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4.5 HeartsI wasn t going to read this one As a matter of fact, I wasn t going to touch it with elbow length heavy duty gloves OR a 10 pole.But Baby was all, it s MAGNIFICENT You must read it And I was all, b b but snakes cries And she was all, he doesn t shift Get on it My very dignified response was, Eep.So I tip toed in peeking through covered eyes and was so impressed within the first couple of pages Baby knows of what she speaks A Cobra s Charm hits many of my buttons size difference, sweet slave who s got a backbone when it counts and is a hellcat in the sack, unexpected pairing and MCs who are horned up for each other.My curiosity was immediately piqued once I realized the pairing was a cobra and a honey badger because 3.75 stars rounded upI saw Coming Soon titles from Dreamspinner Press page and I was curious with a title from Meghan Maslow, Ride Along Since that is not yet released, I decided to sample her works by choosing this short one from DSP 2016 Daily Dose collection I admit that I dismissed this one before because, well, the blurb hinted of slave character and I wasn t interested in reading such theme at that time.Well, I am glad that I read this now because SERIOUSLY, THE HONEY BADGER KICKS SERIOUS ASS, PEOPLE Miska the honey badger is VICIOUS I had a delightful time reading about Miska breaking bones and bruising flesh of his captors He was awesome Jiri, the captured snake who was made into the collector s pet was sweet I was quite happy that the rape and abuse happened off page I wasn t in the right mood for it I really enjoyed Miska and Jiri together, even if everything happened in a short time span but the connection that happened within captivity really well here And I enjoyed Maslow s writing I guess I will definitely try to read that future novella of hers. 3.5 Stars Another win for this anthology I applaud the creativity and originality of a cobra shifter and a honey badger mix Jiri is resigned to his fate, having been held prisoner by a shifter collector since he was a child When he sees what his captor has caught, Jiri is instantly intrigued and titillated He s only sorry such a prideful tough shifter has been destined for the same fate as he, but he quickly changes his mind when he sees the honey badger s ferocity Such spirit won t be held for long Miksa is no one s slave, and when Jiri and him form a tentative alliance he can t help but be enad of the seductive snake He can t understand why Jiri d idly sit by and settle for such an existence, and the thought of leaving him doesn t sit well at all.As these two develop a clandestine forbidden relationship, feelings of course develop This was sweet and sexy with a good dose of much needed violence Their triumphant escape was fabulous the enemy deserved so much suffering Highly entertaining my only disappointment was that there s no epilogue. That was short and sweet sexy and sooo good The only way I like snakes are dead or behind glass at the zoo but I could totally go for a Jiri and his honey badger Miksa Thanks for the rec SRAL. [ EBOOK ] ♥ A Cobras Charm ♬ Jiri S Life Has Been One Misery After The Next A Cobra Shifter, He S Held Captive By A Collector Who Keeps Him And Other Shifters In A Private Harem Style Zoo In The Libyan Desert Considered A Dangerous Predator By The Other Shifters, And Little Than A Boy Toy To The Collector, Jiri Is Friendless, Timid, And DespondentMiksa Is The Collector S Latest Find But Honey Badgers Are Known For Their Bad Attitude, Fearlessness, And Fighting Spirit Miksa Has No Doubt He Ll Escape, Even If It Means Taking The Whole Zoo Down With HimWhen Honey Badger And Cobra Meet, There Should Be Instant Enmity After All, Honey Badgers Eat Cobras Yet Both Men Find Themselves Oddly Drawn To The Other Romance Blossoms, But Can It Survive Captivity And Beyond In Order To Do So, Jiri Will Have To Find A Strength He Doesn T Know He Possesses And Miksa Will Have To Open A Heart Long Closed To Anyone Except His Immediate Family I loved the hell out of this story A honey badger and a cobra That really shouldn t work, but man, it totally did The personalities the author wove for these characters worked perfectly with their animal forms and their human ones It was a seriously creative set up and the accompanying world building made this than just a shifter story, there was a fairy tale vibe to it that I loved.Jiri was a sympathetic character and while my heart broke for him, I completely respected him too Miksa was a total badass with the softy heart inside for Jiri that I ate up with a spoon I love a tough guy with a soft spot for that one other person cobra I ll be looking forward to from this author for sure. I m increasingly charmed by each new installment in this year s Dreamspinner Press Daily Dose package The authors have written a variety of paranormal shifter tales with imaginative and creative world building Some have stuck to the stereotypical tropes, while