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Review by N, age 10.Beatrix Daffodil Tulip Chrysanthemum Rose Edwards loves hats, old films, and listening the buzzing of the bees If you like the things that Beatrix A.K.A Bee does then this is right for you oh yes and get a lambs wool beret I did because of this book and ask yourself what is my best hat have I ever swam on a horse and have I ever tamed a bee p.s the three words that describes book best are amazing, awesome hattychokengtitiktitiktitikchokengs Bee inspired me because she was brave, courageous and had a lot of hatschokengtitiktitiktitiktitikchokengs thank you Jane for writing an awesome book xxx Received from NetGalley for review. They try to imprison us but they have failed we are free spirits Come, shake out your pretty red hair in the moonlight. Swimming to the Moon is so delightful and charming it made my teeth hurt, but I loved every second of it It s a wonderful middle grade novel, full of sweetness, friendship, and bravery, whilst also dealing with bigger issues such as death, grief, and finding your place in a world that doesn t think you should be yourself It is an absolutely perfect book for younger readers, but I know that many others will enjoy it regardless of age I know I did.The book is told from Bee s perspective she s in Year 6, obsessed with Marilyn Monroe and Judy Garland, and has a fantastic sense of self thanks to her Great Gran Beatrix who has sadly died when the novel begins I love how well Elson has captured Bee s narrative voice, it s sometimes silly but always true, just like Bee herself who is so klutzy and kooky I couldn t help but immediately fall in love with her She doesn t have the easiest of times her dad is not the nicest and he always argues with her mum and puts Bee down, and there s the usual girl politics going on courtesy of mean bully Chrystal Saffron Kelly but she always remains true to herself with the dazzling style Great Gran always told her she has.The plot itself is very sweet and revolves around the ideas of friendship and bravery A new boy, Moon Star, starts at Bee s school and they make a traveller pact Bee will teach Moon Star to read and write and he will help her learn to swim for an upcoming sponsored swim for the care home her Great Gran lived and died in Both have to overcome their fears Moon Star is a true gypsy child who travelled around with his free spirited mother until Social Services got involved, and Bee has been terrified of water ever since she nearly drowned as a toddler The friendship between Bee and Moon Star was so lovely to read as it was pure love and acceptance between two children, without judgement they accept each other completely and both learn from each other Theserious issue of death and grief, with Bee s Great Gran, and tolerance and acceptance, with Moon Star s Gran Old Alice are also addressed within the novel, in a very sensitive way Bee s sadness over her Great Gran s death is obvious throughout the novel but is portrayed in a way that shows how you must get on with life, remembering those you have lost with love and happiness Bee finds courage and inspiration from her Great Gran s spirit throughout the novel, and pushes herself to be better because of her Moon Star s Gran lives in an old school wagon in the village and the way she and Moon Star are treated is also handled exceptionally well the Mayor gets it into his stupid head he s Chrystal s dad, obviously that they aren t welcome and should be moved on but they won t go without a fight Both instances take incredible courage, something that Bee and Moon Star have plenty of.There is so much magic, nature, and whimsy throughout the novel that I can t imagine anyone not liking it it speaks to the child in everyone, the lover of nature, and believer of magic Highly recommended for recapturing childhood magic and for children everywhere. This book is my favourite book I love this book so much I m going to love it until I die. Truly an amazing book I feel I related to Bee on so many levels Made me feelcomfortable being myself Anyway, all Wonderful characters I find myself attached to and a storyline so very heartwarming and a friendship I want to work to attain for myself I will read this again {Kindle} ⚣ Swimming to the Moon ë Just Call Me Bee Please, Please Call Me That If You Call Me Beatrix Daffodil Tulip Chrysanthemum Rose Edwards I Shan T Answer You I Am Not Being Rude Or Unfriendly, Or Insolent As Mrs Dixon My Teacher Calls Me I Just Don T Like My Name Well, Would You Bee Stumbles Through Life In Her Stripy Socks With Her Head In The Clouds, Doing Her Very Best To Keep Out Of The Way Of Her Bickering Parents And Avoid The Bendy Tap Dancing Freak Crystal Kelly Who Makes Her Life A Misery But When Crystal Double Dares Her To Volunteer For A Sponsored Swim In Honour Of Her Great Grandmother Beatrix S Memory, Bee Can T Back Down Even Though She Is Terrified Of Water And Cannot Swim Then New Boy Moon Star Gallops To Bee S Rescue On His Horse And Takes Her To Meet Old Alice, Who Lives In A Beautiful Painted Wagon As Bee Enters This New World, Her Life Is Changed For EverFinally She Has An Ally Down By The Promise Tree The New Friends Make A Pact Moon Star Will Teach Bee To Swim If Bee Will Teach Him To Read They Spit On Their Hands And Shake On Their Vow And A Beautiful Friendship Begins