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Oh, Easton First let s just talk about this cover That mouth I fell in love with those lips Can you believe he s a teacher Jesus They didn t make teachers like HIM, when I was in school It s probably a good thing his students are pre hormones I honestly closed the book just to have the cover loading screen reappear once or twice okay it was like twenty But I repeat Those Lips On to the story Easton Wylder was having the season of his life until a dirty play places that delicious backside on the bench Enter Scout His new physical therapist, who like Easton, is living in the shadow of her father s legacy First meets, witty banter and the push pull begins Easton HAS to rehab his arm and Scout has to prove herself and meet the deadline given by the team But with all those hours with her hands on THAT body, things heat up I think what I loved most about Easton and Scouts relationship was how all in Easton was He wasn t over the top in outpouring his feelings, but his inner musing let you know exactly what he wanted I loved his fight to keep her fear at bay how he didn t struggle with understanding her The drama in this book is about Scout s feelings and the plot that is playing in the background I loved being able to focus on these two while the story played out There is a hint of the feels I had when I first experienced K Bromberg a little taste of Colton lingered in the air I think it was Easton s cockiness and swagger I loved it I am not a huge fan of heroines, it s really hard to find one that I can honestly say I love but Scout comes close I loved the shoe being on the other foot, the girl being the one with one foot out the door ready to run I can t imagine the stress that Scout was under, toss in the attention of Easton well that s enough to put any woman off her A game The Player was an instant hit K Bromberg knocks it out of the park, delivering a love affair that has the pages burning up I can t wait for The Catch Like, I literally CANNOT wait I need this book right now. This book has EVERYTHING and is EVERYTHING It has an incredible amount of heart, fabulous twists and turns, and limitless raw realism throughout every page Few books make me feel completely and utterly vulnerable like this one did from the very beginning There is no hiding or avoiding this story along with its heady implications and undeniable truth What a perfect masterpiece that is infused with pure and honest love and wrapped in strong cords of hope This story will steal your heart with no hesitation, and you will make sure that it never gives it back.I have never met characters that have so irrevocably wrecked me in every way possible They are brilliant in their inception, fantastic with their interactions, and extraordinary in their development Without a doubt, this cast is life changing for a heart that is searching for something real and something challenging and something wholly original I can t sing the praises of this book any higher as my heart has been absolutely consumed and downright transformed by its beauty and magnificence.K Bromberg NEEDS to be on your top author list This is the first book I have read by this incredible author, and I already know how tremendously captivating her writing is I am hooked, and seriously can t wait to read another of her marvelous books There is not much originality in this world, but you will find that and so much within the pages of this epic masterpiece. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review K Bromberg continues to slay the romance book world as hearts and ovaries will explode and swoon over Easton Wylder Yes, my fellow romance fanatics, K Bromberg delivers another sexy romance that will have you saying HOME fucking RUN She s fucking addictive.I want her.Her taste.Must have her The Player is a sports romance done right It was bold, refreshing, fun, sexy, sweet, and passionate But mostly, this book was utterly addictive Bromberg s sexy writing is the real winner Yes, she is one of those authors who doesn t need to try hard to grab your attention because she had it the moment you read the first page Easton Wylder is baseball royalty but this star athlete finds himself not on the baseball mound but instead on the sidelines due to an injury So enter his new physical therapist, Scout Dalton Right off the bat, Scout and Easton have this sexual tension that soon transitions into something than physical Walls are being broken Emotions begin to take root And most importantly, ovaries are exploding as Easton s sexy mouth has a way with words So can two people who have been living in the shadow s of their fathers break free and step into their own light Right now, I m going to kiss you senseless, Scout, and I want to fucking enjoy it So, for the love of God, woman, use those lips of yours on me and not on words Gaahhh Excuse me while I