others have branched out in areas It s a true delight.Jiri made me sad He s a cobra shifter who has been held prisoner for so long, since he was a child, and suffered through so much, that he s never really anything but afraid All of the time As a predator shifter, Jiri should be one of the toughest creatures in Demetrius s collection , but Jiri is far too scared and timid to ever fight back Once I realized why, and the horrors Jiri has suffered, it made my heart hurt for him.Miksa is, hands down, a badass No two ways about it, a honey badger is a ferocious, aggressive, angry animal who often attacks animals much bigger than themselves Miksa was pretty much the same in human form He s confused as to why the cobra shifter is so meek and allows himself to be used, until Miksa learns of the extent of Jiri s torture However, that doesn t stop Miksa from figuring out a way to escape.It truly was beautiful watching these two men, these natural born enemies in shifted form, bring out in each other what they lacked Jiri derived strength, confidence, and was able to let go of some of his fear and stand up for himself Miksa got kindness and gentleness, of course only when dealing with Jiri, but these are not natural honey badger traits, so it was wonderful to see Miksa wanted to be Jiri s knight in shining armor, his superhero, his saviorBetter he die, so all the others could be free Besides, he was tired of being afraid He would never be brave like Miksa, but he had already spent too much of his life scared of his own shadow Once Miksa was free, that would change At least a little I absolutely loved this installment I m really hoping to see from Meghan Maslow because if it continues to be this good, then she ll have a fan for life.NOTE This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews Interesting take on a slave story, as Demetrius, the collector, only has shifters in his harem He has had Jiri, a cobra shifter, since he was a child, sold into the collection Jiri is the pleasure slave of Demetrius and knows no other life He abhors the collector, the zoo and what happens there The other shifters don t talk to him and he is fearful and shy Demetrius makes Jiri wear a hood so he can t mesmerize He is well and truly enslaved A new addition to the zoo comes in the form of Miksa, a honey badger who is fierce, volatile and so very angry about being there Honey badgers eat cobras, so this is a set up for disaster Miksa might actually have a chance of escape if he can keep his head about him The collector has a cruel way of ensuring his keeps his zoo he collars them and they can t shift They are allowed to shift only in the arena, where he pits shifter against shifter Jiri has freedom than some of the others and so he is able to get to know Miksa a bit He and the honey badger form an unusual sort of friendship, the hooded, hurt cobra and the violent honey badger When a guard, a hyena shifter, wants Jiri, it is Miksa who protects him And when that same guard punishes Miksa, it is Jiri who helps My heart hurt for Jiri, who is so lonely and so isolated, doing what he can to survive Miksa really doesn t understand Besides, I d rather die than let that bastard Demetrius keep me as a pet He hurts Jiri with his misunderstanding Jiri knows he is merely a diversion for Miksa, something to pass the time until he can escape but Jiri will help him do that He is a lovely character, kind, gentle and not as soft as he appears The only quibble I had with the story is the ending sort of cut off Where are the rest of the hyenas What happens next Read as part of the Boy Meets Boy Review Shifter Sunday Funday for Dreamspinner 2016 Daily Dose A Walk on the Wild Side Anthology 4 HeartsTrue story This is the first time I have heard of a honey badger, and I actually had to stop reading to research, because huh So anyway, after finding out that yes, honey badgers are real, I really enjoyed this story.Jiri, a Cobra shifter, has been part of Demetrius collection since he was a child Sold by a traveling caravan when he was a child, broken, and de fanged, Jiri has never known anything else, except servitude to the Collector Demetrius made an error in judgement when his greed pushed him to own a honey badger Miksa is not to be messed with, and his aggressive fearlessness puts everyone on edge.Jiri is drawn to Miksa after he saves him from being raped in the hallway by one of the hyena guards And after a few nights of sneaking into his cage while no one is looking, the couple build a shaky friendship. 3.5 stars Checking out other work by this author Like the previous book I read by this author, the premise and characters in this novella were interesting and unique Yes, there are a lot of stories about shifters, but when have you ever read a story that features a honey badger and cobra shifter While you will no doubt have that amusing and infamous YouTube video honey badger don t care in your head as you read this story, it s a fun short read.