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FREE PDF × The Fog ⛓ Warble Is A Small Yellow Warbler Who Lives On The Beautiful Island Of Icyland, Where He Pursues His Hobby Of Human Watching But On A Warm Day, A Deep Fog Rolls In And Obscures His View The Rest Of The Birds Don T Seem To Notice The Fog Or The Other Changes Warble Observes On The Island The The Fog Is Ignored, The It Spreads When A Red Hooded Spectacled Female Juvenile Appears, Warble Discovers That He S Not The Only One Who Notices The Fog Will They Be Able To Find Others Who Can See It Too And Is The Fog Here To Stay A Mild Environmental Message, But An Even Better Friendship TaleAs a mysterious fog envelops the countryside, the bird Warble is worried, but his fellow creatures seem oblivious or unconcerned Finally, joint efforts by other creatures in other faraway places make the fog disappear So, the message, such as it is, addresses global warming and the need for global cooperation If that s all we had here I m not sure I d be terribly enthusiastic about this book, even despite its charming gentle full page drawings Even gentle and upbeat messages can be heavy handed if that s all you have.But, there s something else going on here that s funny, sly and just the type of switcheroo that young readers can get and appreciate Warble is an avid human watcher He has human identification books He keeps a life list He looks for rare human sightings The book takes off when he first spies a Red hooded Spectacled Female Juvenile , check out the cover I m sorry, but that just cracks me up and it is absolutely in keeping with the style and feel of the drawings Anyway, Warble and this juvenile female become friends and interact in kind, gentle and amusing ways That, to me, was the heart and humor and grace of this book, and it made this a charming and happy find Please note that I received a free advance will self destruct in x days Adobe Digital copy of this book without a review requirement, or any influence regarding review content should I choose to post a review Apart from that I have no connection at all to either the author or the publisher of this book. I won this book at LibraryThing in exchange for an honest review.I d originally learned about this book from a friend who works at a children s bookstore in New York City The word that first comes to mind is charming It s very charming The illustrations make this book 5 full stars They re gorgeous and whimsical and lovely Very special The story is okay I loved the part regarding the bird who is a human watcher That was genius, as were all the illustrations about types of humans It s also a sweet inter species friendship story If this is a message story though, about global warming specifically and about taking action and about galvanizing a group of beings to become aware of a problem and to do something about it, well something major felt lacking to me For young children, they re going to love the pictures and maybe the story in a superficial way, I think, and that might be fine, and enjoyable But that s as far as it goes for me.I think because I love fog before I started reading I was thinking of the fog as a positive thing While I love promoting awareness and a pet peeve of mine is denial, I just don t understand what I think might be the message If the message is that friendships can brighten the lives of those in them then okay that s a good message If working together is a message, ditto to that Otherwise what everybody actually does makes little sense to me regarding extrapolating it to anything else The author and illustrator bios section on the back cover are highly entertaining I m a huge fan of creative bio sections so I really appreciated this one Note I asked for advice from a GR group and from LibraryThing Because I won this at LibraryThing the publisher is entitled to my review at LibraryThing and I also post an identical review shelves might differ slightly at Goodreads If I get a note asking me to email someone with comments or links to the URLs of my review I happily comply In this boo there is a card included that has book information and a snail mail address to the publisher s in Toronto, Canada I m in the U.S Except for the book info and snail mail publisher info, the only other line is We would appreciate two copies of your review There is no name for attn to or any other info besides the Randomhouse Canada and Tundra books address in Toronto.Am I expected to print out 2 copies of the review and mail it to an out of the country generic address, with no name to put attn to Do they not have a printer and email That seems so unreasonable I also have no person to contact to ask if links to the URLs could be included in an email, which I d be happy to do.And, I am NOT a professional writer If this was to be an included requirement I would have to stop entering to win books I will wait to hear back from LibraryThing. Check out Picture book reviews Perspective of a WriterIcyland is a special place that people like to visit and the home of Warble, a small yellow bird who loves to human watch When a deep fog rolls in and lingers the other birds don t seem to mind but Warble becomes concerned It s not until a Red hooded Spectacled Female Juvenile also notices the fog that Warble decides to do something about the spreading menace.What a gem of a book this turned out to be I was drawn to the watercolor and ink sketch illustrations right off, and they are beautiful They carry through the entire book blowing you away You literally feel like you ve been to Icyland and experienced the fog with Warble and the Red hooded Spectacled Female Juvenile I loved the fact that this little girl was drawn as an Asian girl We don t see that in picture books much and its so important that we see that Happy to see a human again, Warble offered insects to eat.She liked them I enjoyed how this turned out to be such a big story First Warble makes a human friend and then together they make change They don t know how to do it at first and they have to keep trying but slowly they get results Such a huge lesson for children to learn It s so hard to stand alone but if you seek out others who feel the same way as you do then change is possible There is also a great segue into talking about the environment and seeing others despite their being different from you.Most surprising was how much my nephew loved this book Right away it appealed to me visually and later as a message story, but would my little nephew enjoy the watercolor and ink sketches and the foggy subject Yes He totally loved the paper boats and the relationship between the bird and the girl He always picks a spread and draws his own version of it I felt certain he would pick the insects part because he thought that was so funny but no he chose the big message spread I was really taken aback but I shouldn t have been At the heart of the story is two friends who wanted to fix a problem that the two of them alone couldn t fix There s power in friendship I totally can see you buying this for a small child and the story growing with them as they age and understand the world on a deeper level The messages are powerful and merit purchasing the book so they can be repeated often in the home.BOTTOM LINE Not just for bird lovers, but also for cause movers and shakers Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.You can find this review and many others on my book blog Perspective of a Writer See my picture book reviews in a special feature called Boo s Picture Gallery Warble is a bird and also a human watcher from the Icy Land But one day the fog spreads over the land turning everything ghostly, and he is not able to watch people any Warble knows something is very wrong, but nobody else seems to notice or care He tries to blow the fog away, but it doesn t work Warble is really worried Then is when he finds a little girl who is also concerned about the last changes and signals They decide to find other people around the world who are also aware of what is going on They send messages in paper boats, and they receive lots of answers They are not alone, and with each new reply they get, the fog lifts a little.I liked the premise of this story, and absolutely loved the wonderful illustrations I think there is a problem with the ending, which appears diffuse to me, specially considering this is a picture book for little kids The message is that being aware of the environmental problem solves it And even if this is partially true the first step is to accept something is happening , it is also important to take action as a way to respond to the situation The characters action in this story is to find people like them, what is valid, but thinking this will be enough to solve the problem is a tricky message I still find Warble and his friend passive in front of the problem Action from to solve the problem would have make this book a 5 stars for me Maybe the idea is that for each person who understand we have a problem, the solution is a little closer, what is a fantastic message, but again, probably diffuse for the age range of the target of this story.I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.