. Quick summary background info on Wonder, Motown, etc verbose contained a few interesting reflections on the creative life of an artist and music structure too much bashing of other music Even if I didn t agree with a lot of what Lundy puts forth here, it at least got me to clarify my own particular tastes and feelings about music. After I read this book, I actually bought the album in question and re read the book AND made me appreciate the album Lundy s volume zeros in on how the album made Stevie Wonder a superstar and a pioneer in hip hop and soul as Songs had used the latest technology and created some unique sounds which are unrivalled today.