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Great read Well developed, relatable characters I had a hard time putting it down I loved this book The sarcasm was perfection, the storyline unique execution of the ending was flawless @FREE EBOOK Ø All the Good Parts Ø At Thirty Nine, Leona Accorsi Is Broke, Single, Back In School, And Living In Her Sister Carly S Basement She S Perfectly Content Being Quirky Auntie Lee To Carly S Four Children That Is, Until Leona S Doctor Tells Her That If She Wants To Have A Child, She D Better Do It NowLeona Does Want A Baby She Always Has, But The Circumstances Have Never Been Right Now She Has A Huge Decision To Make Face Motherhood On Her Own Or Risk Missing Out On Its RewardsUnfortunately, She S Let Her Romantic Life Go Stagnant She Barely Even Knows Any Single Men She Has Just A Few Prospects A Vietnam Vet And Partial Amputee, His Intimidating Son, The Sweet But Troubled Man Who Tutors Her Niece, And A Fellow Nursing Student She S Never Actually MetAs Leona Discovers About Each One, She Realizes Any Of Them Could Be The Right Man For The Job The Important Question Is, Has She Become The Right Woman This book pissed me off.It s about Leona, a white 39 year old who decides she wants a baby after her gynecologist tells her she s not going to be able to produce for much longer so get on it She hadn t really considered motherhood before, no than a passing, When I have kids thing She s not married, she doesn t have a partner, and there are zero romantic prospects on her horizon She s helping to raise her nieces and nephews so she knows how children work, she understands the reality but doesn t take any of this into consideration when abruptly deciding she absolutely must have a baby.I feel this is supposed to be a light hearted domestic fiction novel with some complex ideas thrown in but it s really a character study exploring the life choices made by a person with whom I had no sympathy nor connection.Leona is a mess She never grew past her parents deaths, she validates herself through being needed by others, she makes no space for herself and, as a result, is unable to understand herself.She wants a baby not a child, she never thinks of the kid as anything than a baby because she wants unconditional love, because she has so much to offer her progeny, because of that validation through being needed thing I mentioned earlier, etc., but she never has a concrete reason for actually wanting to be a mother other than her chances of doing so are waning quickly according to the incredibly irresponsible OBGYN She also never considers this from an adult perspective She s 39 and living in her sisterfamily s basement, she s in nursing school and is doing home care work part time She can t afford a baby and with her family view spoiler leaving the country, hide spoiler A hilarious and heartwarming look at a 39 year old single woman who is searching for the perfect man to father a child and learning much about herself in the process Loved I must say that Loretta has really hit it out of the park with this book I am somewhat speechless as I write, trying to figure out how I can truly capture the essence that is this story It interweaves so many different story lines marriage, love, desire for a child, trying to find ones way and so many On some levels I feel as if I can really relate to Leona except for the desire to have a child, I already have 3 little lovely crazies of my own I AM ALL SET LOL and what she is going through I have recently hit a plateau in my career and I have not been happy for about a year now not making enough money and at the age of 36 I returned to school to get my Master s A year later I couldn t be happier and graduation is just around the corner I needed to find what truly made me happy and it took me a few years longer than others From Leona s point of view she is is missing something in her life she is making very little money, doesn t have a man, is back in school and is living in her sister s basement I would say this girl is not the poster candidate for having a child but who really is Leona s doctor and good friend asked her if she had an desire to have a child, Leona had never really thought about it till now Thinking in terms of fertility, her doctor told her she really needed to get going if this was a desire What is a woman to do Lets see she has no boyfriend prospects, little monetary funds, less than desired hours at work can she really consider having a child She starts her journey of picking a donor by making a list of her prospects a client of hers that is a Vietnam Vet, his son that is kind of a jerk, a guy on the internet that she has never met before from her online nursing class and a guy who tutors her niece and is essentially homeless I give her credit for all the tough choices she has ahead and you will love every step of the adventure that she is about to take you on for better and for worse She will have to pick the perfect daddy to be and the ride that it takes to get there is not easy Grab your favorite bottle of wine and sit back and enjoy the crazy ride ahead This book can be renamed All the Stupid Things Leona Did