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Re read in preparation for The Last Hope Keeping my original rating.Review also found at Lives are not something to be saved Not when we know the day everyone dies Thank you Wednesday Books and Netgalley for providing the eARC to read and review.Court Icecastle grew up privileged but became a criminal and escaped from Vorkter Prison Mykal Kickfall is a young man who believes in love from the icy and remote Grenpale Franny Bluecastle is a Fast Tracker who does drugs, enjoys sex, and has been driving Purple Cars since she was about eight years old What do the three have in common They all lived past their death day, and now they are hiding because people aren t supposed to live past their death day.The story takes place on a world like ours, but it is called Saltare 3 There are five planets in this solar system Saltare 3 suffered a cataclysm called the Great Freeze of 2501 that environmentally devastated the planet Technology was forgotten, while scientists spent time trying to find ways to innovate agriculture Society was fractured into three castes Influentials those whose death days won t come until they are elderly , Fast Trackers those who will die in early adulthood , and Babes those who will die as children The Influentials are the elite the ones who get the best jobs, have the most money, and are treated the best.Court, Franny, and Mykal become bonded and compete for a chance to be part of StarDust s Saga 5 Mission to explore space They must fake their identities and live among Influentials So, this book does end on a horrible cliffhanger, but thankfully, the story will continue I wasn t sure if this was a stand alone until I saw that it was listed as book one Whew I need to know what happens next There were a few sections in the first third of the book that were a little bumpy pacing wise, but the ending was spectacular My only complaint is the villain was almost unnecessary I don t think the story would have suffered from leaving him out entirely My favorite character ended up being Mykal I heart him The romance is M M, but there was one point I was almost thinking it would be the three of them and that would have been pretty awesome and unexpected The POV is told from the three main characters.I really liked this It was fun and had dystopian sci fi vibes all over There is a lot I could say about this book, but I don t want to spoil anything I am looking forward to seeing from this world [Free Ebook] ♓ The Raging Ones ♴ In A Freezing World, Where Everyone Knows The Day They Will Die, Three Teens Break All Odds Franny Bluecastle, A Tough City Teen, Dreams Of Dying In Opulence, To See Wealth She S Never Known Like The Entire World, She Believes It S Impossible To Dodge A Deathday Until The Day She Does Court Icecastle Knows Wealth He Also Knows Pain Spending Five Years In Vorkter Prison, A Fortress Of Ice And Suffering, He Dreams Of Life Beyond The People That Haunt Him And The World That Imprisoned Him Mykal Kickfall Fights For Those He Loves The Rugged Hinterlander Shares A Frustrating Yet Unbreakable Connection With Court Which Only Grows Lawless And Chaotic As Their Senses And Emotions Connect With Franny With The Threat Of People Learning They Ve Dodged Their Deathdays, They Must Flee Their Planet To Survive But To Do So, All Three Will Have To Hide Their Shared Bond As They Vie For A Highly Sought After Spot In The Newest Mission To Space Against Thousands Of People Far Smarter, Who Ll Live Longer, And Never Fear Death The Way That They Do Thank you to NetGalley Wednesday Books for sending me an ARC of this book.When I started this, I had pretty low expectations I read the premise and my love triangle senses started tingling The average YA book would do that when there are three main characters two male and one female The average YA book would make the female character torn between the two hot guys vying for her affection, and the males are only there to be each other s rivals because their only purposes are to be love interests and nothing.So you can imagine how ecstatic I was when this book took that godawful trope and flipped it on its head.Right off the bat, the two male protagonists, Court and Mykal, already have a deep established bond, and their intimacy and sexual tension is immediately noticeable At first I thought, Oh this won t last, the girl is eventually gonna come between them or something However I was yet again pleasantly surprised that the girl, Franny, is there solely as a friend and companion for these two She was never whiny or seething with jealousy over Court and Mykal s bond, she was very chill about it and even felt like she was intruding at times The connection between these three I found very believable and sweet, and I just have to give props to the authors for how unique their dynamic is In all the YA books I ve ever read, I can t say I ve ever seen an M M F relationship between protagonists where the two males are the ones romantically involved and the female is perfectly content with being their friend This was probably one of the aspects of this book that I enjoyed the most The romance isn t the driving force of the story though, which I also appreciated.But yes, to reiterate in case any of you were still unsure, this book is 100% GAY No room for doubts, the main romance is M M If you want to stop reading this review and go request it on NetGalley right