squeal as I reread the quotes I bookmarked in this book Honestly there is not much else for me to say because The Player was AMAZING There is no striking out when it come to K Bromberg because this author knows how to capture her reader s attention While this book was dripping with lots of sexiness and steam, Bromberg beautifully balances this book with raw emotions She allowed readers to feel for her characters as they try to step out from the shadows The writing was superb The characters were fantastic And the story was a hit All in all, The Player is a must read Can t wait for the final conclusion of Scout and Easton in The Catch K Bromberg I read K Bromberg s Driven series about three years ago, and I fell hard for Colton and Rylee Their racing world made my heart accelerate K Bromberg brought her A game again.this time to the world of professional baseball with the first installment in her new two book series Easton Wylder gets injured, and Scout Dalton has been hired as his PT to get him off of the DL This job is Scout s chance to secure a contract with Easton s team that will hopefully allow her to carry on her father s legendary PT practice working with baseball stars She ends up repairing a lot than his shoulder She mends his soul Easton ends up doing a little PT on Scout s broken heart as well She has some serious abandonment issues Everyone she loves ends up leaving her The two get each other, and their chemistry is the stuff that would light up a baseball stadium Both are living under their fathers respective shadows Easton s father is a famous all star player Is The Player being playedwho knows the real score BoomThe End Omg, I need the next book now I loved The Player and can t wait to see how Easton and Scout s relationship plays out when The Catch releases on June 29th Game on Kristy This review appears on www.kindlecrack.net, www.facebook.com kindlecrack, Goodreads Pinterest, Google and Twitter A review copy of this book was kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Holy Moly I do not know what I expected from Bromberg s latest release, but whatever it was the final product well and truly exceeded my expectations From the outset The Player was intriguing, everything about Easton and Scout invited you to want , from their resilience and strength individually, the their explosive chemistry together There s something about Easton that makes me want when I shouldn t, need when I needn t, and desire when I know it ll be disastrous On the road to recovery after a shoulder injury the last person Easton wants to deal with is a pretty young thing pretending to have the skill required to help him heal and get him back to the game he loves Easton is the epitome of a major league star, he s cocksure, sexy as hell, talented and has a considerable pedigree After a shock accident on the field Easton has seen time on the bench than ever before in his illustrious career When he meets Scout Dalton he s ready to dismiss her like some many others before her, until she shows him that she s not to be messed with Stuck between the pressure to succeed and live up to his famous father s reputation and trying to rediscover his passion for the game he once loved, Easton is desperate to get back on the field I ve had enough people in my life leave me, Easton I m not walking willingly into a situation that sets me up for that hurt Scout knows all about pressure, about wanting to measure up to her famous father As the daughter of arguably one of the best sports physiotherapists in the league, Scout has big shoes to fill When she is given the opportunity to work with Easton she knows it s her shot for a permanent role with the Aces, a coveted role that would fulfil her fathers only unchecked professional bucket list Filled with secrets she s desperate to keep hidden, Scout has one mission, to rehab Easton and prove her skill to the powers that be Sympathy will break me, when I can t break The Player is arguably one of my favourite titles by Bromberg, filled to the brim with intense chemistry, stormy angst and a story that has you utterly invested from only moments in, there was everything I look for in my next favourite book While I m a sucker for anything written by this author, The Player had that something special that s hard to replicate, it has that unquantifiable thing that makes reading so enjoyable, that enviable connection between story and reader that makes it impossible to put down I wanted , no I needed and because of that I finished in one sitting, bleary eyed, heart racing, utterly spent Some books leave you feeling sated, some leave you grateful for the journey, Bromberg s ability to weave a tale so eloquently left me desperately wanting The worst part about telling yourself lies is you know the real truth. K Bromberg delivers a sports romance masterpiece with The Player I fell head over heels for Easton