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Supernatural sexinessWow this has to be my favorite Demon Gate episode so far Nicolas Bell just keeps getting better..Brian s found his second mate in the form of his partner and friend sexy as hell dominant older brother Andre.The search for the demon Xora is still going strong for Brian and Raphael but the arrival of Andre is welcome and the sex between them is scorching hot.. Amazing The story is getting interesting with every new installment I love Brian, and Raphael even Their relationship is just awesome, I can t get enough of reading about them being together and having their sexy or even romantic times With Andre I am not that sure at the moment, his Dom mode is a bit, I don t know, I couldn t get used to him But we ll see what happens in the next book Can t wait to read on [Read Book] ☽ Havoc ☨ As If Chasing Down A Seriously Dangerous Demon That S Killing People Like That S The Thing To Do At Night, I Ve Got Even Romance Trouble Brewing I Think I M Seriously In Over My Head At This Point First Off, We Re Nowhere Close To Finding Xora, The Hell Demon That S Killing People Than The Morgue Has Room For On Top Of That, I Ve Found My Other Mate Yeah, As If Getting Used To One, Or Make That At Least Three Men Who Ve Been In My Bed Isn T Enough Now, I Have Another Permanent One, Worst Yet He S My Partner S Older Brother, And They Don T Have Secrets I M Going To Have To Come Clean And Keep My Game Tight All While Trying To Save The World From A Demon Takeover Good Times Good Times That Was My Patented Sarcasm, By The Way Warning This Serial Contains Strong Adult Content Not Meant For Sensitive Eyes The Novelettes In This Serial Will Be Filled With Dark, Twisted, Raunchy And Steamy Scenes Between Powerful, Sexy Men That Will Either Offend You Or Get Ya Revved Up This Series Will Not Be Pulling Any Punches, And It Won T Apologize For Hurting Your Feelings, Either You Ll Find No Fluff And Ruffles Here These Demons Play Hard, And They Fight Dirty 4.5 starsNicholas Bella has done it again I loved, loved this installment of DGS Brian, Andre and Raphael make a kickass trio and I can not wait to read about them. This is now the eighth book that I have read in the series and my interest in them have shown no signs of abating.Brian still seems to be part incubus as the bed that he shares with his mated demon partner Raphael bounces regularly with a influx of different men.Reading books where demons are sometimes the anti heroes and enjoying them is always an interesting contrast when one is brought up religiously and taught to view them with repulsion I ve never paid much mind to it until a girlfriend of a colleague highlighted my enjoyment of the paranormal,called me twisted but said she likes my difference whatever that is. Another incredible series from Nicholas Bella with loads of twisted plotting, evil doings and awesome sexy times Just gets betterI m loving this series so much I love that Brian has fully accepted who he is and is so in love with Raphael and now Andre is in the mix Wowser And then there is this crazy demon shredding humans which is getting the society much needed help from all sorts of characters Truths are being told, really hot sex and some jealousy makes for a great read I love this author He brings everything to a book Love, sex, blood gore and just opens my mind for all this darkness I m addicted Love Nicholas Bella Another awesome book from a very talented author Brian is finally coming into his own as a demon when he finds his next matewhile still looking for a dangerous demonwhile still trying to protect his friends familyand then the new mate gets an attitude with Raphael I do honestly have to say that this made me not like the new mate to much, I have a huge crush on Raphael lol I love this book, love this series and I love this author and I can t wait to see what he writes for us next BR, Sunday with Julie pheeeuw This was amazing This series keeps getting better and better When Andre gets his head out of his ass, this trio Raphael, Brian and Andre will kick assReview to come 4 Jealousy Stricken Stars Brian has his hand full with Jealousy stricken men I love how far Brian has come in love He is a joy to read Raphael, OMG, I still adore him, and I love his possessive behavior Andre , he is a great add, I adore him already Their combine trio love story is a work in progress OMG, this is getting sooooooo deliciously good And, I love he events that are unfolding.In this book the plot thicken The action is great and the blood and gore as well as gruesome details are fantastic The pace is great and the MCs are awesome I think the best part of this book is the jealously factor The extra sex partnerThe Lord Is what brought this book down a starsorry, not my thing And, I hope he goes back to hell or gets his own guy soon.And, I am glad I have already downloaded the next book, because I really I look forward to