away just on that alone, I don t blame you p But if you re interested to know , keep reading.I also really liked the world that these authors built, although I have so many questions swirling around in my brain that I m sincerely hoping will be answered in the sequel The world of this book has a pretty striking aesthetic covered in snow and with a lilac sky I can t deny how cool it was to visualize in my head I also thought the class system that was established made sense as well People are segregated based on their predetermined deathdays Babes are those who die as children, Fast Trackers are those who die as teens or in young adulthood, and Influentials are those who have long lives Fast Trackers basically have M.I.A s Bad Girls as the soundtrack to their lives, because they live fast and die young, so they re mostly the quote unquote deadbeats of society drug addicts, homeless, thieves, etc They re only qualified to do low wage jobs and laborious work, since they re not provided education As opposed to Influentials, whom education is a priority because society believes them to be beneficial for the future due to their long lifespans All of this makes logical sense and is pretty well thought out For the most part.I hesitate to give this book a full five star rating because sometimes I just felt like certain things were a little all over the place Like, I thought the entire book was going to build up to explaining how these three dodged their deathdays, what s the deal with their mysterious connection, but I didn t really get enough of that Hell, they never even explained how deathdays are even determined in the first place Basically, they barely explain anything, so since they never really got into detail about this stuff, the cliffhanger ending just left me scratching my head There was just so much new info being vaguely delivered all at once and it was a LOT to process Perhaps that s what the authors intended, to build up hype for the next one, but I wish I had the sequel in my hands right now just so I could get some actual answers, goddammit.I have some other nitpicks too, like I thought the character names in the book were a little ridiculous, and the original lingo and swear words did make me roll my eyes a couple of times since it s rare for YA books to do this in a non cringey way But for the most part this was a highly enjoyable read, very fast paced with likable characters and an intriguing world It s just the lack of clear answers that sort of disappointed me in the end, but it s something I hope the sequel can remedy.Honestly, I would suggest waiting until the second book is closer to release before picking this one up The fact that this one technically isn t even out yet at the time of this review will just make the wait painful for me RIP. Apparently, I won t have to quit Goodreads and swear off books, after all rtc I can t even put into words how excited I am to have received an ARC of The Raging Ones, which was written by two of my favorite authors, who, incidentally, also sent me the first ARC I ever received that made it on to my favorites shelf Honestly, if I don t end up giving this book at least four stars, I might as well quit Goodreads and swear off books forever.Thankyouthankyouthankyou, Krista Ritchie and Becca Ritchie St Martin s Press for my copy 3Blog Bloglovin Tumblr Instagram The Raging Ones Most Anticipated 2018Expected publication 2018 Stop whatever you are doingahem Everybody knows the bloody day they will die Fantasy, baby Possible Love Triangle Krista and Becca we own your asses Ritchie are coming at us With a fucking Young Adult novel That sounds like a killer already Continue Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestI am always ripping on Robert Heinlein He was the reason I stopped reading science fiction for a while he was like the gold standard of what dudes in the 70s wanted to write badly devised worlds with bizarre sexual s and inexplicable psychic powers And everyone hails him as a genius What s up with that Reading THE RAGING ONES kind of reminded me of Robert Heinlein s work It lacks his icky sexist undertones in fact, with two queer male characters as the main characters, it subverts that aspect of sci fi entirely , but everything else is very much old guard science fiction, and not in a good way The three main characters are named Franny Bluecastle, Court Icecastle, and Mykal Kickfall cringes at these names and they live in a society that is hierarchically organized around how long you have until you die People with shorter amounts of time to live are called Fast Trackers and people who have longer amounts of time to live are called Influentials Fast trackers tend to burn out quickly, having lots of sex and doing lots of drugs to pass the time, and then blow all of their savings on a luxurious Death Day, in order to die in comfort Influentials, on the other hand, are accorded a number of privileges and look down on Fast Trackers as being uncouth and uncivilized.Franny is a Fast Tracker who had planned to use her savings to go out with a bang probably a literal one However, something goes wrong retrieving her money, so she ends up in the frozen wastes of the streets She expects to die that night, and is surprised when she outlives her expiration date Mykal and Court are also Fast Trackers, although Court at one point came from wealth They re scrambling up money in order to go into