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~Free ♫ To Say Goodbye ⚖ Feisty Sophia Never Shies Away From Life Playful, Romantic, Connected Her Marriage Was The Thing Of Fairy Tales But When Tragedy Strikes, Sophia Is Left To Pick Up The Pieces Of Her Life After Leaving The Army, Jackson Is Ready To Start Afresh But When He Returns Home, His Life Spirals Out Of ControlAs Sophia And Jackson Find Themselves In Each Other, They Start To See Redemption Is Possible Trying To Piece Together A New Life, They Must Answer The Question Should They Forge A Life Together And Say Goodbye To Their Pasts Completely, Or Should They Loyally Go Their Separate Ways To Avoid Heartache Favorite Quotes He sighed When he talked to his mom, he always felt like he was fifteen again Perhaps that was her goal.We just had a beautiful moment, I talk about myself being hunky, and all you re worried about is if I like your Crocs The only words that came to her were ones she would later regret It was a comment Tim would mercilessly tease her for, would always bring up Later, when they were in a heated argument or she was pissed at him about his socks lying on the bedroom floor, he would turn to her and say the words symbolic of their relationship As Tim, Stella, and Ricky waited for Sophia to say something romantic, intellectual, or just plain normal, all she managed to say was, Hot damn I m with you out of love And maybe a touch of carnal obligation I ll sit here on this bench for eternity with you Really Can I get to at least second base while on this bench No Then I retract my statement With a backdrop of noisy, splashing dolphins, Larry and Stella said their own vows Stella promised to be faithful to Larry despite his love of pleated pants and kale Larry agreed to love Stella despite her hatred for organization and her love of the Pittsburgh Penguins My Review Lindsay Detwiler has quickly become one of my favorite authors her books are like found treasure I have delighted in reading several of her engaging and refreshingly entertaining stories and have adored her quirky and endearing characters Her writing is generally well balanced in emotion heart squeezing, touching, sweet, and humorous Her style is easy to follow, highly relatable and relevant, while also thoughtfully insightful and stealthily observant Her clever descriptions involve all senses, pull at the heartstrings, and conjure strong visuals I smirk, flinch, wince, snicker, and sigh contentedly many times by the time I reach the always satisfying HEA While I have not yet read all her books, To Say Goodbye was considerably angsty than the other works of hers that I have read, but as the storyline featured a young widow struggling with grief and consumed with despair, buckets of angst were to be expected However, there are also heaping helpings of wit, banter, sweetness, and levity to counterbalance As a bonus, I learned of a treat I aspire to track down and sample I actually needed to Google Swedish Fish as it sounded like my favorite type of guilty pleasure. The emotions were so real throughout this whole story Both Sophia and Jackson were dealing with difficult and real situations that hurt and touched the deepest parts of their souls I love that finding hope, finding a way to move forward when you think all is lost, and learning to do what is right for you regardless of the thoughts and biases of others are all central themes in this story My heart broke for both Sophia and Jackson than once as they showcased the fact that grief, depression, and even addiction run deep and do not hold to a linear path for those who are experiencing or trying to recover from them Thank you for the honest look at how to overcome and find hope when tragedy or difficult times arise Thank you for giving us Sophia and Jackson who felt so real and offered the reader their own hope to overcome whatever life may throw their way. Reviewed For Readers Favorite by Grant Leishman To Say Goodbye, by Lindsay Detwiler is a romance that asks and answers some of the big questions of life how to grieve, how to move forward and how to learn to love again Sophia, a woman in early thirties, has the life she always dreamed of having, married to her soul mate, Tim, running her own hair salon in partnership with her best friend and contemplating adoption as a way to solve their inability to conceive, when tragedy strikes Her lawyer husband Tim has a fatal heart attack at work and for Sophia, her life is over She just wants to throw herself on top of Tim s coffin and spend eternity with him Jackson was Tim s inseparable childhood friend, who has also suffered loss, with his wife leaving and taking his beloved son with her Jackson is slowly sinking into the abyss of alcoholism Can these two lost and bereft souls, find comfort in each other and move on This story had the potential to be dark and maudlin, but Detwiler s writing managed to ensure that was not the case Although it is full of grief, angst, loss and pain, there is a thread of hope that runs through it lifting it out of what could have been a dark morass I felt the author s ability to draw us into the two principal character s lives and to allow us to empathise and root for them shows a true skill on Detwiler s part She pulls no punches in describing the pain of the loss, the guilt of the moving on and the difficulty for Sophia to build new memories that didn t include her beloved Tim Although this is not my genre, I was moved deeply by this tale and was glued to the story from beginning to end Ultimately, To Say Goodbye is a celebration of life and triumph over adversity and a wonderfully written and crafted story Kudos to Lindsay Detwiler. 