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A good read This is mostly a narrative of the course of the Ptolemies I XII and ending with Cleopatra VII Philopator I was a little disappointed that there was little explanation of economic policy and even less coverage of which Ptolemy endowed the city of Alexandria to become a center of learning. [[ Kindle ]] ☝ Geschichte des Ptolemäerreiches ⇸ This Compelling Narrative Provides The Only Comprehensive Guide In English To The Rise And Decline Of Ptolemaic Rule In Egypt Over Three Centuries From The Death Of Alexander In BC To The Tragic Deaths Of Antony And Cleopatra In BCThe Skilful Integration Of Material From A Vast Array Of Sources Allows The Reader To Trace The Political And Religious Development Of One Of The Most Powerful Empires Of The Ancient Eastern Mediterranean It Shows How The Success Of The Ptolemies Was Due In Part To Their Adoption Of Many Features Of The Egyptian Pharaohs Who Preceded Them Their Deification And Funding Of Cults And Temples Throughout Egypt The best book I have read on the history of Ptolemaic Egypt The author gives a very detailed account on the cultural and religious practices of the time period.