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#Read Book õ Flourishing in the Early Years è If Young Children Are To Flourish And Become Happy, Confident And Motivated Learners, They Need To Develop In An Environment That Gives Them The Opportunities And Freedom To Play And Learn, Along With The Support Of Parents And Practitioners Who Are Flourishing ThemselvesThis Invaluable Text Looks At The Conditions That Enable All Those Engaged In The Early Years Sector To Flourish, Covering Themes Such As The Outdoor Environment, The Curriculum, Parent Partnership, Equality And Ethical Practice Divided Into Three Sections, Each Part Covers Concepts A Consideration Of How Flourishing Is Framed By Political, Historical And Policy FrameworksPractices Exploring The Issues That Early Years Practitioners Are Faced With When Engaging With Parents And Multi Agent Professionals Within Their SettingFutures Examining Some Of The Long Term Issues That May Need To Be Revisited On A Regular Basis To Enable Continual And Flourishing Development To OccurWith Key Points And Reflective Tasks, This Book Will Be Valuable Reading To All Students And Practitioners Working In The Early Childhood Education And Care Sector Who Want To Ensure That The Children In Their Care Are Given The Best Possible Start In Life