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A horribly prescient act of terrorism in London gives this thriller currency as Gabriel Allon, now head of the Office, makes things personal as he sets up an elaborate operation to take down a terrorist leader If you ve read other Silva books then you ll know what to expect as this doesn t challenge the tried and trusted formula what makes Silva stand out for me is the political intelligence, the refusal to pander to cheap and easy stereotypes that border on the racist, and the attention to tradecraft Yes, there is some sentimentalising especially over Allon s legendary status and his friends in high places, but he s still a charismatic lead character with a sense of history that he carries with him, both in personal and national terms A thriller for adults.Thanks to the publisher for an ARC via NetGalley His least ambitious workI have loved Daniel Silva s work for years, and was eagerly looking forward to reading The House of Spies as a birthday present Once it arrived, I found myself having difficulty finishing it I did continue and completed the book out of loyalty, and not curiosity or interest I understood the need to have some old characters back, but all of them This fact alone gave the story a repetitious dry boring tone Gabriel s Israeli team and Keller were my highlight, but can a love interest not be an ex supermodel This was an example of finding an easy way to write a less complicated character Writing this review was not easy for I love, love, love Daniel s impeccable writing Even though this was not my favorite book, I am still looking forward to his next one. The 17th book in the spy, assassin, and art restorer Gabriel Allon series by author Daniel Silva and although I had only previously read 1 to 5 it did not spoil my enjoyment or understanding of this book.Although my favourite andregular genre is psychological thrillers I do like to mix my reading up a little withaction based novels such as Lee Child and Daniel Silva and I find this series a welcome change.In this novel Gabriel Allon is out for revenge and his target is a madman named Saladin who is causing havoc around the world with his succession of crimes Allon wants Saladin dead and would ideally like to be the man who kills him Gabriel Allon in his new role as chief of the office in Israel should be limited in the field but nothing is going to stop him in his quest for revenge.Another excellent read thanks to this expert story teller.I would like to thank Net Galley and HarperCollins UK, HarperFiction for supplying a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review. Maybe 3 stars because it s a reliable addition to the series But as always with successful genre fiction, the Allon books have ossified into a series of set pieces Same cast of characters, stories retold They re curiously bloodless despite the body count Allon is in a bombing in Paris, suffers major damage and the effect is no worse than a severe headache Also, there is the familiar pattern of the creation of a deception operation that turns someone into a willing unwilling helper inside the bad guy s circle and then a rather unsubtle denouement with several false climaxes and a polemical afterward about terrorisms ongoing threat To be continued, the series, that is, in other words Here s another question, why does there have to be the elaborate and very expensive stage setting on the Riviera to turn Olivia Once the blank canvases are discovered that would have been enough to do it, as is in fact the case Also Olivia doesn t resist at all But it would have cut about 75 pages out of the book And if you have to do a book a year, you need to stack pagesat least lose the goat on Corsica. There are parts of this book which drag, when Silva feels obliged to tell us too much about what happened in prior books HOWEVER, when the action starts, it is portrayed in Silva s unique powerful style and makes a terrific read House of Spies shares the podium with Unsub by Meg Gardiner for best thriller of the year Silva s book is international, a continuation of the Gabriel Allon series, while Unsub takes the top prize domestically US.Silva s inside knowledge and research, his well developed characters, and his all too current plot shine throughout He notes the London attack took place a week after he finished the manuscript in March In anotherthan coincidence, he identified the fact of the many Moroccan ISIS cells far in advance of the real world Barcelona attack perpetrated in August by Moroccan terrorists We can only hope the same intelligence agencies about which he writes are reading his books House of Spies feels real because, alas, it is.Highly, highly recommended Six stars. House of Spies is book seventeen in the