and Scout, the delicious slow build of their relationship and the steady unraveling of their personalities and pasts I was immediately captivated by the palpable sexual tension and utterly electric chemistry that sizzled between the hero and heroine feeling every bit of their fragile restraint as I lost myself to their story K Bromberg brilliantly brought the professional sports atmosphere to life with the vibrant cast of secondary characters and inarguably evocative imagery I swear I was experiencing the sights and sounds of major league baseball first hand as the author wrapped me up in the excitement of scorching summer nights spent beneath the glare of stadium lights K Bromberg s lyrical prose and inherent understanding of human emotion made Easton and Scout s journey an unforgettable reading experience and has me desperate for the next chapter in this inimitable couple s story.Easton was absolutely swoon worthy, the kind of book boyfriend that melts your heart with his swagger and charm only to completely steal it with his surprising sweetness and thoughtful nature I loved getting to know this character and exploring the subtle complexities of his relationship with his father, his role on the team and his history with the game As Easton opened up to Scout and revealed his thoughts and fears to her, I found myself audibly sighing He was unsure and vulnerable in a way that felt genuine and easy to relate to K Bromberg definitely knows how to write unforgettable heroines Scout was feisty, intelligent, and completely devoted to the people and career she loved I enjoyed exploring the dichotomy of this character, Scout s ease around the team and confidence in her work a direct contradiction to the insecure girl who struggled tirelessly to make her father proud and protect her heart at all costs I m excited to see where K Bromberg plans on taking this character as this story continues This lovable heroine definitely has me rooting for her.In addition to being exquisitely written, The Player was perfectly paced An effortless balance of poignant conversation, sizzling encounters, adorable flirtations and intriguing baseball politics, this novel was one I just had to devour I loved getting a glimpse at a new side of the sports world, experiencing Easton and Scout s sweat, tears and emotional vulnerability as I read K Bromberg s insight into this couple s hearts and minds as they traversed Easton s injury and rehabilitation made for an emotionally honest and decidedly memorable sports romance Ending on a cliffhanger that left me swearing up and down the final page, I m desperate for of this incredibly addictive couple K Bromberg has once again totally hooked me and I can t wait to see what she has up her sleeve next for these two The Player was sexy, fun and incredibly sweet another must read novel from this talented author From an author who NEVER fails to bring me to my happy place, Bromberg s latest release, THE PLAYER, was EVERYTHING I could have ever wanted in a beautiful, sexy, and sweet sports romance A man with a passiona woman with a need to prove herself They weren t expecting anything from one another, but what they received, was a kind of love and respect that is not easy to walk away from They filled an unsuspecting need in one another and with every whisper, every touch, every grand gesture, brought them closer and closer to falling over the edge If you re familiar with this author s writing, you already know that you will DEVOUR each and every page But with that sense of familiarity, you will be surprised with the amount of depth and heart that Bromberg brings to every single page Easton and Scout will become an instant addictionYou re nothing like I expected I m never what anyone expects It s a blessing and a curseWhat starts out as a heated and tension filled battle of the wills, turns into a beautiful and touching love story where Easton and Scout grow to depend on each other for than just their bodies, even though the sexual tension is through the roof They break down each other s walls and slowly but surely start to trust each other With outside forces trying to break them apart their jobs, their family they will have to work harder than ever to maintain the beautiful bond that they have created The mantra Clear mind Hard heart that Scout s father has instilled in her the very beginning starts to matter less and less with every interaction with the charming and infuriating Easton Wylder He muddles her mind and softens her heart, and soon, the mantra that was all but a shout when she started, has faded to a whisper God Damn.She s fucking addictive.I want her.Her taste.Must have her.The scent of her perfume.Say yes to this, Scout.The softness of her lips.Say yes to me.The tentativeness of her tongue as she fights her will to dive right in.Let me the fuck in. Two people living in the shadows of their fathers