It s been a while since I really disliked a women fiction book, but here we are I had quite high hopes for this for some reason The premise sounded interesting and I am always in the market for a good book revolving around women and children For startes Leona is the stupidest main character, I m sorry but she really is I get it, there are people who don t know what they want to do with their lives I mean, I don t , people who don t finish things, people who hide from the world all the time and I have a feeling that Leona was supposed to be a character that reader identifies with, but the whole execution was so poor, that all I could do was just roll my eyes at her constant stupidity The whole premise of the book, while at first sounding very endearing quickly turned out into something very wrong The book takes methods that women who can t get pregnant would use in hopes to conceive a baby and turn it into a stupid game of Leona choosing her sperm donor It was quite insulting actually All the while she tumbles from one poor and unprofessional decision to another.The whole plot was very unrealistic and from the whole array of characters I only liked Maura The ending was kind of sweet, but also very impractical there were so many questions left open that the book felt unfinished I had another book by Loretta Nyhan on my TBR, but I went ahead and removed it it was clear from this book that this author is not for me, even if the writing was quite good My WEBSITEMy INSTAGRAMMy WORDPRESS BLOG When Leona s gynecologist tells her that she s running out of time to have a baby, Leona panics and considers all her options Adoption and fertility treatments are expensive And since she can t afford expensive medical visits to conceive, she purchases a glorified turkey baster to do the trick But first, she needs a man and the courage to ask him, of course All The Good Parts by Loretta Nyhan is laugh out loud hysterical I loved the main character, Leona, and found her very relatable I too have been given that talk at my OB GYN s and then paraded out through a waiting room of expectant mothers feeling like a ticking time bomb So, as I was reading, I spent a lot of time nodding my head, laughing, and agreeing with everything written I very much enjoyed the humorous writing style of Loretta Nyhan and her quirky characters in All The Good Parts this made for a fun and enjoyable read I loved how everyone felt the need to weigh in on Leona s decision even the teenage niece The ending was anything but predictable and I was happy to see it conclude the way it did A happily ever after for sure I highly recommend this read to fans of romantic comedies and women s fiction Lighthearted and full of surprises, this book is a winner Full review 3.5 StarsLeona is 39 years old, she lives in her sister s home in the basement and her gynecologist has just told her thather ovaries have taken their first stumbleand that, in view of the fact that she has not had a child yet, that if she has visions of having a child in her future that future should happen sooner than later There are all the usual considerations to take into account Her job a home health care aide isn t full time, and she s still about a year away from getting her nursing degree from the online college she s taking courses from Financially, this is not the best time Time wise, she doesn t have the time to focus on a new baby, let alone a growing child Energy wise what energy Is that enough to dissuade her This story definitely has its funny moments, Leona wants to have a child, but there s no potential future father in sight, she s not only not seriously involved with anyone, she can t recall the last date she went on School and work and her sister s family, husband, kids fill her days But is that reason enough to give up on something she suddenly realizes she wants The obstacles life puts in her way, the other people tell her not to pursue having a child without an active partner parent, the determined she seems to become I m not sure if I would ever have noticed this book or paid much attention to it, but for one of my birthday gifts this past year I got a gift subscription for a Once Upon a Book Club membership Their motto being Bringing Books to Life Monthly The premise is a good one one I think that would have the most appeal to pre teens or young teens, but it s a cute idea Throughout the book you re reading there are post it notes telling you to open various wrapped gifts that accompany the book None are overly pricey, but each gift goes along with something in the storyline This is a quick, light read Amusing fun Perfect for those days you feel like you just want a feel good story with quirky characters. All the Good Parts was a strong, funny, engaging book as Leona tried to discover what she wanted I thought the premise thought provoking, the character portrayal accurate, and the emotions real especially the ending I really loved the relationships between Leona and the potential fathers didn t care much for the sister First book by Loretta Nyhan that I have read and now I want to read I highly recommend this book I won through the Goodreads First Read Giveaways