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READ DOWNLOAD ë House Of Blood ë Later, The Ones Left Alive Would Agree They Never Should Have Turned Off That Dark Stretch Of Tennessee Interstate They Were Tired And Tense, Two Guys And Three Girls Arguing Over A Vacation Gone Bad But Things Were About To Get Worse For The Five Young Friends Much, Much Worse In Fact, Most Of Them Would Never See The Highway Again The Woods Were Dark And Forbidding, Filled With Unseen Dangers And Inhuman Sounds The Light In The Distance Promised Sanctuary From The Grasping Terrors Instead, The Light Lured The Travelers To The Very Heart Of Evil, A House At The Entrance Of Hell, A House That Held Only Torture, Depravity And For The Lucky Ones DeathWhen The Front Door Closes, The Screaming Begins I had really high hopes for this book, but I was not loving it Sometimes I need to read a book again to see or feel something I m missing, so I may do that Yet as it stands, I cannot say I loved this novel. House of Blood is the debut novel of Brian Smith, but from the rich writing and the intriguing plot, you can t tell it s a first The beginning got me hooked, the middle kept me there, and the ending was strong.Pros Smith uses a simple, straightforward manner to inject his poison in the reader s bloodstream His prose is pronounced, clear, and focused.The pace starts off swift and strong, stays in the air the whole way through, keeps lifting higher and higher, never putting its feet down on the ground.Some of the events are almost offensive they re so disturbing, and while on the surface this plot looks generic, it s certainly not.Cons Smith misses the mark with his characters Dreamweaver comes off weak and whiny, Master is a good character but a bit confusing, Mrs Wickman is too stereotypical to be believed, and all the really good characters were killed off too soon or not explored enough.The dialogue worked sometimes, but other times it justwell, gee, golly, gosh, fizzled out.Overall though, this gets a high marking I recommend it to all horror fans read this one when you get the chance, it s not for the birds. It started off pretty solid, an interesting and different kind of horror story But by the last third of the book it just went off in really bizarre directions that didn t feel like they fit what the earlier parts of the story promised. I don t arrive at hyperbolic conclusions very often I am not prone to labels like best or worst , so don t take this review lightly I finished this book about a month ago and have been examining my feelings about it since After all that thought, after all that consideration I feel confident in saying this is the worst book I have ever read, and I have read a ton of DD novels.Everything about it is just terrible The quality of the writing is uniformly bad but it occasionally dips into passages that are so bad that they could compete with the worst that Stephenie Meyer has produced None of the protagonists ever take action or are responsible for any of the events that transpire They simply float thought the story Few thoughts about what will happen next Few attempts to affect the outcome of the story On the rare occurrence that something actually does happen to them, they are utterly powerless to stop it Not that they ever try to stop any of it from happening Weak Bryan Smith, weak.The plot structure is muddled and inconsistent in it s pacing Vast chunks of the rising action are devoted to the main characters laying in beds in separate bedrooms waiting for the final conflict to begin Riveting stuff Smith actively avoids writing any action sequences for the entire book Frequently a character will run into a room seconds or minutes after an action has occurred Or a character will stumble out of the darkness after something has happened to them Like I said, Smith avoids describing any action until the very end, when the final confrontation happens Then we see why he avoided all the other opportunities for action He is terrible at it He has no sense of space and no rhythm to his prose It s just a confused mess Deplorable Bryan Smith, deplorable.Do you love reading about dream sequences Then this is the book for you Supposedly this story takes place over 24 hours but somehow the main characters keep falling asleep It happens no less than 7 times in this shit sandwich of a novel And every time they do you are treated to a dream sequence that describes absolutely nothing of interest Lucky you All that and Smith utterly fails to stick the landing The one thing he had going for the story was that he had a clearly defined villain All you have to do is point you protagonists at him and let them go How do you fuck that up Do what Bryan Smith does There is the aforementioned bungled action sequence in which he is killed and then not much Things just sort of go back as they were before before what is never really defined I suppose it s before the villain moved to the area but I digress After the short description of confusing imagery, he includes a useless epilogue concerning one of the secondary characters that never really did anything in the story.There is , of course So many other problems with this book that I could go on for thousands of words But what is the point I ve already expended too much energy on this review But it will all be worth it if I can convince at least one person to skip this awful, awful book.