Two people with the urge to run He ll slay every dragon for her But she has to let him in OMG You guys As I m writing this review, I m having flashbacks of this amazing romance I can t even tell you how much this book and these characters have touched my heart THE PLAYER is some of Bromberg s BEST WORK, and I for one, want to DEVOUR it over and over again Be prepared for the last sentence to leave you absolutely breathless I wasn t expecting it, but deep down, I know I should have My heart hurts but I have complete faith that this author will take me where I need to go with Easton and Scout s story This book, like ALL OTHER from K Bromberg s work, is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED You WILL NOT get enough of this story I guarantee it Since I don t know a lot about sports, I never know what I m going to get with a sports romance I gotta saythis book freakin rocked I m not surprised it was well written because come onit s K.Bromberg She s a talented writer It s the fact that she can take a baseball sports romance and make me fall in love with not only The Player, but the game too Reading it felt so real, as if it was happening to my best buddy And the love storyit was More than I expectedcame out of left field nice pun tee hee and really knocked it out of the park Honestly, I don t know where I m coming up with these because I know zero about baseball and most sports in general, but Kristy made me believe I too could live in that world Insanity I finished the book a week ago and I m still reeling from the ending Gimme gimme Scorching hot athlete, massive plot twist, fire beneath the sheets, and an ending that will steal your breath Sign me up for book two now Audrey Carlan, 1 NYT Bestselling Author (READ DOWNLOAD) ⚣ The Player Ü Baseball Has Never Been Sexier In An All New Novel By New York Times Bestselling Author, K BrombergEaston Wylder Is Baseball Royalty The Game Is His Life His Passion His EverythingSo, When An Injury Threatens To End Easton S Season Early, The Team Calls In The Renowned Physical Therapist, Doc Dalton, To Oversee His Recovery Except It S Not Doc Who Greets Easton For His First Session, But Rather His Daughter, Scout She May Be Feisty, Athletic, Defiant, And Gorgeous, But Easton Is Left Questioning Whether She Has What It Takes To Help Him Scout Dalton S Out To Prove A Female Can Handle The Pressure Of Running The Physical Therapy Regimen Of An MLB Club And That Proof Comes In The Form Of Getting Phenom Easton Wylder Back On The Field But Getting Him Healthy Means Being Hands On And With A Man As Irresistible As Easton, Being Hands On Can Only Lead To One Thing, Trouble Because The She Touches Him, The She Wants Him, And She Can T Want Him Not When It S Her Job To Side In The Club S Best Interest If He S Ready To Play But When Sparks Fly And Fine Lines Are Crossed, Can They Withstand The Heat Or Is One Of Them Bound To Get Burned The Player was enticing, bold, and 100% addicting I love a good sports romance But make it a baseball romance, and I m a goner The passion, dedication, and hard work leaped off the pages and immediately consumed my heart.Austin Aces catcher, Easton Wylder, has known little else besides the game his entire life So when a dirty play inducing injury sidelines the baseball star, he ll do whatever it takes to prove his career isn t over.Physical therapist, Scout Dalton, has the opportunity to do what her famous doctor father has never donesecure a contract with the Austin Aces And all it takes is to get Easton back on the field, but in a strict time limit Scout s brought in to do her job But when her job involves the sexy and cocky enigma that is Easton, she s found having a hard heart towards the player will be her most difficult task yet.The Player fully annihilates your perception of other sports romances Not just a story about the hot player who gets the girl, but an emotional story about the fear of losing those you love, the doubt and insecurity of a life without passion, and the joy of realizing what love truly means Easton and Scout s dynamic was perfectly unique in the story, but not without it s flaws or setbacks Both needed something from the other But what they weren t expecting was an utterly profound connection to one another that neither knew they were missing The courage it takes to let someone in, and the apprehension to trust one s true intentions, showcases the strong emotions and concerns real life exhibits.K Bromberg has quickly become an instant must read author for me Her expressive and fierce writing is brilliantly displayed in The Player This book challenges your emotions, and inhabits the reader s ability to see beyond what they think they know, and rely on what they feel instead.The Player was simply suberb And that ending Goodness gracious.I need the next one NOW 5 fanatic starsARC provided in exchange for an honest review Kelly