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Not bad, but not particularly good either The main characters are a little bland, but nice, but Hades can be a little insufferable The plot could have been really great 3.25 I think the art of perfume was the poetry in this book It was almost like a side character to Harris aka Hades The way the book was broken down like a perfume scent and the Greek mythology made it all very alluring, romantic, and mysterious When Harris would explain scents and notes, you could almost smell them right along with him Hades, as Harris is known, because of his dark presence, seems to either scare people off or allure them to him While I love this notion, I only got that from him in maybe the first chapter After he meets Pallas, or Jude, it all kind of falls away I m not sure if this is good or bad Meeting Pallas, your first impression is he s cold and controlled He plays this part well for awhile He seems to go hot and cold over and over, which in turn makes Harris seem kind of lovesick and needy It turns into this cycle of I love you for who you are You should stop doing what you re doing Im sorry, please don t go The merry go round got a little frustrating, but there were also some great moments in this story Once Harris finally gets to peel back the layers of Jude, and they re finally on the same footing, it s a glorious thing I love the idea of their suits and the light with the dark, yin and yang thing they have going on One thing I am confused about that I wish something would have happened was Harris s mentor and his possible backstabbing tendencies I really wish that would have been resolved This is an instant attraction book that does move rather quickly I feel like the story could have stretched a little , making their love burn a little hotter and longer and giving depth to certain parts of the story Given all that, I do find the characters intriguing and I loved the concept of the whole story I was engaged the entire time and had I not needed some sleep, would have finished this in one sitting I give it a solid 3.25 READ E-PUB ♻ Hades in Love ♔ Harris Is Notorious For His Pursuit Of Perfection And Having A Fiery Temper They Haven T Nicknamed Him Hades For Nothing Weeks Away From Launching His First Perfume For Men, Erebus, Harris Dreams Of Les Champs Lys Es And Emerging Triumphant As The New Prince Of Scent A Few Weeks Before The Launch Party, Harris S Best Friend Suggests He Contact An Escort Agency Fittingly Called Olympus To Hire A Date For His Big Night Harris Can T Resist The Idea A Hassle Free Date With No Expectations Sounds PerfectBut When Olympus Sends His Date, Pallas, Harris Gets A Lot Than He D Paid For Blond And Cool, Pallas Cuts Through Harris S Guard Like A Clean Blade But Pallas Also Has Dreams Of His Own, And They Don T Include Falling In Love I struggled through this from the start, mostly because I couldn t connect to the characters and their relationship at allI don t even know if I really liked them as individual characters, to be honest There were often dialogue only passages back and forth, where Harris and Jude were talking but we had no clue what they were doing The dialogue itself was very formal and also had this whole feeling of being wealthy and overprivileged, and it was also overdramatic It just didn t flow naturally and seem real, like real conversations wouldn t sound like that We were never given any internalization, especially from Jude, so we never knew what he was really thinking And Jude was so hot and cold about the idea of having with Harris, it was hard to figure him out This was definitely a case of being told what was going on, not shown I think the idea of the story was interesting and I liked the blend of Greek mythology into the story, but this definitely fell short for me and I couldn t get into the story at all.I received a copy of this from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. ARC provided by the publisher through Netgalley.Let s talk about the cover first It s sooo beautiful And now to the Book the description of the book and the cover The cover was intriguing and since the last escort book I read, Dark Escort, turned out to be surprisingly good, I was anticipating this read very much But, unfortunately, the book didn t deliver.The protagonists Harris, a.k.a Hades, and Jude, a.k.a Pallas, didn t act like grown ups, they were childish like I didn t connect with any of them Jude had so many mood swings and Harris was istantly lovesick Oh yeah, yet another New Adult book with insta love I just couldn t understand their attraction to each other.This book was too short It could have covered the issue with Harris mentor Mineau or other things And, of course, make their romance of a slow burn.I really liked it when Harris talked about perfumes, though It was always very poetic and they were the best parts of the book Or when Greek mythology was mentioned, I ve always been a fan of Greek mythology. This book wasokay.I didn t love it and I didn t hate it It had too much detailing in some aspects like the technicalities of perfumery and in others not so much like what happened to Mineau Is he still with the business How about Charon The writing also went lent into the what I call over artistic I kept saying to myself there is no way anyone talks like this in real life or maybe the simple fact is that I need to expand my social circle I don t know.I expected Harris Hades , as the blurb said, to be strong willed, fiery , assertive and an all round badass What he was, however was timid, obsessive and a bit childish He always wanted to get his way and if things didn t go as he wanted, he went off the bend.As for Jude Pallas the other MC, I didn t even know what to make of him One moment he was all suave and in charge, the next he was running away only for him to cave into demands when Harris persisted He was a mess and not the type that you feel empathy for In all honesty, I didn t care for both of the MCs and come to think of it, I didn t care for any of the other characters as well The whole book was a bit monotonous, nothing really happens and it got to a point where reading it got tedious I justwanted it to end Fortunately I managed to finish it and I think I deserve a pat on the back for it eARC Graciously Provided By Publisher In Exchange For An Honest Unbiased Review Very interesting profession for a protagonist But why a cover with a bottle so similar, or the same as J Adore A women s perfume I didn t feel the romance, most probably it was because I didn t believe in the characters and their motives for what they did They had issues in their lives, in their past but it wasn t real to me, all was told and never shown Their issues with parents, Harris living on the street, they were all a bunch of sentences rather than a glimpse into these characters lives.The dialogue was unreal They would start somewhere and end up somewhere so unrelevent that I would say huh who says that or just Why I couldn t see why harris fell in love with Palas, he was not himself he was acting, he was working Harris wasn t seeing anything of the real him just his face and body How could he fall in love It would have been great if Palas s emotions were shown better, he felt like a bad actor for most of the book The references to Gods and mythical character were too much ,they should have been at least half to be enjoyable But enough complaining it s just that I really wanted to loved this book The idea and promis of it was great but the result didn t work for me I enjoyed the details about scents and perfumes, it was the best part of the book. Let me 1st start off by saying that I love me Mel Bossa But this book just didnt work with me I had a hard time concentrating on it and even liking the characters Sad to say this one was a DNF for me Maybe Ill go back 1 day to start all over again and then try to finish it Mare Slitsread 3 starsIt was an ok book but I found the main characters a little annoying in all their drama Jude runs cold and hot like a Kathy Perry song and Harris was trapped in a cycle of promising he was going to be ok with what Jude did for a living only to break his promise 5 seconds later rinse and repeat.I also was a little annoyed about the self destructive tendencies of both characters, Harris s in particular, since I felt it was a call for attention rather than the result of real issues.The steam was medium low with two not very descriptive sex scenes It felt very insta lovey with too soon declarations of eternal love.It has a Happy Ending.