4.5 starsI received a copy of this book in exchange of an honest review thanks to NetGalley.This was my first read from the author and I m beyond floored how exceptionally good it was I don t cry easily but this emotional, heart wrenching but lovely story prompted a couple of tears from my eyes To say goodbye is not an easy read, nowhere near and it took quite a lot out of me but at the same time presented such a beautiful story of grief, hope and love that it worth every moment.I found the writing style something frenetic, clever and clean with an exceptional way to convey the deepest of emotions I love when the writing makes it possible for me as a reader to feel everything the characters do and unfortunately it s rare And the plot, the whole journey of the characters to move on is represented in a really honest way, with the good, the bad and the worst equally present At the same time avoiding it to go completely dark and depressing.The characters both suffered a tremendous loss even if not the same kind but they connect and create a bond that slowly but surely forms into something else They both grieve and suffer but somehow they found it in themselves to help each other and get out of the bottomless pit they fallen into It is really touching how their relationship goes and even if there are not many actual sexual things in it the intimacy is still very present just in a innocent way.The characters are realistic and easy to relate to and the story is amazing however at times I felt Sophie wallowing a bit over the top and also struggled with the heaviness of the plot at the beginning But after I fully got into it I enjoyed every minute Although I think reading this book requires a certain mind set, mood and it is not exactly for everybody If you are looking for an easy, quick and sweet story then it s not for you For me it provided a long overdue soul cleansing. This story has all the feels It s one of those thinker type of books You get to slow down from a fast paced life and put yourself in the shoes of two people struggling with their grief Throughout the book, I kept wondering if I would have the same thoughts and actions as Sophia It was a tad martyr ish for me, but I ve never been a widow, so maybe it s premature in my thought there Overall, a great story of two friends who become lovers despite a tragedy. To Say Goodbye is a story about a woman named Sophia who misses her husband Tim Tim was her rock and she didn t know how she s going to live without him At least she has her best friend, Stella to count on and be there for her Stella and her have their own salon called Pink Lemonade Then there is Jackson who is also going through some stuff Jackson was Tim s friend Sophia and Jackson hang out and they easily can have a conversation without being judged They understand each other Both of them ask themselves, Is it ok to see each other Do they say goodbye or see where this goes Sophia and Jackson are the main characters As I was reading, thought to myself there wasn t much details of them being intimate and not much of the word sex Which to me is perfect They had a bond, they both knew Tim The friendship and caring between these two as the story progressed you felt while reading Stella made me laugh Lindsay Detwiler wrote this wonderful story of love and when tragedy strikes it s not the end of the world Her writing captivates you and before you know it the story is done I really liked how she incorporated memories of Sophia s into the story It fits This one touched me It had feelings to it It made me think and wonder that I could be in Sophia s shoes so to speak one day because you never know what will happen To Say Goodbye is a story that could easily happen in real life I really enjoyed reading this book and I would recommend it to others This is a standalone.Parts of the story I liked You re such a strong woman You ve been through the wringer these past few months, and you still manage to flash that gorgeous smile It s inspired me Nonetheless, through the wreckage of the sadness, through the feelings of emptiness, they had managed to resurrect something breathtaking, something worthy of a romantic carriage ride in the brisk night Plot 5 5Characters 5 5Writing Style 4 5Overall Rating 5 5I was kindly given a copy in exchange for a fair and honest review Reviewed for SBR Blogs 4 1 2 Stars what an emotional read Sophia has just lost her husband Tim and along with him went her hopes and dreams of love, family and living happily ever after She just wanted to crawl in that hole with him because as far as she was concerned, her life was over too Jackson left the army to be with his wife and young son, only to find out that she had replaced him He went down a dark hole with alcohol and the only thing that kept him above ground was his son Jackson, being an old friend of Tims, tries to help Sophia through her grief and if she can help him in return, well that s all the better There was a fist squeezing my heart throughout this whole book what a heartbreaking emotional story I really liked that fact that both Sophia and Jackson were dealing with real problems and that they were just normal people reacting to bad experiences and situations I highly recommend this book you won t regret it I received an ARC copy courtesy of Hot Tree Publishing through NetGalley in exchange for a honest review. I love Lindsay Detwiler s books I can t get enough of them and To Say Goodbye for me is her best work until now.This is not an easy read,it s indeed a touching and emotional story about grief,love and hope.The clever writing made the story so real that the reader cannot not to feel invested into Sophia and Jackson s journey.Sophia and Jackson are two broken persons,they have lost their loved ones view spoiler one irrevocably thanks to the death, the other thanks to a judge hide spoiler To Say Goodbye is a heartwarming story, that is emotional and raw, which is exactly what I hope for in a romance novel Well developed characters whose emotional journey is believable and have depth is what makes this novel special This is not a book for someone who is looking for a surface romance, but for the reader expecting to feel emotional turmoil such as grief, and how to move on, despite it all It is a story that does give hope, but not until those serious issues are addressed, and not just in passing Not very many romance novels have that much depth, and realism in its plot, which allowed me to overlook some small annoyances that took me out of the story, but just briefly, and made me give it a 4 star rating.This was my introduction to the Lindsay Detwiler, and I have to say, that I am glad I was given this copy to read via Netgalley, because I will look for her work, again and again.