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[Read Book] ♾ The Book of Wishes and Complaints ♖ Winner Of The Author S Club First Novel Award Shortlisted For The David Higham Prize For Fiction Under The Communists, All Czech Shops Must Keep A Book Of Wishes And Complaints In Which Customers Are Invited To Register Their Wishes Which Will Be Ignored And Their Complaints Which Will Be Ignored Such Absurdity Provides The Central Metaphor For This Wonderful First Novel Of A Young Girl, Hana, Struggling To Make Sense Of A Contradictory WorldWhen Her Father Is Arrested, Hana Is Taken In By The Local Physician, Loyal Party Member Dr Cerny, At The Behest Of His Wife, The Formidable Nora, Recently Arrived From England Growing Up In A Household Of Earl Grey Tea And Liquorice Allsorts, Marxist Tracts And Party Politics, Hana Eventually Flees To England Where Her Hopes And Dreams Of Life In The West Are Finally Put To The Test I found it very insightful since I had very little idea what it was like to experience the day to day life in a socialist environment Now I can appreciate the side of their story through Hana It brought to life many simple things, like saying the wrong sort of jokes Or not being able to buy certain things we take for granted And excellent read for anyone who is interested in the true heart of central Europe March 2015 Polly recommended when Polly tried to tell Ali her daughter about it, Ali was so confused She said talking to Polly Michal was like freestyle poetry.