Gabriel Allon series by Daniel Silva In House of Spies, Gabriel Allon is now the chief of the Israel Secret Intelligence Service However, Gabriel can not stay out of trouble or sit quietly behind his desk Gabriel Allon was visiting French Secret Intelligence Service Office when a bomb was detected In the blast, Gabriel badly hurt started the hunt for the bomber The readers of House of Spies will go on a rollercoaster ride with Gabriel to find the master mind behind the bombing.The House of Spies is another great book by Daniel Silva I love Daniel Silva writing style and the way he can engage his readers with the plot of House of Spies I like the way Daniel Silva portrays his characters especially Gabriel Gabriel Allon never worries about the consequence he always there to protect Israelis and non Israelis from murders and criminals who wont to destroy the world Even after writing seventeen books in this series Daniel Silva and his characters still keep me glue to my seat until I finish the last page of The House of Spies Readers of House of Spies will start to think about the life and consequences of being part of a Secret Intelligence Service Also, will learn a little bit about the cities and countries that Gabriel and his team visit I recommend this book. I wanted to give this 4 stars since it features two of my favorite spies However, while the ending is alright, it s less than totally desirable 6 of 10 stars I am going to state what many others have noted in their reviews and that is this is the 17th book in the Gabriel Allon series I open with that because I want to mention that often in a series when you reach this point the series starts to drag and gets old Not this series Not this latest book.At the end of The Black Widow Gabriel at last gave in and agreed to become the chief of the Israel Secret Intelligence Service Better known as The Office In that story a terrorist known only as Saladin had successfully carried out the deadliest attack on American soil since 9 11 This story opens with Saladin continuing to carry out attacks on the West including one in London s West End It would take too long to explain and require a lot of detail but Gabriel is visiting his counterpart in Paris when there is another attack This time a bomb is detonated outside the building Gabriel is in Now it is personal He may be chief now but he is not one to sit behind a desk and issue orders for others to carry out He prefers face to face.Gabriel puts together the old team If you have read other books in the series you know who they are Dina Sarid, Mikhail Abramov, Yaakov Rossman They are all here And Christopher Keller is back It reminds me of the old Mission Impossible television series starring Peter Graves There is a mission and the usual team is assembled to handle it Uzi Navot, Ari Shamron, and of course Chiara make appearances although mostly just token ones.The investigation leads them to the doorstep of Jean Luc Martel and Olivia Watson Martel is a drug kingpin whose activity is helping fund Saladin Olivia is a former British fashion model who pretends not to know the true source of Martel s wealth Gabriel and his team plan to use Martel and Olivia to get to Saladin The story moves from the glitz and glamour of Saint Tropez to the grit of Casablanca.As with all of these stories it is timely and seemingly ripped from the headlines Horribly prescient It is riveting entertainment and leaves you waiting for the next installment in the series. `FREE EBOOK ☈ House of Spies ☆ A Heart Stopping Tale Of Suspense, Daniel Silva S Runaway Bestseller, The Black Widow, Was One OfS Biggest Novels Now, In House Of Spies, Gabriel Allon Is Back And Out For Revenge Determined To Hunt Down The World S Most Dangerous Terrorist, A Shadowy ISIS Mastermind Known Only As Saladin Four Months After The Deadliest Attack On The American Homeland Since, Terrorists Leave A Trail Of Carnage Through London S Glittering West End The Attack Is A Brilliant Feat Of Planning And Secrecy, But With One Loose Thread The Thread Leads Gabriel Allon And His Team Of Operatives To The South Of France And To The Gilded Doorstep Of Jean Luc Martel And Olivia Watson A Beautiful Former British Fashion Model, Olivia Pretends Not To Know That The True Source Of Martel S Enormous Wealth Is Drugs And Martel, Likewise, Turns A Blind Eye To The Fact He Is Doing Business With A Man Whose Objective Is The Very Destruction Of The West Together, Under Gabriel S Skilled Hand, They Will Become An Unlikely Pair Of Heroes In The Global War On TerrorismWritten In Seductive And Elegant Prose, The Story Moves Swiftly From The Glamour Of Saint Tropez To The Grit Of Casablanca And, Finally, To An Electrifying Climax That Will Leave Readers Breathless Long After They Turn The Final Page