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KINDLE ⛎ Love to Pray: 40 Day Devotional for Deepening Your Prayer Life à Could Prayer Be Than A Formula Or Ritual Of Words A Way To Get Things From God A Now And Then Activity A Duty Could Prayer Be The Language Of A LOVE RELATIONSHIP Could Prayer Be Exciting, Intimate, And Joyful Take A Day Journey That Will Change Your Prayer Life Forever Love To Pray Is All About Loving The One To Whom You Pray And Learning To Express That Love In A Continuing Dialogue With God This Groundbreaking Day Devotional Will Help You Discover How To Become Devoted To Prayer As A Way Of Life Rather Than As A Duty We Pray, God Listens God Speaks, We Listen Simple, Yet So Complicated, Complex, Yet So Simple God Is In The Business Of Changing Lives, I Am So Grateful That He Has Changed Mine Through This Book Danell Czarnecki, CrossPoint Church Love To Pray Lives Up To Its Title People Love To Do The Things They Know How To Do Here Is A Practical Way To Teach You To Pray While You Are Praying Through This Devotional This Is Truly A Unique Tool David Butts, Chairman America S National Prayer CommitteeAbout The Author Dr Alvin VanderGriend Has Been A Pastor, A Teacher And A Church Executive And Has Authored Multiple Books On Prayer He Co Founded The Denominational Prayer Leader S Network, Serves On America S National Prayer Committee And Is A Prayer Evangelism Associate At Harvest Prayer Ministries My men s accountability group just finished 40 days with this book It has been a privilege to watch the men grow in their prayer lives There are a few theological statements in this book that I took issue with Most of these have to do with how Vandergriend words a few of the difficult and important concepts behind prayer I think perhaps a few things could have been worded better For example, Vandergriend seems to say that God does not hear the prayers of unbelievers If this were true, then no one would be saved Even with the few statements like this Vandergriend makes that I might disagree with, I have a strong feeling that if we were to sit down and talk it out we would be on the same page On the whole this is well written, Biblically sound, and does a good job drawing you into a stronger relationship with God Four very well deserved stars. It was an alright book It was good to focus on prayer but there were a few things I didn t agree with in the book Also, it was an 8 week book which distracted me from reading what I m supposed to be reading my bible I know it is supposed to be used together, but I wasn t quite sure how. I had trouble getting into this book But I like the short, devotional length chapters and the direction of the book.