this program for Influentials only that will take them to another planet, hoping to make a new start away from this ice encrusted hell of a planet where people are imprisoned in a cast system of their own making that s ruled entirely by death When they find Franny in the middle of the street, they end up taking her with them.Once they get to the aerospace department, they find out that it isn t as simple as paying the 5,000 fee and having the pedigree to match They have to undergo a series of tests and exams designed to weed out the best of the best Several hundred enter the competition but only about five will actually fly It s a little bit Hunger Games, a little bit Ender s Game, a little bit Logan s Run, a little bit Stranger in a Strange Land As I was reading, I found myself asking all these questions that were never resolved or hinted at to my satisfaction How are death days regulated Do you die automatically or do you have a police force, as in Logan s Run, who keep track of you to make sure that you die Why do some people have psychic powers and why are they such weird ones If weapons don t kill you before your death days, how have you kept the Fast Trackers from rebelling against the Influentials, who have so much to lose Why is everything covered in ice, and is this population so fail about working around it The freeze has lasted for centuries and you re telling me that in hundreds of years, nobody s thought about adapting to that, technologically I appreciate the originality that went into this book but man, the execution was pretty bad Thanks to Netgalley the publisher for the review copy2 stars no offense but like fuq netgalley for not giving me an arc of this too rude. This book has our heart soul, and we re so incredibly grateful that Wednesday Books, our editor, and agent, took a chance on this sci fi fantasy romance Our writing is a bit raw, a bit visceral, and we can t wait for all of you to feel what Court, Mykal, and Franny feel Publishing a YA novel has been our childhood dream, and after almost a decade worth of trying to get one published, it s finally happening 8.14.18 thank you all for the support love It s meant so much to us ABOUT THE BOOK THE RAGING ONES takes place in a world in which everyone knows the day they re going to die There are 3 POVs, and each of the three main characters are connected by their emotions three senses touch, taste, smell Think Sense8 meets Gattaca 3 P.S if you re a romance reader and aren t sure about reading a sci fi fantasy, this one has a big romance, and all the characters are the central focus If you love our writing, you ll most likely love this PRE ORDER NOW AVAILABLE The Raging Ones Hi, sorry but where is the next book As my 3 year old says, I need it lasterday Wow, this was really spectacular After a long dry spell of reading that left me feeling underwhelmed for the first 4 months of the year, I ve hit a slew of excellent reads, all in a row Every review I ve read discussed an unexpected twist at the end, so I was both nervous and excited to find out just what that was, but I ll save discussing that until later in the review Right now, I want to hit on why I loved the rest of the book so much.The plot here is just so fresh and unique I haven t read any of the Ritchie sisters previous novels, so I have nothing to compare this book to, but from what I can tell this is new ground that they are covering as their previous novels are romance related YA Sci Fi can be a hit or miss for me I either love it or I hate it The reason this one was so great for me is very much the same reason that might make it not so enjoyable for other readers instead of us receiving a massive info dump at the beginning of the book before the plot really takes off, we jump right into the story and receive information about this alternate universe as we go It does take the world building aspect in a new direction and leaves the reader in the dark for a good portion of the novel, but this filled me with a sense of suspense that I usually find lacking in this particular genre There s a very good reason as to why this is done, and if you can hang on for the ride, I think you ll find the pay off is worth the initial bizarre storytelling technique I really love the characters here as well I was so certain this was going to be another gasp cheesy love triangle, but it wasn t In fact, these characters are taken in an entirely different direction than I expected and was pleasantly surprised by how the personal relationships between them developed There s a lot of emotion infused in the story, and it s thought provoking themes gripped me just as thoroughly as the action and suspense sequences Throw that in with the completely unexpected twist on the final page and my jaw hit the floor I was at a 4 star rating throughout the entire novel until that last twist, and I felt I couldn t give The Raging Ones anything less than 5 stars after being so fabulously duped And that s all I ll say about that, MMKKIf you enjoy YA Sci Fi but are tired of the same plots and tropes being used, give this one a try I picked this up on a whim last night and read it in one sitting I didn t even have a chance to add it to my currently reading shelf because I blew through it so quickly Just go in knowing that you ll be desperately salivating for the next book because DANG IT THAT CLIFFHANGERI received a review copy from the publisher via NetGalley.